Photography Editing Gui d e - Project 2: Humans of New York-style Diptych: Interview + Photography Photography

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    UHON 301:007 Locked Up: Incarceration in Question Spring 2016 Project 2: Humans of New York-style Diptych: Interview + Photography Photography Editing Guide Megan will host a printing/mounting workshop on the following dates: Friday, Nov. 4 from 3-4:30 pm Monday, Nov. 7 from 2:30-4:30 pm Tuesday, Nov. 8 from 10-11 am

    Adobe Photoshop PS Free 7 day trial of Adobe Photoshop PS here:

    1. Place files on desktop 2. Select the .jpg of your file and drag it to the PS icon on your dock 3. Make sure your menu is set to default by going to window>workspace>essentials

    4. Above go to ​Image>Image Size

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    a. First, unclick resample image. Make the resolution 240 or 300 ppi. b. Then, click resample image and change the height to 17. Let the width size up

    accordingly. c. Click ​ok

    5. Navigate to the tool bar. Select the crop tool from the fly out menu. Up above select the crop dimensions either 11”x17” or 17”x11” . Drag the cursor around the image and double click.

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    Levels (optional step) If you need more contrast in your image to to window>layers. At the bottom of the layers palette select the black and white circle icon and select ​levels​.

    Once the levels box is open move the sliders to get more or less contrast.

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    Assigning Color Assigning a color to your file will help to ensure that the colors you see on the screen with mirror those in printed form.

    1. To assign a color profile to your work visit: ​edit>assign profile

    2. Once the dialogue box pops up and select ​Adobe 1998​.

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    Save your file with the embedded color Save your file as a .jpg file and make sure the embed color profile box is checked. Go to file>save as. ​ Under the ​format ​option select​ jpeg. ​Then click the​ embed color profile box ​(it should say Adobe RGB 1998). Name your file your ​last name-photograph

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    Printing Your Photograph: Now, to print your image, in Photoshop select ​file>print​.

    This dialogue box will pop up. Make sure you select the ​Epson SC-P600​ printer. Then click on print settings​. You’ll see the ​dialogue box​ on the next page appear.

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    Be sure to again select the ​Epson Sc-P600 Printer​. Be sure to select the Photo+Interview:Locked Up ​preset. Then click print, which will take you back to the first dialogue box. Make sure that it mirrors the options above and then press print!

    Quote Orientation and Printing Instructions If you have a vertical photograph (11”x17”) use the vertical ​text​ template. If you have a horizontal image (17”x11”) use the horizontal ​text​ template. Templates can be downloaded from our course blog. Once you add your textual content to the template be sure to:

    1. Outline the font-control click the font and create outlines. Font must be sans serif at 24-36 pt size (depending on the length of your text) and in black.

    2. Save as a .pdf 3. Open .pdf from Photoshop 4. Print from Photoshop using the same set-up as above, but be sure to use ​crop marks​.

    You access these by going to the first dialogue box and scrolling down until you see the printing marks​ option. ​Click, corner and center crop marks.​ Then press print. This will make mounting MUCH easier. See the example, below!

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    Final Diptych Ultimately, your final photograph and quote should be the same size and orientation as the examples below. Once the pieces are mounted (be sure to use a sharp blade when trimming) you’re finished!

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