Photo shoot and Editing

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  • 1. Photo shoot
    and Editing
  • 2. Schedule for Photo shoot:
    March 13th -Take a picture of Bracknell ice rink stands.
    March 14th Find my model.
    March 16th - Take photos of actor in Henley.
    March 17th - Take photos of actor in College and at my house.
    March 18th - Upload and start editing images.
    March 19th Finish editing images.
  • 3. Model(s):
    Name: John Hall
    Date of Birth: 5/ 5/94
    13 Purley Road
    RG5 13DV
    Telephone: 077590848970
  • 4. Mise en scene:
    The Henley College, Henley town, Bracknell ice rink stadium, My house.
    These locations offered various background to my images, many that showed my actor in a street to reflect on the music genre he was representing.
    Costume/ Props:
    Hoodie, T-shirt, Polo shirt, Shorts, Canvas shoes.
    Organisation of actor:
    I organised my actor at the centre of my images, to keep focus on him. For the front cover image I made john(actor) look into the camera as I found this is a common and good technique used by other magazines to attract the audience.
    I tired to make it seem like my actor (who will be my up an coming artist in my magazine) to have attitude, for this I made john not smile in many of the images, and sitting down or looking away from the camera.
  • 5. Photos:
    Photo 1: Bracknell ice rink
    I took the opportunity to take a picture of the stands of an ice hockey game I went to, i wanted the image to seem like it was a music venue as it is linked to the page about the best venues on my contents page
    Photo 2: Henley town
    I meet John (actor) in Henley to take so images. I told him to wear casual clothes, as the setting was a street in Henley. I wanted him sitting down to make it seem casual, and looking into the camera to attract my audience (which was something I learnt from my research) . I also got him to but his hood up and not to smile so he matched the street background and showed attitude which is something many artists have.
  • 6. Photo 3: Henley College
    I meet up with John at college to take some more images. I told him to dress smart/casual in wearing a photo shoot. I told him to put his earphones in to make the link wit music, suggesting its what he loves. I told the picture at a low angle to get the light shining through the image from behind, I feel this showed fame, like many other magazines I analysed in my research. Again I told him not to smile to show attitude and to also look away for the same affect.
    Photo 4 : My house
    On the same day John came to mine dressed differently, but again casual. I told him to look away but smile, as I thought the artist needed 1 image of him smiling to make him seem attractive to the audience
  • 7. Editing:
    I used photo shop to edit many of my images...
    I sharpened certain images
    I added a lens flare to exaggerate the sunlight to show fame
    Auto Contrast
    Auto Tone
    Adding vibrance as the image was a bit dull
  • 8. Cropping and Framing:
    I cropped most of my images using Photo shop. In many pictures I cropped the photo to make my artist the centre of attention. I also cropped them according to where they were going on my magazine., for example with my front cover image I cropped it to overlay certain texts and to not overlay other pieces of text, I then added a soft edges affect make it fit in the front cover.