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Unit 57: Photography and Photographic Practice Research of other photographers work

Portrait photography task

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  • 1.Unit 57: Photography and Photographic PracticeResearch of otherphotographers work

2. Linda McCartney I am researching Linda McCartney, whowas a portrait photographer and marriedto Paul McCartney. She was born inSeptember 21st 1941, and died on April17th 1998. She previously had onlystudied the photographing of Horses shewent on to photograph people such asJanis Joplin, Aretha Franklin and EricClapton. 3. Examples of photographs 4. This is a picture of Mick Jagger and KeithRichards, it appears as if Keith is asleepand Mick is in the middle of taking hisglasses off and looking at something offcamera. I think that the main feature of this imagehas to be Mick taking his glasses off, thereason being is that your eye is drawn tohim first as he is actually doingsomething. 5. CompositionI think that if you zoomed out of the image itself you would find yourself looking at the insideof a barge or boat of some sort. The reason being is that in the picture through the windowsyou can see water. Furthermore I believe you would be able to see a lot more people on it,other band members, journalists possibly. Or just friends of the band. You can also seesomeones hand in the background, this could possibly be someone opening the window, if itwas zoomed out we could see who it is. 6. Techniques UsedThis image would have had to use a fast shutter speedAnd also have to be taken at the right time so as to get, theDesired effect, also I think that it would have been takenIn black and white film, as this was taken in 1983. 7. Strengths and WeaknessesI think that the strengths of her photographs in her ability to capture an image without itLooking like it has been set up, for example in a photoshoot, it looks completely natural,As if she has turned on her camera and taken photos of whatever she can find, evenWith band photos Rolling Stones, The Beatles for example. I think that her weaknessLies in the fact that not enough are in colour, this could be a sign of the times as she tookA lot of photos in the 80s meaning colour may not have been available to her. 8. Mick RockMick Rock is a music photographer who is also known as theman who Photographed the seventies, he has photographedSuch bands as Motley Crue, Iggy Pop, David Bowie andQueen. Furthermore he has also published some of hisworks, such as A Photographic Record, PsychedelicRenegades, Syd Barrett. And has also done manyExhibitions, some with Kate Moss, he was born in 1948 inLondon. 9. Photo AnalysisThis is one of Timothy Allens photosHe uses lighting to make the imageMore vibrant and also to bring out theSmoke, which in essence I believeMakes the image what it is. For exampleHe ignore s the rule of three to get theImage he is going for and alsoBecause of the lack of light in theBackground I think that it makes youFocus more on the central image. 10. CompositionI think that if he had zoomed out we would have seen nothing else because of theFact it was pitch black this being the aim of the image in general so therefore thereIs nothing to see other than the man and the smoke. The message being conveyedWas the central focus on the man. 11. Techniques UsedI think the techniques used in this would have to be a fast shutter speed to catchThe smoke as it is rising, and a low ISO to capture the effect he has. 12. Strengths and WeaknessesI think the strengths of his photos is that he uses a fast shutter speed to get aCrispness to the image and also that he incorporates vibrant colours throughThe image and also uses a lot of people in his images mainly as they are the mainFocus and source of his images. I think the weaknesses though is that becauseSometimes in his photos he has multiple people it takes away a focus meaning thatYou cannot appreciate the image as you are too busy trying to look at everything. 13. Guido KarpGuido Karp is a german music photographer who has done work for Elton John,Robbie Williams and also AC/DC. He has released four books. Photo with Angus Young AC/DC. 14. Photo AnalysisThis is one of Guido Karps photos, I think thatHe uses the vibrancy of the image to hisAdvantage here and also the focus is onAngus, but the viewers attention is firstDrawn to that of the confetti that is swirlingLike a vortex.He is also stood off centre slightly, not justBecause he is being active around the stageBut also because it adds an interestingLook to the image, which is another reasonGuido Karps took this photo. 15. CompositionIf he had zoomed out you would have seen the rest of the concert, or possiblyMore of the confetti because of the way it is set up with the confetti cannons. 16. Techniques UsedI think that the techniques used in this photo would have to a fast shutter speed, butNot that fast that it had to rely purely on lighting, as you can see some blur in the shot,I also think that the colour balance of the photo has been made to make the imageLook vibrant and bright and warm. 17. Strengths and WeaknessesI think that a weakness of this photo is that it is too vibrant, it almost looks edited,Without there having been editing done which to some people could spoil the image,Taking away the natural look of the image. I think that this could also be a strengthThough, that the way it is this vibrant can have a warm effect on the image, whileKeeping in line with the fact it is a non-edited, well taken shot.