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  1. 1. COSTUME &APPEARANCEOutfit: The metal necklace gives apowerful and tribal look whichmakes the artist look fierce. Theblack fur jacket could link to howthe colour black can beintimidating and could show thefur is from a fierce animal. Thisshows the artist is fearless-representedby wearing deadanimals fur.Facial Expression: The artistsface looks fierce and showsattitude which suggests thatartists music is up beat andpowerful (not slow and relaxing).Outfit: The jewellery on the artistshead could be seen as over the top.The spikes coming down from herhead could show power. Thecolour gold also represents wealthwhich could link to how thejewellery suggests power (becausepeople feel a sense of power withmoney).Facial Expression: The artists faceis fierce and could be intimidatingto some.Make-up: The eye make-up isblack which could again, be seenas intimidating. However, make-upisn't heavy which could link tohow this specific artist stands upfor women (suggesting womenshouldnt hide ourselves).Outfit: The metal dress showspower and wealth and it suggeststhat it protects her. This makes usthink that she is precious and couldmake us think she has enemy'swhich she needs protection from.Facial Expression: The artist looksas though she is puzzled whichgives a sense of innocence whichcontradicts what she is wearing-thiscould be to try and find abalance- they didnt want the artistcoming across to much attitude or itmay deter some audience.Body Language: The artists postureis very upright which showsconfidence and that she doesntwant to hide.
  2. 2. LOCATION & CAMERA ANGLE SHOTSBirmingham deserted car park-This location is a deserted car parkwhich looks urban and fits in withthe genre of my artist which isR&B. I would take a full-lengthshot here so that my artists outfitwould be visible and standing in aposition which could suggestattitude (so this matches with thebackground). This location could beused to show how this is where theartist grew up and they are goingback there for influence in theirmusic. Birmingham city is also inthe background of this location andso this could represent how theygrew up with not a lot, and behindthem is the city which they knowhave due to their music success.This location could link to womenbeing independent as my artistwould be alone in open space.Brick wall-This setting would be suitable for ahead/medium shot of my artist asbricks give connotations of beingon the streets which links to thegenre of the artist which is R&B.The facial expression would haveattitude to show that the artistproduces powerful music and linksto my inspiration which is Beyoncand how her music relates towomen being strong andindependent. The brick wall wouldalso give the artists face the mainfocus as the setting isntparticularly interesting and so itshows how the artist is moreimportant than where they are. Itwould also mean there would be agreat focus on make-up andjewellery which would be good forme to be able to present personalitythrough.Birmingham Fox Street-This location is a deserted area ofgrass which is over grown and has awhite wall at the back of it. I thinkthat his would be effective to beable to get full length shots of myartist in the overgrown plants withthe white background. This wouldenable me to get full-length shots ofmy artist as well as head/mediumshots of them with the white wallbehind them. Full-length shotswould enable me to make theiroutfit visible and head/medium shotwould enable me to focus on theartists facial expression, jewellery,hair and make-up as the white wallwould not draw any attention toanything other than the artist. Thewhite wall which isnt necessarilyclean could make the images moreurban and less-staged.