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A collections of events and places I photographed as well as videos I helped shoot, edit and produce.

Text of Photo/Video Portfolio

  • Kelsey [email protected]


  • Aspiration Shoots: Power


  • Aspirations Shoot: Balance


  • Tear sheet: Recsports Spring 2012 Magazine

    UF Division of Student Affairs

  • Tear Sheet: Recsports Spring Magazine 2012

  • Tear Sheet: Recsports Fall Magazine 2012

    Aspirations Fitness Assessment

  • Tear Sheet: Lucky Magazine Redesign 2011

    Redesign of Conde Nast Lucky Magazine

  • Select Photographs from Strong Gator Event: Participants


  • Select Photographs from Strong Gator Event: Spectators


    Photographs are used to visual communicate stories. In my photographs, I want more than just

    what happened to come through, but also how people felt at the event; conveying the

    excitement and electricity that was in the air, so that whether someone was there or not-they knew what was happening was something special.

  • Select Photographs from Adventure Race


  • Top left: Event Photo from Midnight Fun Run 2012 Top right and on: Event Photos from Adventure Race 2011

  • Event Photos from Swamp Bowl 2012

    Catching that perfect moment is something I strive for in each event I capture. I get the atmosphere of an event and thrive off it.

    It brings me joy to capture moments that we could never experience with the human eye, it takes the quick shutter of a camera to freeze it in time.

  • Aspirations Shoot: Motion


  • Left: Aspirations Shoot: Power (male)


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    Left: Aspirations Shoot: Power (female)


    Right: Aspirations Shoot: Balance


    With the Aspirations Campaign each model was chosen for their embodiment of each Aspiration.

    I was specific with my direction and casting to obtain the perfect balance where the model exuded their given aspiration while still being identifiable with the target clientele, college


  • Left: Aspirations Shoot: Shape


  • Aspirations Banners 2012

    Printed 9x3 ft Right: Me standing next to one

  • 5x6 Small Group Training Cards

    Print Media, laid out at front desks around facilities or

    Handed out to patrons.

  • Lake Lachloosa Shoot, Florida 2012

    Model: Karalyn Leviton

  • Lace Dress Shoot 2012

    Model: Karalyn Leviton

    MUA: Joy Cameron

  • Chicago Skyline form Lake Shore Drive Bridge

    Architectural Photography


  • Courtyard in front of the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art

    Architectural Photography


  • Let your Body Set the Motion

    Promotional video for Recsports Extravaganza

    Collaboration with Doug Yablum

    For internet and flat screen televisions at the facilities

    Let your Body set the Motion

  • We are Recsports

    Preview Video for incoming freshmen of the University of Florida

    Collaboration with Sarah Ballard and Dan Levy

    For internet and television.

    We are Recsports