Presentation Tips & Tricks Foreman Development Series Train the Trainer.

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Presentation Tips &amp; Tricks Foreman Development Series Train the Trainer Slide 2 What About Those Nerves? From the Book of Lists - 1997 Slide 3 The Ps P reparation P ractice What helps you? Slide 4 Body Language Slide 5 Eye Contact Slide 6 Voice Can you hear me now? Volume Tone and Pacing The Power of the Pause Slide 7 Engaging Participation Sharing stories Making it like a conversation Walking around during activities Asking questions to empower Slide 8 Answering Questions Listen carefully Repeat Be brief Be honest Control the interchange Ask Did that answer your question? Slide 9 PowerPoint Sins! Have you ever sat through a painful PowerPoint presentation?? Slide 10 Summary Public Speaking is a learned set of Skills; Practice, Practice, Practice Good Luck! </p>


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