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Broken Tile

Wendi Marie Gabrielof Triumph Consulting Corp

Your Public Adjusting firm

Certificate of CompletionPre-Licensing Qualification from Broward College

This certifies that the person named in this certificate has successfully completed an insurance course taught in compliance with the rules of the Florida Department of Insurance

Name: Wendi Marie GabrielCourse Name: 3-20, 6-20 ACA (INSO12FL40)Designation CourseBeginning Date: 6/19/2014Completion Date: 8/13/2014Final Grade: 87%

Florida Department of Financial Services

Wendi Marie GabrielLicense Number: W244137

Residential Insurance LicenseIssue Date Expiration Date*T3120 Public Adjuster Apprentice License2/26/2015 8/26/2016

Jeff AtwaterChief Financial OfficerState of Florida

Water ClaimsAir conditioner leakFaulty shower pan Broken pipeDishwasher leakHot water heater leakRoof leakToilet overflowSupply line break

Other ClaimsFire Chinese Drywall General Liability Wind Storm Law & OrdinanceMold Car through House Sinkhole Business Interruption CommercialLightning Strikes Floods Theft/VandalismBlasting causing vibrations

Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster

We dont get paid until you get paid; Public Adjusters are trained professionals that work for you, not the Insurance CompanyIf you go to arbitration with your claim, the arbitrator is paid for by the Insurance CompanyThe Insurance Company will send out their adjuster to adjust your claim, but their adjuster works for them, not you.Insurance companies initially offer you a fraction of the true value of your claimYour Insurance contract with your carrier is one-sided and not negotiable

Why Triumph Consulting?What separates Triumph from other Adjusting Firms

IntegrityNo High Pressure SalesOffer free expert opinionsTruly and genuinely care about our clients and their well being

Long Term DamageCertain trigger words Insurance Carrier adjusters listen for from clients


Flood claims

Faulty Polybutylene pipe claims

Two types of Homes that have polybutylene piping

1. Those that are leaking


2 Those that are about to leak

Fire & Smoke claims

Broken Toilet water supply line claim

Mold ClaimsMold is a major issue in FloridaCan result in Health IssuesCan be seen or unseen

Wind & Storm claims

Who Id Like to be Introduced toHomeownersBusinessesAssociations board members

Professions I would like to meet to network Plumbers Mold Testers Remediators A/C Repairmen Flooring Companies General Contractors Property Managers Interior Designers Roofers Property Investors Movers Electricians Commercial Insurance Agents Pest Control Professionals Security Companies Structural Engineers


I hired Triumph Consultant to work on my claim. I had damage to my roof and some more damage to the interior of my home. I had figured that I could handle the claim myself and I did not want to share any portion of my fee with someone else. Well, I was wrong and sadly mistaken. After I hired Triumph, they handled everything for me. They also were able to maximize the claim. In fact, they were able get over 300% more than the original offer that I got while doing my own work. They were responsive and my overall experience with them was top notch. If you are reading this then that means you are thinking about hiring a public adjuster. Go no further and pick up the phone and call these guys. I did, and I think it was the best decision I made with respect to my claim."

The End Result- We Get You Paid

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