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Its about Pitney Bowes Company.

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ABOUT PITNEY BOWESPitney Bowes Inc. is an American manufacturer of software and hardware and a provider of services related to documents, packaging, mailing, and shipping. Based in Stamford, Connecticut, the company has approximately !,""" employees worldwide Pitney Bowes provides technology solutions for small, mid#si$e and large firms that help them connect with customers to %uild loyalty and grow revenue. Pitney Bowes includes direct mail, transactional mail and call center communications in its solution mix along with digital channel messaging for the &e%, email and mo%ile applications.AN OVERVIEW Pitney Bowes is a leading provider of customer communication technologies.'ur software, e(uipment and services help the %usinesses to communicate moreeffectively in today)s multi#channel environment, so they can %uild long#term customer relationships and drive profita%le growth. 'ur uni(ue com%ination of smarter analytical tools and expertise in physical, digital and hy%rid communications, we*re helping %usinesses meet the many challenges of connecting with individual customers today. &e provide strategic outsourcing services to help organi$ations streamline their mail and print operations and manage critical documents. Pitney Bowes provides %usiness communications software, mailing systems and services that integrate physical and digital communications channels and are long known for making its customers more productive. Pitney Bowes is increasingly helping other companies grow their %usiness through advanced customer communications management.OUR BUSINESSSOFTWARE: - Address +anagement Communications +anagement Campaign +anagement. Customer , +arketing Analytics. -ata +anagement -ata Products .ocation IntelligenceEQUIPMENTS: - Postage +eters , Scales /olders Inserters and 0a%%ers. +ail Sorters 'ffice Products. PrintersSERVICES: - Customer communications , +arketing. -omestic +ail Presort. 1lo%al 2commerce Postal Shipping , Permit Payments.BOARD OF DIRECTORSLinda G. Alvarado, 34, President and C2' of Alvarado Construction, IncAnne M. !"#!e$% 3, Pincipal of A+B AdvisorsRo&er Fradin% 56, President and C2' of 7oneywell Automation and Control Solutions, 7oneywell International, IncAnne S!$'erland F!('"% 35, Consultant to private e(uity firms, /ormerly 1roup President, 1rowth Brands -ivision, -igital 8entures, a division of 9. C. Penney Company, IncS. )o!&la" *!$('e"on% 53, C2', .eap &ireless International, IncBOARD OF DIRECTORSMar( . La!$en+a(', 54, President and C2' of Pitney Bowes IncEd!ardo R. Mena"(,, 3:, retired president, 2nterprise Solutions 1roup, 8eri$on Communications IncMi('ael I. Ro$', 3:, Chairman and C2', 0he Interpu%lic 1roup of Companies, Inc)avid L. S'edlar-, 3;, retired 8ice Chairman of Pfi$er Inc)avid . Sno.% /r., 5!, Chairman and C2' of +edco 7ealth Solutions, IncPB VALUESP!$ Clien$" Fir"$ 0hinks from the outside in Serves clients as one company Strengthen client relationships!ild Tea0" $o Win Creates capa%ility and agility +entors, coaches and empowers Sets high expectations and rewarding performanceE1e(!$e 2or Re"!l$" Prioriti$es resources Acts decisively Commits to shareholder values 7olds self and others accounta%le)rive" C'an&e Creates change imperatives Champions change Influences and engages stakeholdersOUR PEOPLEPITNEY BOWES INDIA FOOTPRINTChennaiSecunderabadBengaluruMumbaiKolkataChandigarhAhmedabadPuneErnakulamMr. 3 M Nanaia'Mana&in& )ire($or Pi$ne4 o.e" India India a" Mar5e$6la(e 2or $'e Servi(e0hereisahugearenaofopportunities presentinIndia.CustomerCommunication is%ecomingvoluminous,andwiththe growthininternetthetransactional communicationsarealsoincreasing.&ith retailgoingonlineande#commerce %udding,theutility%illsincreasing,India presents a wide range of opportunities in the customer communications space.Vi"ion:PitneyBowesIndiaaimstocontinue%eing thetechnologyleaderintheareaof customercommunicationmanagementin India.PITNEY BOWES INDIA KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN INDIA 35< plus market share in postal meters !5< plus market share in 0ax +eters 65< plus market share in high speed franking space Partnered with India post to set up the =Print 0o Post> Solutions Statementing Solution provider to a? .argest 1S+ service provider @Airtel? %? .eading Credit Card providers @SBI , Citi Bank? Introduced click +odel#Crossed :"" million clicks A B4+ revenue in "4" 3 7igh speed machines at Business Post Centers Introduced Stamp duty evidencing in 44 states 7elped the Carnataka state government during stamp paper crisis .aunched -+ meters with intelli.ink.FINANCIAL FACTS 0he via%ility of technology providers is a critical consideration in selecting firms to provide solutions and services.At Pitney Bowes, we manage our %usiness to deliver smart and secure solutions %acked %y our financial strength in order to grow with our clients for the long term. Pitney Bowes is one of the largest companies in the glo%al mail stream industry.In "4, annual revenue was DS-B;.6 %illion. /ree cash flow for "4 was DS-B:36 million. /or more than " years, Pitney Bowes 1lo%al /inancial Services, a wholly owned su%sidiary, has %een providing high#(uality financial services for Pitney Bowes offerings to Pitney Bowes clients throughout the international marketplace. Pitney Bowes continues to invest in E,-. In "4, our E,- investment was DS-B4F: million. Advanced technology is a key to the firm)s success, and it continues to %e on the forefront of innovation as a result of this financial commitment.FINANCIAL FACTS Pitney Bowes has %een a /ortune 5"" company for 54 years. As of -ecem%er F4, "4, 3! percent of Pitney Bowes revenues were generated in the Dnited States, and F percent in the rest of the world. Pitney Bowes has %een listed on the Gew Hork Stock 2xchange since 465", and has %een a component of the S,P 5"" Stock Index continually since 465:. Pitney Bowes has a large and diverse customer %ase with approximately two million customers worldwide. Pitney Bowes was incorporated 6F years ago in 46".7889 788: 788; 788< 788= 788> 78?8 78?? 78?78?8888887888888@8888889888888:888888;888888@; A:%%: A;%7;7%@8: A:%:;>%?