Photographing good event shoots final

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  • 1. 2012-2013

2. Only have 1-3 people in the shot Profiles or faces, not just jersey numbers Candid, not posed Alternate between portrait and landscape 3. Use Zoom Lens Cameras #1-7 Stadium = on the field Field pass is on camera cases Gym = sit at bottom of bleachers 4. Level 2- shoot program Level 3- shoot manual/shutter priority ISO 1600 and above at night outside 800 and above in gym 400 and above in sunlight in gym 5. Example #1 - DaylightISO 400Face shotFrozen action. 6. Example #2 -NightISO 3200 or 6400Face visibleFrozen action 7. Example #3 - GymISO 3200Frozen actionFace shot 8. Example #4 - TheaterISO 16003 peopleNice shallow DOFFaces show emotion 9. 1-3 people in shot Faces or profiles Alternate between portrait and landscape Students should be working in shot Get a variety of different students/ activity 10. Examples ofClassroom EventsISO 400-800There are 1-3 people in photoIt is easy to tell what thestudents are doing.Also, each photo has adifferent angle.In classroom shots with noaction, use a variety of anglesincluding shallow depth offield, high and low angle,subject positioning, etc. 11. Sign up on SuperSaas for events Sign out zoom cameras on clip board Make sure at least one student in each photois of our high school students Parents, teachers or community photos dont count unless one of our kids appear!