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  • 1. PhotoStory 3101 Tania CouttsFacilitatorCORE Education

2. Step 1 - Begin a new story 3. Step 2 - Import Pictures 4. Step 3 - Find your pictures 5. Step 4 - Choose the pictues you want... Click OKHint - Ctrl A to highlight all - Ctrl Shift to highlight group ofphotos - Ctrl Click to highlight random photos 6. Step 5 - Photos will automatically move into timelineHint - You can move the photos around by dragging and dropping ordelete photos you dont want by pressing delete or the x 7. Step 6 - Save as Project just in case! 8. Step 7 - Name your PhotoStory andclick Save 9. Step 8 - Add words to each pictureHint - Click on each photo to type story - the words will already be highlighted so just type away.... 10. Step 9 - You can change the effect of your photos if you wish - then click Next 11. Step 10 - Record Voice to each photoRed to record Blue to stopArrow to delete Click preview tolisten to whatit sounds like. Are you happy? Hint - Click on each photo to record voice for that photo 12. Step 11 - Customise Motion TextOption - Do you want to change the duration ofeach photo OR add transitions? 13. Decision Time...Option - Do you want to change the duration ofeach photo OR add transitions? 14. Step 12 - Motion and DurationTick if you wantto change wherephoto startsand finishesAutomatic durationOR change howmany seconds 15. Step 13 - Choosing Transitions Drag the transitionyou like into theblack square Click saveClick the arrow to go to the next photo and choosethe next transitionYou can change the timeof the transitions if you like 16. Step 14 - Click Next when you are done recording and customising 17. Step 15 - Create MusicHint - Do not use select music unless you have acollection of copyright free music:-) 18. Step 15 - Create Music Genre StyleBand MoodTempo Hint - You can try out differentPlaytypes of music - when you findmusic that suitsclick OK 19. Step 16 - Save your StoryOption- You can email the story straight from here! 20. Step 17 - View your story or Create another 21. Hint - When you go to close PhotoStory3 it willtell you that you have made changes to theproject. Remember we saved it as a project at the beginning and we have now added lots of extras. So, Yes, you want to save the projectnow. 22. Your finished movie and your project movie willbe saved automatically in my videos unless you choose to save them in another place. 23. You will notice there are t wo with the same name - one being the project, one being the finished movie. The project can be opened and added too at any stage. If you are wanting to put your Photostory on your blog you will need to use thefinished one. The one with the Photostory symbol is the project file.Finished Project 24. Now - its your turn! 25. ut all a bo chIts ting ea ay... p or t h e wsup longot h er a