Pinterest Teachers for There’s No Sinning in Pinning: Using Pinterest in the Classroom.

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  • Pinterest TeachersforTheres No Sinning in Pinning:Using Pinterest in the Classroom

  • What is Pinterest?

    Pinterest is an online pinboard that allows its users to organize and share their interests. Teachers are utilizing Pinterest as a valuable tool for gathering and organizing educational material for use in their classrooms.pinboard

  • How to setup an account:

    Go to :

    Sign Up with Facebook or e-mail

  • Next:

    Type in the required fields

    4. Sign up

  • Pinterest is user-friendlyThis is a screen shot of my personal Pinterest home page.

    Currently, I have 2 educational boards (Constitution Day and Pinterest for teachers). The Pinterest site is user- friendly. Here is a Cheat Sheet with some Tips &Tricks!

    Cheat Sheet

  • Create a new BoardWhen your account is activated, new boards will automatically be created for you, but you can add more.

    Click on the Add + button located in the upper right-hand corner of your homepage. Click on Create a Board. Title your board in the Board Name field. For example, Art activities. Choose a Board Category so other teachers can locate your pinboards. In the Who can pin field, select Just Me. For a shared account select Me + Contributors. Click the red Create Board button.

  • Adding Pins to boardsIn the Search field, enter what you are looking for and click the magnifying glass. For example, type web 2.0 in the search field and browse through the images that appear.Or, Click Pins, Boards, or People.Or, Click Pinners you follow.Or, Browse Pinterests home page and click the Repin button on the image. Or, Click the Add + button located in the upper right-hand of your page. Click on Add a Pin and enter the URL of the Web site and click on Find Images.Or, Click Add+, click on Upload a Pin and click choose file.There are several ways to add pins to a board:

  • Follow boards or peopleOn your home page, click on the following button in the upper right-hand corner.The people you are following will appear.If you no longer want to follow someone, click on the Unfollow button on their pinboard page.If you want to choose which boards you do or do not want to follow for this person, click on their name or photo and begin clicking unfollow on the boards you no longer wish to follow.You can choose which boards, people you are following.

  • Teachers are pinningExamples of what teachers are pinning to their boards:(shown are pinboards for Arts Resources, Transforming Education, Literacy Web sites and resources, Technology in Education). Additional ideas include: Classroom organization & management strategies Subject-specific lessons YouTube videos Graphic organizers

  • Classroom OrganizationExample of a pin for classroom organization ideas.This image and a Web link were added to Pinterest by a classroom teacher. Check out the blog at the URL shown below. 42 people have liked this pin, there have been 249 repins and 3 comments. Pinterest is a great social platform for teachers, too.

    Retrieved 4/6/12 from:

  • Subject-specific lessonsExample of a pin for Reading mini lessons.This particular link includes the following units: Frontloading Fix-Up Strategies Connecting Visualizing Questioning Determining Importance Inferring SynthesizingIf you click on an image in Pinterest, there are also buttons for you to Like it on Facebook, Tweet, or E-mail it to a friend.

  • Pinning YouTube videosHow to pin a YouTube video:Enter what you are searching for in the search field.Click the Pin it button when you locate the YouTube video you want to add to your pinboard.Your YouTube video will play automatically when you click on its pinboard.

  • Graphic organizersExample of a graphic organizer pin.

    This pin demonstrates how to create 3-D foldables.

    Retrieved 4/10/12 from

  • Classroom LiteratureExamples of using pinboards to share childrens literature.You could create a pinboard for Newbery or Caldecott award books.

  • Additional Resources

    Attached is a list of pinners on Pinterest who utilize it for sharing educational pinboards. You can add to this list after you join Pinterest. Please download the following Word document for the list:

    List of Educators Who Are Pinning

  • Your Task:

    Identify an upcoming SE in your classroom.

    Search for activities that address that SE and pin them to your board.

    At our next Pinterest session, Pinning Party, please be prepared to share two of the pins you used in class.

    Here are some examples:Math- (Geometry) 5.7.A identify essential attributes including parallel, perpendicular, and congruent parts of two and three dimensional geometric figures.

    Social Studies- (Government) 8.21.A identify different points of view of political parties and interest groups on important historical and contemporary issues. ELA-

  • Survey

    Please complete the survey; we appreciate your feedback!



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