Pre-qualification of Architect for Interior Furnishing ... Electrical & Networking works, HVAC (Ducting

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    Pre-qualification of Architect for Interior Furnishing

    works of 10 th

    floor of Bank’s Office Premises at CBD

    Belapur, Navi Mumbai


    Pre-Qualification for Empanelment of Architects ________________________________________________________________

    1 | P a g e

    S No Description Page No

    1 Notice Inviting Tender 2

    2 Terms and Conditions of Tender 3

    3 Selection Criteria 7

    4 Scope of work & Payment Terms 8

    5 Format of Agreement 10

    6 Application Form 14

    7 Checklist of Documents 20


    Pre-Qualification for Empanelment of Architects ________________________________________________________________

    2 | P a g e

    Notice Inviting Tender

    Prequalification for Empanelment of Architects

    IDBI Bank Ltd. proposes to carryout Interior Furnishing Works of 10 th

    floor in its

    office premises (Annex Building) at CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai. The scope of work would

    involve design of interior furnishing works comprising Civil, Interior fit-outs, soft furnishing,

    Electrical & Networking works, HVAC (Ducting works), issue of working drawings,

    supervision of works, certification of bills, etc.

    Architects satisfying the pre-qualification criteria will be empanelled for the said

    work. Architects are requested to furnish details regarding their Company, Organization

    Chart, Date of Incorporation, Experience etc as indicated in the application format given in

    the web site.

    The application formats duly completed in all respects giving the aforesaid

    information is required to be addressed to the General Manager – IMD, 14 th

    floor, IDBI

    Tower, WTC Complex, Mumbai – 400 005 should be enclosed in a sealed cover super

    scribing in the top left hand corner of the cover as "Application for Prequalification of

    Architect for Interior Furnishing works" and dropped in tender box kept for the purpose

    on or before July 12, 2018 by 3:00 pm.

    The Bank also reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any

    reason and to restrict the list to any number deemed suitable by it, if too many applications

    are received satisfying the basic pre-qualification criteria. Bank also has the right to reject all

    the applications and go in for re-advertisement without assigning any reason.

    Mumbai, S/d

    June 28, 2018 General Manager (IMD)


    Pre-Qualification for Empanelment of Architects ________________________________________________________________

    3 | P a g e

    Terms and Conditions of Tender

    1. Applications cum tenders are required to be submitted giving full details about the

    organization, experience, technical personnel in the organization, proven competence to

    handle major works, in-house computer aided design facilities, etc. in the enclosed proforma,

    which will be kept confidential. Applicants should ensure submission of all the documents/

    certificates, supporting work experience, value of works executed/on hand etc. duly signed

    by respective clients/ owners of the projects. In case of completed works, completion

    certificate from the clients shall be treated as valid proof.

    2. As the time is the essence of the project, the ability and competence of the Applicant/

    Tenderer to render required services within the specified time frame, will be a major factor

    while deciding the selection of the Architect for award of work.

    3. The Application cum tender document shall be signed by the person/s on behalf of the

    organization having necessary Authorization/ Power of Attorney to do so. Each page of the

    application cum tender document shall be signed (Copy of Power of Attorney/ Memorandum

    of Association shall be furnished along with the application cum tender document).

    4. If the space in the Performa is insufficient for furnishing full details, such information may

    be supplemented on a separate sheet stating therein the part of the Performa and serial

    number. Separate sheets shall be used for each part of the application cum tender format duly

    signed by the authorized signatory.

    5. While filling up the application with regard to the list of important projects completed or in

    hand, the Applicant/ Tenderer shall only include those works which individually cost not less

    than the specified value as mentioned in the selection criteria

    6. The Applicant/ Tenderer should assign task for the above project to one qualified Graduate

    Architect having adequate experience in planning/ designing and execution of interior works

    from a regular establishment with not less than 5 years‟ experience. The above Architect


    Pre-Qualification for Empanelment of Architects ________________________________________________________________

    4 | P a g e

    should be always available for consultation/furnishing required help to complete the work

    within the timeframe provided by the Bank.

    7. The Applicant/ Tenderer must read the terms and conditions of the tender carefully and

    should submit the bid only if eligible and having possession of all the required documents.

    8. The Applicant/ Tenderer must ensure to quote the fee in percentage. The fee shall be

    quoted upto 02 (two) decimals.

    9. The Applicant/ Tenderer is required to quote strictly as per the terms and conditions,

    specifications, standards given in the tender documents and not to stipulate any deviations.

    10. The following documents will constitute as a Technical Bid:

    1. Notice Inviting Tender

    2. Instruction to Applicants/Tenderers.

    3. Selection Criteria

    4. Scope of Services to be offered

    5. Brief Method /Stage of payment

    6. Forms/ Annexure

    11. List of the documents to be submitted in hard copy along with Technical Bid:

    a) Affidavit (in original) for correctness of Documents / Information.

    b) Letter of Acceptance of Tender Conditions.

    c) Certificate of Charted Accountant towards Turn Over (in Original) for last three

    financial years.

    d) Certificates from the Clients towards satisfactory completion of projects executed by

    the Applicant/Tenderer which are in line with prequalification criteria.

    e) Registration certificate from the Council of Architects.

    12. The applicant/ tenderer should have registered office of reasonable size at Mumbai/Navi

    Mumbai with necessary equipments and supporting staff at senior and middle level with

    telephone facility at their office and residence.


    Pre-Qualification for Empanelment of Architects ________________________________________________________________

    5 | P a g e

    13. The selected firm shall be required to execute an agreement with IDBI Bank in the

    prescribed proforma before start of the work.

    14. The application cum tender document have to be submitted in a prescribed format in two

    cover system viz. technical and price bid in two separate covers super scribed as „Technical

    Bid‟ (Annexure A to F) and „Price Bid‟ (Annexure G) along with other details etc. as laid

    down in the enclosed Annexures. Both the above sealed covers one named as „Technical bid‟

    and the other „Price bid‟ should be placed in a third sealed cover super scribed with the

    legend "Application cum tender for appointment of Architectural services for IDBI

    Bank Project at CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai”.

    15. A Pre-bid Meeting will be held on July 5, 2018 at 3.00 PM in IDBI Tower, WTC

    Complex, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai – 400 005

    16. Last date for receiving application form in the prescribed format is July 12, 2018 up to

    3.00 PM, duly addressed to the office address as mentioned below:

    The General Manager (IMD),

    14th floor, B Wing, IDBI Tower,

    WTC Complex, Cuffe Parade,

    Mumbai – 400 005

    17. Applications cum tenders which do not fulfill all or any of the IDBI Bank‟s terms &

    conditions and/or incomplete in any respect are liable to be rejected. Any discrepancies,

    omission, ambiguities in Application cum tender format may be brought to the notice of IDBI

    Bank officials during Pre-Bid meeting to get necessary clarifications in the matter. IDBI

    Bank‟s shall not be responsible if any discrepancies, omission, ambiguities in the Application

    cum tender format or any doubts are brought to the notice of IDBI Bank after pre-bid


    18. In case of any queries, you may contact the Bank officials at telephone numbers 022 –

    66552712 or 022-66552827 during 10.00 am to 06.00 pm on all working days till last date of

    submission of application cum tender.


    Pre-Qualification for Empanelment of Architects