Political Engagement Report 2018 - JPMorgan Chase 2018 Introduction JPMorgan Chase believes that responsible

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  • 2018

    Political Engagement Report

  • 2018


    JPMorgan Chase believes that responsible corporate citizenship demands a strong commitment to a healthy and informed democracy through civic and community involvement. Because of the potential impact public policy can have on our businesses, employees, communities and customers, we engage with policymakers in order to advance and protect the long-term interests of the Firm.

    This Report contains information supplemental to the Firm's Political Engagement and Public Policy statement for calendar year 2018.



  • 2018

    Corporate Ballot Initiative Payments

    The firm made no corporate payments to support or oppose a ballot initiative during the calendar year. A semi- annual supplement to this section will be posted to our website in the event the Firm makes such a payment in the first half of a calendar year.


  • 2018

    Employee Political Action Committees

    Candidate/Committee Name Party Type of Committee / Office Sought Amount

    ALABAMA Aderholt Robert R Federal House $2,000 Sewell Terri D Federal House $1,000

    ARKANSAS Crawford Eric R Federal House $1,000 Hill J. French R Federal House $4,500 Womack Stephen R Federal House $1,000

    ARIZONA Brnovich Mark R Attorney General $750 Brophy McGee Kate R State Senate $1,000 O'Halleran Tom D Federal House $2,000

    CALIFORNIA Acosta Dante R State House $2,500 Aguilar Peter D Federal House $5,000 Baker Catharine R State House $1,500 Bates Patricia R State Senate $3,500 Bera Amerish D Federal House $2,000 Bradford Steven D State Senate $2,000 Calderon Ian D State House $1,000 Cervantes Sabrina D State House $1,000 Chang Ling-Ling R State Senate $2,000 Chen Phillip R State House $4,000 Choi Steven R State House $1,000 Cooper Jim D State House $3,000 Cunningham Jordan R State House $1,000 Dahle Brian R State House $4,000 Denham Jeffrey R Federal House $4,000 Fong Vince R State House $1,000 Gabriel Jesse D State House $2,500 Gray Adam D State House $2,000 Grayson Timothy D State House $1,500 Knight Stephen R Federal House $2,000 Limon Monique D State House $2,000 Low Evan D State House $1,000 Maienschein Brian R State House $1,500 Mayes Chad R State House $1,000 McCarthy Kevin R Federal House $2,500 McGuire Mike D State Senate $1,000 Mitchell Holly D State Senate $1,000 Nguyen Janet R State Senate $1,500 Nunes Devin R Federal House $1,000 Padilla Alex D Secretary of State $1,500 Peters Scott D Federal House $3,000 Portantino Anthony D State Senate $2,000


  • 2018

    Employee Political Action Committees

    Candidate/Committee Name Party Type of Committee / Office Sought Amount

    CALIFORNIA (CON'T) Rendon Anthony D State House $2,000 Rubio Blanca D State House $3,000 Salas Rudy D State House $2,300 Thompson Michael D Federal House $1,500 Valadao David R Federal House $2,000 Vargas Juan D Federal House $2,000 Vidak Andy R State Senate $3,000 Walters Mimi R Federal House $2,500

    COLORADO Arndt Jeni D State House $200 Becker K.C. D State House $400 Beckman Susan R State House $200 Brauchler George R Attorney General $1,150 Bridges Jeff D State House $200 Buck Perry R State House $200 Catlin Marc R State House $200 Coleman James D State House $200 Cooke John R State Senate $400 Coram Don R State Senate $200 Donovan Kerry D State Senate $200 Esgar Daneya D State House $200 Garcia Leroy D State Senate $400 Gray Matt D State House $200 Hansen Chris D State House $400 Hisey Dennis R State Senate $200 Holbert Chris R State Senate $400 Hooton Edie D State House $200 Jackson Dominique D State House $200 Jensen Christine D State Senate $400 Kennedy Chris D State House $200 Kraft-Tharp Tracy D State House $400 Landgraf Lois R State House $200 Lee Pete D State House $400 Liston Larry R State House $400 Lundeen Paul R State House $200 McKean Hugh R State House $400 McLachlan Barbara D State House $200 Michaelson Jenet Dafna D State House $400 Neville Patrick R State House $400 Perlmutter Edwin D Federal House $2,500 Pyne Vicki R State House $200 Rankin Bob R State House $400 Roberts Dylan D State House $200 Sandridge Shane R State House $200 Scott Ray R State Senate $200


  • Candidate/Committee Name Party Type of Committee / Office Sought Amount

    COLORADO (CON'T) Sonnenberg Jerry R State Senate $400 Tipton Scott R Federal House $1,000 Van Winkle Kevin R State House $400 Williams Wayne R Secretary of State $1,150 Wilson James R State House $400 Wist Cole R State House $400 Woodward Rob R State Senate $400

    Coloradans for Fairness D 527 Political Organization $1,000 Senate Majority Fund R 527 Political Organization $2,500 Senate Majority Fund R 527 Political Organization $2,500

    Zenpac D State PAC $200

    CONNECTICUT Himes James D Federal House $5,500 Larson John D Federal House $2,500

    DELAWARE Blunt Rochester Lisa D Federal House $1,000 Carney John D Governor $1,200 Carper Thomas D Federal Senate $7,500 Hensley Kevin R State House $600 Hudson Deborah R State House $600 Jaques Earl D State House $600 Jennings Kathleen D Attorney General $2,400 Longhurst Valerie D State House $600 Lopez Ernesto R State Senate $600 McBride David D State Senate $600 Ramone Michael R State House $600 Schwartzkopf Peter D State House $600 Short Daniel R State House $600 Smith Mike R State House $600 Viola John D State House $600

    Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee D State Party Committee $1,000 House Democrats D State Party Committee $1,000

    FLORIDA Albritton Ben R State Senate $1,000 Aloupis Vance R State House $1,000 Bailie Jeremy R State House $500 Baxley Dennis R State Senate $1,000 Bean Aaron R State Senate $500 Bilirakis Gus R Federal House $1,000 Brandes Jeff R State Senate $1,000 Buchanan Vernon R Federal House $2,000 Burgess Daniel R State House $1,000 Burton Colleen R State House $500


    Employee Political Action Committees


  • 2018

    Employee Political Action Committees

    Candidate/Committee Name Party Type of Committee / Office Sought Amount

    FLORIDA (CON'T) Byrd Cord R State House $500 Clemons Chuck R State House $500 Cortes Robert R State House $500 Crist Charlie D Federal House $2,500 Curbelo Carlos R Federal House $2,000 Demings Valdez D Federal House $1,000 Diaz Manny R State Senate $2,000 DiCeglie Nick R State House $500 Donalds Byron R State House $1,000 Duran Nicholas D State House $500 Eagle Dane R State House $1,000 Fernandez Javier D State House $500 Fernandez-Barquin Juan Alfonso R State House $500 Fine Randy R State House $1,000 Grant James R State House $1,000 Hart Dianne D State House $500 Hooper Ed R State Senate $1,000 Ingoglia Blaise R State House $1,000 La Rosa Mike R State House $1,000 LaMarca Chip R State House $500 Latvala Christopher R State House $500 Lawson Alfred D Federal House $1,000 Lee Tom R State Senate $1,000 Magar MaryLynn R State House $500 Mariano Amber R State House $500 McClure Lawrence R State House $1,000 McMinn Cedric D State House $500 Mingo Frank R State House $1,000 Murphy Stephanie D Federal House $3,000 Parrish Henry R State House $500 Passidomo Kathleen R State Senate $1,000 Payne Bobby R State House $500 Perez Daniel R State House $500 Perry W. Keith R State Senate $1,000 Pizzo Jason D State Senate $500 Plakon Scott R State House $500 Ponder Mel R State House $500 Raschein Holly R State House $500 Rodrigues Ray R State House $500 Rodriguez Ana Maria R State House $1,000 Rodriguez Anthony R State House $1,000 Rommel Bob R State House $500 Rubio Marco R Federal Senate $2,000 Santiago David R State House $1,000 Shalala Donna D Federal House $1,000 Silvers David D State House $500


  • Candidate/Committee Name Party Type of Committee / Office Sought Amount

    FLORIDA (CON'T) Simpson Wilton R State Senate $1,000 Spano Ross R Federal House $2,500 Sprowls Chris R State House $1,000 Stargel Kelli R State Senate $1,000 Sullivan Jennifer R State House $500 Taddeo Annette D State Senate $1,000 Vann Marc R State House $500 Weithorn Deede D State House $500 Wicker Joe R State House $500 Young Dana R State Senate $1,000 Zika Ardian R State House $1,000

    FL Republican Senatorial Campaign Cmt R State Party Committee $10,000 Republican Party of Florida R State Party Committee $20,000

    GEORGIA Bishop Sanford D Federal House $1,000 Cagle Casey R Lieutenant Governor $3,000 Collins Douglas R Federal House $2,000 Duncan Geoffrey R Lieutenant Governor $1,500 Gasaway Dan R State House $1,000 Graves Tom R Federal House $3,500 Handel Karen R Federal House $2,000 Kemp Brian R Governor $3,500 Ligon William R State Senate $500 Loudermilk Barry R Federal House $2,000 Morris Gregory R State House $1,000 Ralston David R State House $1,000 Scott David D Federal House $2,500 Williamson Bruce R State House $2,000

    IOWA Finkenauer Abby D Federal House $1,000 Young David R Federal House $2,000

    IDAHO Little Little R Lieutenant Governor $500 Wasden Wasden R Attorney General $500

    Idaho Bankers Association PAC State PAC $1,000

    ILLINOIS Althoff Pamela R State Senate $500 Barickman Jason R State Senate $500 Brady William R State Senate $3,000 Breen