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  • *Please turn all cell phones and MP3 players and or iPods off during the presentation and enjoy the show

  • By Doug Rust

  • Keys to Life1. Building block molecule2. Medium for chemical reactions3. Energy1. Carbon2. Water3. Sunlight

  • How Life on Earth StartedWhen Earth started, constant bombardment from comets, meteorites and dust = molten stateWhen bombardment ended, water vapour cooled into rain and oceans were formedLife began in oceansWater protected chemicals from harsh UV rays

  • First organism to form was 3.5 billion years agoLived in ocean and used photosynthesis to surviveOxygen released eventually helped create our atmosphere and allowed evolution to come to landDinosaurs and birds were dominant roughly 225 million years agoFirst large brained human 2 million years ago

  • Life in our Solar System?Early astronomers believed Venus would contain lifeLater found, temperature as high as 900CAtmospheric pressure 90 to 100 times greater than EarthsSurface filled with boulders and torched rock

  • EuropaSmallest of Jupiters 4 moonsVery smooth surface all iceBelief that oceans exist below the icy surfaceElements of life could be there, energy from vents in oceans like on EarthContains oxygen rich atmosphere

  • TitanOne of Saturns moonsAtmosphere is mostly nitrogen, similar to earthCurrently too cold for life, but when our sun starts to expand in its dying years, precursors for life could existThe Moon is very similar to Earth

  • MarsBelieved to have contained waterTemperature usually below freezing but sometimes reaches above mid-dayMeteorite from Mars found in antarctica in 1984, named ALH84001Was roughly size of potato and contained organic compounds and micro structures that resembled bacteria fossils

  • Is there water or life on Mars now?The poles are covered in ice and carbon dioxide frostWater may be trapped in the frozen regionsOrganisms may be located undergroundBelief that there are oceans and channels of water located underground on Mars

  • Life in the UniverseClosest star is 4 light years awayLight travels at roughly 300 000 km/secTherefore, any other solar system = very far awayDifficult too see the composition and chemistry on the surface of other planetsInstead, we send out radio signals, and monitor signals coming in from other stars

  • One morning in 1997, Jill Tarter found a signal from space in the direction of the star YZCETIUnlike any signal seen before, so sent email to SETI immediatelyTurned out to be from a NASA satelliteWas inspiration for the Movie Contact starring Jodie FosterDespite the setback, the search for signals continues today with hopes of finding intelligent life somewhere in the universe

  • UFO SightingsOutside Rosewell, New Mexico the wreckage of an Unidentified Flying Object was found in 1947Referred to as a disk and said to have 3 alien crew menIn 1994 American government admitted they covered it up, but it was a ship disguised as a weather balloon used to spy on RussiansPeople still believe firmly that UFOs have been seen and aliens have visited Earth

  • Alien AbductionsIn 1961, Betty and Barney Hill were driving along a country roadThey remember seeing a light in front of their carNext thing they know, they are driving on a different road and two hours have passedNeither had any recollection of the 2 hours passedPsychiatrist hypnotized them, and learned that both were probed and sent back with reset memoriesBoth became famous, but no one except the Hills really know the truth

  • How does extraterrestrial life apply to the 21st century?Biggest question asked, Are we alone?If there is intelligent life elsewhere, belief they can teach us a lot about the dimensions, technology and life in generalIf there is life in the universe, it will give us more perspective on how we came to be on Earth

    Intelligent life could share a lot on the belief of religion and the afterlife as well as maybe lead to finding more life in the rest of the universe

  • PersonallyThere has to be life somewhereOver 100 billion stars and 100 billion possible solar systems, life elsewhere has to existNever find it, universe to large and constantly expandingIf aliens have visited Earth and are that advanced, they would have kept themselves completely hidden or revealed themselves and if they were peaceful, we could co-exist like the aliens and humans in the movie Men In Black

  • *Thank you for listening to my presentation, you have been an OUTSTANDING audience and I wish I could do this again just to have the pleasure of standing before you amazing people. You may now turn your cell phones and music devices back on and I hope you enjoyed this but I am sad to say it is

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