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Using Political Cartoons in the classroom

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2. Using Political Cartoons in the Classroom By Zach Nix 3. Why use political cartoons?

  • Differentiate instruction
  • Motivate at-risk students
  • Build visual literacy
  • Prepare students for standardized tests
  • Provide comic relief and classroom humor
  • Utilize alternative assessments
  • Satisfy state and national standards
  • Stimulate writing activities
  • Promote learning and retention

Social Education 72(6),pp 288-290 4. Where to Find Cartoons on the Web?

  • www.truman.edu/parker/research/cartoons.html
  • www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/reconstruction/nast/sf_nast.html
  • www.nieonline.com/aaec/cgtc.cfm
  • www.dlg.galileo.usg.edu/baldy.html
  • www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/politics/herblock/5decades.htm

Social Education 72(6),pp 288-290 5. Where to Find Cartoons on the Web?

  • www.cagle.com
  • www.slate.com
  • www.learningbycartooning.org
  • www.memory.loc.gov/learn/features/political_cartoon/
  • www.hti.osu.edu/opper

Social Education 72(6),pp 288-290 6. Selection Criteria

  • Use your own judgment
  • Determine whether the cartoons are appropriate for your students grade and ability level
    • Should not have been drawn only for the purpose of comic relief
    • Caricature must be recognizable and message must have some truth

This is an example of a cartoon in poor taste.For some high school students teen pregnancy is an issue that is too close to home.The potential damage that could be done by this cartoon is too great to warrant using this cartoon in a high school classroom. 7. http://hti.osu.edu/opper/hti_imgzoom.cfm?backpage=display.cfm?id=30&id=168 8. Lesson

  • Use the links provided to design three portions of a lesson for three different lessons that incorporate political cartoons.You are responsible to select and design the framework for which the cartoons become practical.Any discussion of a cartoon should have the questions, cues, and prompts that will be used by the instructor.