Philadelphia naked bike ride

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  1. 1. Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride_147Image by iank14The 1st Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride of 2009
    Pit biking is not about the usual bikes and the smooth roads, as the name suggests its about muddy pits. If you wish to experience the thrills of riding a bike on extremely tough and muddy grounds then nothing can be better than pit biking. This adventure sport requires bikes that are specially made to face the dirt and dust of the pits and are sturdy. These bikes have an altogether different look and charm about them.
    Biking is an experience that once you have tasted you will want to have more and more the next time. There are pit biking experience days for the ones who do not own a pit bike. For those who wish to own a pit bike the options are endless. Below are some points you should consider before buying a pit bike.
    The age of the biker: Any person can ride a pit bike, from kids to youngsters and the professional pit bikers. Make sure you know which bike you are choosing and the reason behind it. For instance, a pit bike for children will be high on safety. The handles of the bike will provide a strong grip for kids to hold and ride the bike. Also the speed limit would be set and if not you will have the option to do so to make sure no mishap happens. For youngsters the pit bikes are a bit advanced in terms of looks and speed. For the ones who love dirt and want to explore pit biking to its ultimate potential, Pit Bikes just keep getting better. These bikes are loaded with performance, looks, adventure and action, be it kids or the pros. You just need to make the right choice.
    Choose your bike dealer carefully: There are numerous bike dealers but you need to make sure the one you choose is an authorized one. A lot of illegal selling of bikes happens to reduce the final price of the bike. Never go for a pit bike which does not give you legal document proof, such dealers can even sell you fake bikes at the price of the original. Search for a trusted dealer who will give you good after sales service also as you will need advice on servicing and maintaining your pit bike too.
    Your pit bike purchasing experience should be a memorable one for you and not end up being a complicated procedure. Remember to keep the age of the biker in mind and the bike dealer you choose. These 2 simple steps can prove to be of great help to you in the long run.
    To know more about specifications and price of various Pit Bikes and 50cc Scooters, kindly visit
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    Question by Anthony G: anybody have any info on the bike dawg? do they make road bikes?
    Best answer:
    Answer by RobertoI think youre refering to Kona Dawg. Kona is the name of the builder, and Dawg the bike model name.
    They do have road bikes, but I dont think its their strong line.
    They do make good, strong bikes.
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