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  • 1. Photographs Analysis

2. On my font cover, there is a liveFront Cover- Photo photograph of a male singer who has his eyes directed to the microphone, this may send the message to my audience that this magazine is all about the music. The direct contact with the microphone show the males dedication to music. It may also produce the connotation that the model is indulged in the song he is singing, from this the audience may be able to infer his passion for something he enjoys doing. My target audience of the magazine may act upon this and this connotation may attract their interests even more. Due to the dedication the model on the front cover displays, this perhaps allows my target audience to admire the singer, which is a convincing factor that will allow them to purchase this media product. This images is a (MC/U), this is done to allow intimacy between readers and the artist and follows the conventions of a magazine. There is an element of low key lighting which adds a sense of normality to the model. However this will be edited in Photoshop in order to meet the needs of my target audience and their preferences. 3. Photo that I will not use- Initially this was the photo that I was going to use formy front cover. However I felt that this didnt fit inwith the genre of the magazine that I wanted tocreate and didnt send the right connotations aboutmy magazine. The model used here offers a cool and calm vibe, thisis highlighted as the model has his hands firmly in hispockets. Although the clothing the model wears infersa indie vibe, I felt that the magazine didnt highlightthe main factor that was music which is what Iwanted. It appears that this is a very random imageas no association with music is touched. The facial expression make it seem that the modelisnt prepared for the photograph, although thisoffers a candid approach to my magazine it doesntadd a sense of professionalism which I feel theprevious image did. I think the models expression iseffected by the lighting exposure which makes themodel seem as if he is squinting. Furthermore the limited environment in which I haveplaced my model makes the overall image look blandand boring, which wouldnt entice magazine readersto purchase my magazine/ 4. Examples of the photographs that will be used in mycontents page- Here are a few example of the types of images used in my contents. These are all images of previous concert/gigs that I have visited. I decided to use multiple images as the contents page is a vital stage in setting the bases of the rest of my magazine. All these images are taken from an audiences POV therefore it will allow reader to feels as if they are experiencing a real life concert. Also this will provide the connotations that my magazine will include live material from various other musicians/bands. 5. Double Spread Main This is the main photographs that I chose for Photo-my DPS. The main reason why I chose this image isbecause I like the Medium Long Shot of themodel. This allows readers to easily identifythe singer and make the link to the frontcover. Although like the cover, there is no eyecontact used with readers, which presents alack of communication of relation betweenthem is contrasted as the model highlightsthat his main passion is music. Readers of mymagazine will be able to see this due to themusical instrument the singer is playing. Theeyes of the model focused on the guitaremphasizes his passion. There is a sense of high key lightingsurrounding the singer which emphasizes hispresences and makes the model look like aprominent figure. This is also due to thedarker lighting in the background. 6. Photo that I will not use- I decided not to include this photo inmy DPS. This is mainly because it is difficult todistinguish the main model that isfeatured in the article to the others. The photo consists of low-key lighting,this makes it difficult to recognisedfeatures of the singer, this is alsobecause there is too much ratiosurrounding the subject, which infersthat the model isnt a prominent orimportant figure in this photo. From this image it is also clear that anunwanted background is included inthis photo, this may become adistracting factor for readers.