Preparing Teachers to Teach in Online and Blended Learning Environments

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Preparing Teachers to Teach in Online and Blended Learning Environments. DR. Paul Resta, U. of Texas, Austin Jarl Jonas, Blackboard Inc Wednesday, March 9, 2011. Welcome and Introductions. Jarl Jonas Sr. Program Manager CourseSites - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Preparing Teachers to Teach in Online and Blended Learning EnvironmentsDR. Paul Resta, U. of Texas, AustinJarl Jonas, Blackboard Inc</p> <p>Wednesday, March 9, 2011Welcome and IntroductionsJarl Jonas jarl.jonas@blackboard.comSr. Program ManagerCourseSites</p> <p>My Lifelong Learning Journey</p> <p>K12 Teacher, FL &amp; NJFaculty Dev. Coord., NYUDir. Virtual College &amp; Corp. Learning , NYUConsulting Manager, BbProgram Manger, CourseSites by Bb</p> <p>#CourseSites is a fully hosted, online course creation and facilitation service for high school teachers and higher education instructors. A Call to ActionThe Need to Keep UpWhat is CourseSites?CourseSites DemonstrationCreate an AccountCreate a CourseInvite StudentsSet-up Home PageResourcesQuestions</p> <p>Agenda#Prepare teachers to teach in online and blended learning environments.</p> <p>Virtual schools, online courses, and blended learning environments (face-to-face and online) have grown exponentially across the country in recent years and this trend will continue well into the future. Few, however, are learning to teach online classes. Twenty-first Century educators must get training and experience in online and blended learning environments as part of their educator development programs so that they master the skills to teach in such environments.A Call to Action</p> <p> or full-time online learning opportunities are available to at least some students in 48 of the 50 states plus Washington, DC.</p> <p>27 states, as well as Washington, DC, have statewide full-time online schools.</p> <p>38 states have state virtual schools or state-led online initiatives, and Alaska is planning to open a statewide online learning network in 2011.</p> <p>Many virtual schools show annual growth rates between 20% and 45%.</p> <p>75% of school districts had one or more students enrolled in an online or blended learning course.</p> <p>72% of school districts with distance education programs planned to expand online offerings in the coming year.</p> <p>Source: Need to Keep Up</p> <p># for Free ResourcesSchool budgets are under pressureand many teachers are opening their own wallets as well as turning to free resources.</p> <p>Source: Deepening Connections: Teachers Increasingly Rely on Media and Technology PBS and GRUNWALD ASSOCIATES LLC, 2011# is CourseSites?Presentation ToolsContent-Based ToolsDistribution ToolsCommunication ToolsProductivity Tools</p> <p>CourseSites is a free, fully hosted online course creation and facilitation service, specifically designed for individual instructors. Text &amp; Voice Discussions Email Text Chat VoIP/Whiteboard Journals 24/7 Access Email Social Sharing Virtual Classroom Blogs Lesson Planning Efficient Grading Progress Reports Performance Dashboard Online Environment Email Text Chat VoIP/Whiteboard WSYWIG Editor Mash-ups (YouTube) Wikis VoIP/Whiteboard Podcasts#Whats In It For Me?Interactive course websites at no cost for:</p> <p>Teacher Education FacultyPre-service TeachersIn-service Teachers#http://www.coursesites.comCreating an Account</p> <p>#Quick, Easy Registration</p> <p>Instructors can sign up using popular web service credentialsto lessen # of online accounts and reduce login errors#SETTING UP COURSES</p> <p>How do we make sure students do not feel like this?#;feature=related11Course Structures</p> <p>Choice of 32 pedagogically-driven course structuresw/ sample content helps expedite the course building process#Course Themes</p> <p>Choice of 50 themes creates aesthetic learning environmentand enhances student engagement</p> <p>#Initial Guidance</p> <p>#Instructor Home Page</p> <p>#Getting Started with CourseSites</p> <p>#Student Orientation</p> <p>#Accessibility &amp; Universal Design</p> <p>Request enrollment at Community</p> <p>#Lesson Planning</p> <p>#Learning Modules</p> <p>#Notifications</p> <p>#Wikis, Blogs, Journals</p> <p>#CourseSites Live</p> <p>Participant WindowText chatAudio controlsToolsActivity Window (optional)Whiteboard tools#CourseSites IM</p> <p>#CourseSites Voice</p> <p> (course banners) course banners) (Library of Congress) (royalty free) (now from w/in CourseSites)</p> <p> (now from w/in CourseSites)</p> <p>Web (now from w/in CourseSites) (Advanced K12, HE) (K12)</p> <p> (create recorded overviews) (Creates Flash-based resources from PPT)</p> <p>Multi-media Resources#Partner CapabilitiesPartner Capabilities also at no cost!RespondusAssessment Creation LockDown BrowserStudyMate ClassFree versions for use on CourseSites only</p> <p>SoftChalk Free version for use on CourseSites only</p> <p>#Testimonials and Showcases</p> <p>#http://www.coursesites.comjarl.jonas@blackboard.comGet Started Today!</p> <p>#CourseSites Blog (Coming Soon)</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Twitter@coursesites</p> <p>Stay Connected!#</p>