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  • 3 Rivers Natural Grocery Co-op & Deli Currents June 2019

    June 2019

    When days are long and weather beautiful a quick-to-the-table meal is in order. You might be “picking” your weekly produce at your Saturday morning trip to the Farmer’s Market, your regular shopping trip to the co-op, or, soon, from your own garden plot; the season from fresh-from-the-ground veggies is arriving! Our local offerings in Produce are trickling in from Fox Trail Farms in Albion (lettuce, asparagus, kale), Joyfield Farms in North Manchester (rhubarb), Andorfer Acres in Fort Wayne (herbs, potted spray-free flowers). We can’t wait to see all the delicious produce they will bring us this year!

    When you are planning your stir fry a heavy skillet that holds the heat well is essential—you may have one already. Curved sides are an asset when it comes to stirring. A lid is also necessary for some vegetables, which may require a few minutes of steaming. Once you find the right pan, you’ll be delighted to discover how easy and fast it is to stir-fry.

    Choosing Ingredients Next up is choosing your ingredients. You’ll need oil, water, broth or sauce, meat or tofu, and vegetables. Traditionally, Chinese cooks use peanut oil but you can also use canola or a mildly flavored olive oil. Raw meat or poultry should be chopped into thin slices that will cook fast, and tofu or cooked meat just needs to be heated long enough to absorb the flavors of the rest of the ingredients. In this style of cooking, meat is a condiment rather than the main course, so large amounts of meat are not necessary. Water, broth or sauce helps to cook the vegetables and add flavor.

    Not all vegetables work for stir frying; use vegetables that are not too dense or dry (like winter squash or potatoes), as the heat of stir-fry cooks the vegetables in their own internal

    1612 SHERMAN BLVD. FORT WAYNE, IN • 260-424-8812 moisture. Onions, garlic, and all kinds of tender greens like spinach and chard, as well as bok choy and Chinese cabbage are stir-fry standards. Red and green cabbages, snow peas and sweet peppers, broccoli and asparagus, tomatoes, celery and Brussels sprouts all stir-fry well when cut to the right size. Asian vegetables like daikon, a giant white radish, gai-lan (Chinese kale), Chinese broccoli, which is mostly succulent stalks, and whole young pea plants are also delicious. And for the brave, there are fresh hot peppers.

    Preparing Ingredients Chop the vegetables and other ingredients into slices of approximately even thickness. You want the pieces big enough that they don’t fall apart and small enough that they can cook through fast. Soft vegetables like tomatoes can be chopped into halves, quarters or eighths , whereas carrots should be julienned or sliced into coins. Cut Brussels sprouts in half, and slice vegetable stalks (which are nutritious and delicious) on the diagonal so they will cook quickly.

    Cooking Ingredients in Sequence Once you have your ingredients chopped, the remaining trick is to add them in the right sequence. Heat the skillet, add 2 tablespoons of oil heat it well. A drop of water should sizzle if added, but the oil should not be smoking. Once the oil is hot, onions and garlic go first. When they start to look transparent, add uncooked meat. Give that a couple of minutes and then remove it with a slotted spoon. Then come carrots, celery, broccoli or other vegetables with stalks.

    Finish with tender greens, tomatoes or other more delicate vegetables and as they begin to soften, return meat or add tofu to the mix. Greens may require a few tablespoons of liquid and a minute or two of cover with the lid to cook properly. A minute or two before vegetables are finished cooking, you can finish the dish by stirring in a light sauce of 1/2 cup water, 1 teaspoon soy sauce and 2 teaspoons of corn starch well mixed before it is added. This gives it that (mild) Chinese restaurant flavor. Or you can use other bottled sauces instead: Hoisin, sweet and sour, black bean or ginger sesame all work. Table condiments such as toasted sesame oil, hot chili oil, chili paste, soy sauce or Sriracha sauce are another way to pump of the flavor and, at the same time, allow eaters to tailor their dish to their individual preferences.

    Steamed rice is the classic complement to a stir-fried meal—just remember to start it first, as it takes longer to cook than does the stir-fry. Rice noodles also make a delicious accompaniment; follow the instructions on the package to pre-soak them, and cook them separately from the vegetables. The more you stir-

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    by Sarah Mandel, Co+op, Stronger Together

    Sensational Stir Fry

  • 2 3 Rivers Natural Grocery Co-op & Deli Currents June 2019

    Mine. Yours. Ours: Owner News You Can Use

    Cycle A Sales: June 5-18

    Special orders due June 2

    Cycle B Sales: June 19-July 2

    Special orders due June 30

    Hemp History Week is June 3-9 and Sales Cycle A (June 5-18) features savings on hemp items including Dr. Bronner’s bar soaps (2/$5!), Nutiva organic shelled hemp seeds, Manitoba Harvest hemp protein powder, and the “Canna Cell” (hemp stem cell) line of Andalou Naturals. Porch swinging and sipping on cold drinks are the perfect weekend balm for the week past. Whether you add a little extra something to your cold beverage or drink as is, both A & B sales bring you lots of options. In the first round of sales you’ll save on S Pellegrino sparkling water or fruit beverages, Izze Sparkling Juice, kombucha from Health Ade, GTS, or Kevita. The second round of sales includes Santa Cruz Lemonade, Mountain Valley Spring Water, Lakewood Organic Juice Blends, Wtrmln Wtr Cold Pressed Watermelon Juice, Kevita probiotic drinks, and Alo Aloe Drink.

    Sales Cycle B is packed with summer deals: ice cream sandwiches and bars (dairy and non-dairy), Applegate Naturals hot dogs, Field Roast vegan sausages, Woodstock condiments (ketchup, pickles, mustard) and All Natural Lump Hardwood Charcoal, s’mores fixin’s (Endangered Species chocolate bars, Dandies vegan marshmallows, Annie’s Organic Honey

    Grahams), All Terrain herbal insect repellant, and Alba Botanica spray sunscreen. What’s missing? Perhaps a wagon for your outdoor fun? You’ll have a chance to win a Woodstock Wagon in a drawing this round of sales!

    As always, owners save an additional 10% on case orders, even on sale items! Note the dates above to get your orders to get your savings in by our last order. Case orders must be paid for and picked up by the last day of the sale.

    Own it! Interested in how being a

    co-op owner works? Ask a cashier for more


    It’s easy to become an owner and you will own an equity share of a local business!

    We are Co+op, Stronger Together!

    Current Co-op Membership Total Owner Households-1,902 Total Fully Invested Households-832 New Households-6 (April 20-May 26) *These numbers include Active & Inactive Owners

    We were “the co-op that cried construction” last summer! This year we have waited until the gravel and trucks have arrived to spread the word.

    The city will be using our parking lot off and on for several weeks at a time to store equipment needed for road repair in the neighborhood. Vehicles and equipment will be in the upper area of our lot and should not affect shopper parking toward the building. We ask for your patience as we accommodate the city’s needs during this intermittent period. Won’t we all be pleased to have smooth roads for our shopping trips?

    Your co-op will be participating in the PBS39 Explorer Day for kids. Isn’t it fun that it

    has the same name as our free fruit program for children? If you are unaware, we

    have a basket at the entry way that children may pick a piece of organic fruit from

    while parents shop. Healthy and delicious!

    We all have good intentions when it comes to our health and, perhaps,

    our reading list. Raise both up a notch with our new book club, focused

    on books about health/wellness issues. Current book is The Blue Zones:

    9 Lessons for Living Longer from the people who’ve lived the longest

    (2nd Edition) by Dan Buettner.For our June meeting we will discuss the

    final chapter (Your Personal Blue Zone). We will be discussing summer

    meetings and choosing the next book. Watch for details here next month!

    Monday, June 10, 7 pm in the Café

  • 3 3 Rivers Natural Grocery Co-op & Deli Currents June 2019

    fry, the more you’ll appreciate the versatility of this technique---it’s great for a quick supper for the family, with fancy ingredients to impress company, and even as a way to turn veggies you have on hand into something tasty.

    As you plan your stir fry be sure to peruse our new stir fry kits in the Produce Department. Pre-cut veggies reduce your chopping time, bringing your dinner-to-the-table time down to near minutes! Read on for recipes to give your stir fry variety!

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    Hot and spicy with fresh ginger, this bold flavored, easy-to-make pan sauce adds punch and sophistication to rice, vegetables, meats and poultry. Ingredients

    2 c Shiitake Mushr