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PMI SP PracticeTest

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  • QUESTION (1 - 327)


    QUESTION (2 - 327)

    Once the project's WBS has been created what process mayhappen next?A. Estimate activity resourcesB. Define activitiesC. Estimate activity durationsD. Sequence activities

    Answer: BExplanation:The define activities process is the process that may begin oncethe project's WBS has beencompleted and approved. It is possible, in some projects, tocomplete the WBS and the activity listat the same time.Answer option D is incorrect. Sequencing the activities cannothappen until the activity list hasbeen created.Answer option A is incorrect. Estimating activity resources isdependent on the activity list, so thischoice is not valid.Answer option C is incorrect. Estimate activity durations aredependent on the activity list, so thischoice is not valid.

    QUESTION (3 - 327)

    Which of the following scheduling techniques identifies thesuccessor activities and the

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  • D. Activity on the Node

    Answer: AExplanation:The Precedence Diagramming Method uses both predecessorsand successors as nodes in theproject network diagram. The PDM approach is the mostcommon network diagram approachused.Answer option C is incorrect. Dependency determinationidentifies the order of the project work.Answer option B is incorrect. The schedule network template isa tool that uses a previous projectnetwork diagram as a base for the current project networkdiagram.Answer option D is incorrect. Activity on the node placesactivities on circles within a networkdiagram. It is an example of the precedence diagrammingmethod.

    QUESTION (4 - 327)

    You are the project manager of the NHGQ project for yourcompany. You must create anddistribute performance reports every week to your key projectstakeholders. What communicationtechnique do you normally use to distribute reports?A. Push techniqueB. Many-to-manyC. One-to-oneD. Pull technique

    Answer: AExplanation:Performance reports are distributed through the push technique.This means that the projectmanager distributes the reports regularly through a mechanism,such as email.Answer option C is incorrect. One-to-one technique describes aconversation between two people.


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  • recipients of the report "pulling" theinformation, such as from a Website.

    QUESTION (5 - 327)

    Your project team is executing the project plan and things aregoing well. Your team has reachedits first milestone and is now in the second phase of the project.The project stakeholders haverequested that you find a method to reduce the duration of theproject. They will reward you andyour project team with a 25 percent bonus of the project costs ifyou can finish the project thirtydays earlier than what was already planned. The stakeholders,however, will not approve anyadditional labor costs as part of the agreement. Which approachcould you use to shorten theduration of the project?A. Perform resource leveling for the project.B. Crash the project schedule.C. Fast track the project.D. Remove things from the project scope.

    Answer: CExplanation:Fast tracking is a technique for compressing project schedule. Infast tracking, phases areoverlapped that would normally be done in sequence. It isshortening the project schedule withoutreducing the project scope. It does not add any additional laborbut it can introduce project risks.Answer option D is incorrect. Removing things from the projectscope can reduce the projectduration, but it will not satisfy the requirements the stakeholdershave identified.Answer option A is incorrect. Resource leveling can actuallyincrease the project duration.Answer option B is incorrect. Crashing can reduce the projectduration but it increases the laborexpense, something the stakeholders won't approve.


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  • QUESTION (6 - 327)

    The Define Activities process is the first process in the projecttime management knowledge are a.The Define Activities process creates just three outputs as aresult of decomposition, rolling waveplanning, templates, and expert judgment. Which one of thefollowing is not an output of theDefine Activities process?A. Activity listB. Milestone listC. Activity attributesD. Project document updates

    Answer: DExplanation:Project document updates are not an output of the DefineActivities process. Project documentupdates are the outputs for estimate activity resources. Projectdocument updates include thefollowing:Activity listActivity attributesResource calendarsAnswer option A is incorrect. The activity list is an output of thedefine activities process.Answer option C is incorrect. The activity attributes is an outputof the define activities process.Answer option B is incorrect. The milestone list is an output ofthe define activities process.

    QUESTION (7 - 327)

    Examine the figure given below:

    If Activity B takes eight days to complete instead of five days asschedule, how long can you now delay Activity H?A. Three daysB. One day


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  • Activity B is not on the critical path and it has a total of fourdays of float. If Activity B takes a totalof eight days, it will consume three days of float. However, thetotal duration of the path ABEHJmay not exceed 26 days, as this is the total duration for theproject. Although Activity H has a totalof four days of float available, the consumption of three days offloat on this path will reduce thetotal float for Activity H to just one day. If Activity H is delayedby more than one day, then theproject will be late.Answer option D is incorrect. There is one day of float stillavailable for Activity H.Answer options A and C are incorrect. These are not the validanswers, as there is just one day offloat available for Activity H.

    QUESTION (8 - 327)

    You are the project manager of the GHT Project. Ben, one ofyour project team members, doesnot understand the idea of a milestone. Which of the followingbest describes what a milestone is?A. A significant point in the projectB. A goal of reaching a significant delivery of project benefitsby an identified dateC. An imposed date for the project to reach a given pointD. The completion of a project activity that is crucial to projectcompletion

    Answer: AExplanation:A milestone is simply a significant point or event in the project.It does not have to be assigned toa specific date, but is usually assigned to the completion ofproject phases. A milestone is the endof a stage that marks the completion of a work package or phase,typically marked by a high levelevent such as completion, endorsement or signing of adeliverable, document or a high level


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  • affects the future of a project. In this sense, a milestone not onlysignifies distance traveled (keystages in a project) but also indicates direction of travel sincekey decisions made at milestonesmay alter the route through the project plan. To create amilestone, enter 0 (zero) in the Durationfield. The task will automatically be classified as a milestone.Answer option C is incorrect. This is a project constraint.Answer option B is incorrect. A project goal is an objective fortime, cost, scope, and other metrics.Answer option D is incorrect. All activities must be completedin order to complete the projectwork. Activities that are not completed are quality issues thatprevent the project from completingthe project scope.

    QUESTION (9 - 327)

    You are the project manager of the GHY Project. Managementwants you to create a processimprovement plan for your project. Your project will be studiedby management and will become astandard for all future organizational projects based on yourproject's performance, approach, andimplementation of project processes. All of the following shouldbe included in your project'sprocess improvement plan except for which one?A. Process boundariesB. Process configurationC. Targets for improved performanceD. Identification of project risks

    Answer: DExplanation:Identification of the project risks is not part of the processimprovement plan. Identify risks is a riskmanagement process, and risks are recorded in the risk register.Answer options A, B, and C are incorrect. Process boundaries,Process configuration and Targetsfor improved performance are parts of the process improvement


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  • QUESTION (10 - 327)

    George is the project manager of the NHQ Project and has abudget of $778,000. The project isscheduled to last for one year with an equal amount of workcompleted each quarter. The secondquarter of the project has ended and George has spent $325,000but has only finished fortypercent of the project. Management needs a variance report forthe project schedule. What valueshould George report in this instance?A. .96B. -$77,800C. $-34,500D. -$13,800

    Answer: BExplanation:Schedule variance (SV) is a measure of schedule performanceon a project. The variance notifiesthat the schedule is ahead or behind what was planned for thisperiod in time. The schedulevariance is calculated based on the following formula: SV =Earned Value (EV) - Planned Value(PV) If the resulting schedule is negative, it indicates that theproject is behind schedule. A valuegreater than 0 sho

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