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Philippines 2013: 60 Years of Philippine Television

Joey Martinez SamsonChristmas station IDs of Philippine TV networks in 2013:

ABS-CBN:Magkasama Tayo Sa Kwento Ng PaskoGMA Network:Sundan Natin Ang Bituin Pabalik Sa Kanyang PilingTV5:Everyday Is Christmas DayIBC-13:It's a Beautiful ChristmasTop of FormLikeShareGet NotificationsDecember 2 at 2:28pmnearManila Hero A Noblelikes this. Nicval Ybnar Ognh UlAtsaka PTV: Isang Mapayapang Pasko mula sa Telebisyon ng Bayan.6 hours agoviamobileLikeBottom of Form

Joey Martinez SamsonGMA Christmas Station ID 2013 Sundan Ang Bituin.

Post Production Team: Paul Hendrick Ticzon and Vince Gealogo (Directors), Edward Achacoso (Director of Photography), John Paul Arrojado (Assistant DOP), Neil Nanquil (Colorist/Master Edito/Edit Supervisor), Allyn de Ocampo (Main Cam/Arri Operator/Asst. DOP), Don Suratos and Van Sean Deato (Assistant Directors), Ingrid Navarro (Shoot Producer), Hazel Joy Raymundo (Post Production Admin), Joanne Valencia (Project Manager), Criselda Dacanay (Production Manager), Steve Salvador (Costume Supervisor), Cris Martin Marquez (Graphics Supervisor) and Don Carlo Suratos (Flame Supervisor). The original jingle was created by Brian James Camaya (Lyricist), Gino Torres (Vocal Arranger), Philippine Sandalphon Singers (Vocals), Weena De Leon (Mixer), Gideon Purugganan (Recording Specialist) and Edward Mitra (Composer).Top of FormLikeShareGet Notifications20 hours agonearManila

esung Tak GuUpdate from#ManilaBulletinwebsite about#DTTV:

Excerpt: A fourth initiative, which is still in the drawing board, is the adoption of the Memorandum of Cooperation which seeks to facilitate the adoption of the Philippines of the Integrated Services Digital Broadcast-Terrestrial as the local standard for digital television.

#ShiftToDTVph#ISDBTph of Form

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Yesung Tak GuNew updates about#DTTVImplementation in the Philippines. Please click the link for details.


Arlou Kier StaMaria MotasStay Tune onCLTV36for the REPLAY SCHEDULE of

(c) CLTV36

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Lian Las Pinas"Brighten Up" by Freeplay Music as Philippine Radio and Television stations signing-on and signing-off station notice theme since July 2003.Top of FormLikeShareGet NotificationsJuly 19 at 4:35amnearManila Luigi Pegollo PealbalikePTV-4.July 19 at 8:37amLike Ramil Edrada EspinaPati na rin ang "Always Be There", na ginamit bilang Theme Song ng PTV-4 for 2013.December 13 at 11:15pmLike

Arlou Kier StaMaria MotasEvery year, LIVE na napapanood saCLTV36at sawww.cltv36.tvangGiant LanternFestival fromCity of San Fernando, Pampanga

Ka-rehiyon, isang tulog na lang Giant Lantern Festival na! Excited ka na ba?

Panoorin ang LIVE COVERAGE ng CLTV36 sa Giant Lantern Festival 2013 na magsisimula ng 5:45PM. Abangan din ang HOURLY UPDATES na magsisimula naman ng 2PM. Tumutok na ngayong SABADO, DECEMBER14! Maaari ring manood via livestreaming, bisitahin lamang

Nelson Gonzales | via Giant Lantern Facebook page and CLTV36 Facebook Page

Top of FormLikeShareGet NotificationsDecember 13 at 10:44pm 2 peoplelike thisYesung Tak GuA#DTVphFYI:

guys,better to throw-out your Baron Super Antenna that you are using today in ur households ASAP,for this kind of antenna is not compatible for#ISDBT. As we prepare for the#ShiftToDTVph, we must learn more about compatible antennas for ISDB-T...its best antenna configuration that will depend on ur location.

Dennis Glenn Flores3-ELEMENT BARON ANTENNA UNDER 4NEC2. First of all, thanks to Sir Albert Cornelio for the dimensions and to Pat of DTV Pilipinas FB page. The figures are for VHF low band (ch. 2-6), VHF high band (ch. 7-13) and UHF band (ch. 14-51). The results of computer analysis of 3-element Baron antenna indicate that it is no better than the elementary dipole. The additional elemrnts have no significant effect on gain. The SWR curve has a very narrow dip indicating narrow bandwidth. The radiation pattern isn't unidirectional. This PhP750 antenna has a very similar results with the earlier 2-element Baron antenna so it isn't in anyway superior to the early version. My verdict: Just like the first version, it's not worth your hard-earned money.Top of FormLikeShareGet NotificationsDecember 11 at 3:42pm 2 peoplelike this. Yesung Tak GuNB: According po kay Sir Pat, lahat ng antenna pwede sa ISDB-t. Maski tinidor, paper clip, long wire, etc. Syempre creativity ang paganahin natin para makabuo ng antenna na kakasya sa badyet natin.December 11 at 3:44pmLike

Joey Martinez SamsonAfter the ABS-CBN Countdown to 2000 special entitled "ABS-CBN Worldwide Celebration Of The New Millennium", a plug called the "Millennium Overture", aired at 12:00 m.n. on January 1, 2000. The first scene featured all the past logos and station ID's (along with the Sarimanok) of ABS-CBN during that time on television screens. Later, a portal transports the viewers to a dark clear space, and displays the 1986 ABS-CBN logo for one last time. Then, all of a sudden, the 1986 logo began to shift its parts and transform them, starting its reconstruction into a new logo. The box is removed and replaced by a new crystal plane, the rings and line modify their appearance and start separating from each other, and the ABS and CBN names start to merge and morph into a newer ABS-CBN text with a more modern typography. As the 1986 logo reconstructs, the current logo of ABS-CBN becomes visible, and as the reconstruction finishes, the new logo becomes completely visible (with the line and text appearing in white), with the dark space becoming a black background with RGB light streams, and the slogan "In The Service Of The Filipino", now in Rotis Semi Serif font, more cleaner font (appearing in white), appearing below a white line, which is seen between the logo and the slogan. Later, the 1986 logo ended its lifespan and the new logo started being used as the current corporate logo.Top of FormLikeShareGet NotificationsDecember 10 at 6:51pmnearManila 2 peoplelike this.

Yesung Tak Gu#DTTVUpdates from#DTVPilipinas


UPDATE: Here is the PDF file version of the Memorandum Circular no. 05-11-2013 officially adopting the Japanese ISDB-T Standard as the Sole Standard of Digital TV in The Country. The Memorandum was signed on 04 November, 2013, or a few days after the NTC held the hearing for the drafting of the said circular.

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Arlou Kier StaMaria MotasIn 1966,Abs-Cbnbecame the first TV network to broadcast certain shows in color. It was then the most advanced broadcasting facility of its kind during its time in Asia.

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Mark Anthony Aburquez MaderaGMA HDTVsoon!.....Top of FormLikeShareGet NotificationsNovember 15 at 2:24pm Alyssa SandroandNelson John Baylon this. Yesung Tak GuNo comment muna dyn, for we need sources. Meanwhile, I-like nyo n muna ang#DTVPilipinasto find out. And 2 knw more about GMA 7's latest#ISDBTlatest test broadcast,add 'Kapuso SignalReception' as ur friend. Salamat po.November 16 at 1:35pmviamobileEditedLike2 Diego Ejr Reyes CorderoWish there's GMA News TV HD.December 1 at 1:19amviamobileLike Yesung Tak GuAntayin n lng ntin ung latest. Pra informative, i-like u ang#DTVPilipinaspage.December 1 at 7:45amLikeBottom of FormBottom of FormBottom of FormBottom of FormBottom of FormBottom of FormBottom of FormBottom of FormBottom of Form

Sa mga nag-aantay ng Update sa DWXI-TV,Heto na yung Transmitter Tower ng DWXI-TV. Ayos na Control Room.

Bro Ryan A. AmericaEh wala atang munting gusali ng tower site ng Channel 35, ahSeptember 20 at 7:57pmLike Alyssa SandroBago mag december mapapanood ang DBS TV 35 & Also mapapanood sa Sky Cable.September 20 at 8:53pmLike Bro Ryan A. AmericaDi kaya mabasa iyan sa ulan?September 21 at 3:14amLike Lean Michael T AlvarezUng itaas p lang ang nki2ta q.sawali n ang tumatakip hnd n mga sanga ng puno.September 21 at 10:41pmviamobileLike Bro Ryan A. AmericaMalamang yung magiging studio ng Channel 35 sa 8th Floor ng Queensway Building sa Makati City.October 23 at 9:01amviamobileLike Bro Ryan A. AmericaAt saka kung hindi sa Disyembre ang airing nito, baka sa January or February next year.October 24 at 9:46amviamobileLike Lean Michael T AlvarezSo kung nxt year n,dpt my final decision n preparation sa pggmit ng ISDB-T ng DBS TV 35.nxt week n ang final hearing ng NTC pra ma-finalize n ang adoption to ISDB-T,at sa december n ang formal approval ni PNoy sa japanese standard sa pgpunta nya sa Japan.October 24 at 10:17amviamobileEditedLike Bro Ryan A. AmericaIkaw na po ang bahala kung hanap mo ay digital broadcast. Basta DBS TV 35 is on the air before the end of this year or early 2014. Kasi po 30th Anniversary ng El Shaddai sa August.October 25 at 7:53amviamobileLike Lean Michael T AlvarezHindi mo man maintindihan ang scenario ng Phl TV,maiintindihan u rin pgkatpos.October 25 at 10:22amviamobileLike Lean Michael T AlvarezConfirmed: ang nakikita ninyong tower na itinatayo dyan sa Antipolo City, Rizal ay hindi sa DBS TV 35 according sa reliable source. Nakausap ko ang aking friend-ang DWXI Broadcasting-na wala pa pala silang itinatayong transmitter tower. Nakapag-purchase muna sila ng transmitter machines na analog pero digital ISDB-T READY.November 9 at 5:22pmviamobileLike Bro Ryan A. AmericaLean, malamang as Bro. Mike announce last No