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A range of my work for many clients, in many fields, and many areas.

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  • 1. Phil Manker works with Architects He has the experience to build special elements that enhance buildings + interiors 1

2. Phils Areas of Expertise FURNITURE: Reception desks, workstations, conference tables, coffee tables + chairsART + SCULPTURE: Strong accent pieces for architectural environmentsARCHITECTURAL DETAILING: Lighting, sconces, friezes, panels, railings, screens, and faux nishesEXHIBITS: Institutional history, museum, tradeshow + retail exhibits with dramatic impactSIGNAGE: Logos, and environmental graphics, for corporate and healthcare2 3. Furniture Reception desks, workstations, conference tables, coffee tables + chairs 3 4. Reception Desks R E C E P T I O N D E S K S M A K E A N I M P O R TA N T I N I T I A L S T A T E M E N T A B O U T T H E C O M P A N Y. T H E S I Z E A N D R A N G E O F M AT E R I A L S U S E D I N T H E M C A N S E T THE TONE FOR THE ENTIRE INTERIOR.4 5. PROJECT RECEPTION DESK Patinated steel shapes support the sweeping arc of the desktop, with its bullnosed edges, corrugated steel privacy panel, and rosewood transaction shelf. STUNNING FORM+FUNCTIONALITY The sweeping curve of the worksurface allows multi- tasking. DATECLIENT2005 4 WEEKS -BUILD+INSTALL 6,500-BOSTONART22 DRYDOCK AVENUE, BOSTON 5 6. Workstations W E L L - D E S I G N E D W O R K S TAT I O N S H A V E T H E B E S T ERGONOMICS AND CONNECTIVITY TO PROMOTE A S T R E S S - F R E E E N V I R O N M E N T. 6 7. PROJECTCOMPUTER WORKSTATIONSTops feature built-in internet and power supplies,bullnose edges. Cylindrical steel bases, with weldedsupport arms, have quick-lock access panels.ERGONOMIC DESIGN Various top diameters fit the varying class sizes. DATECLIENTDESIGNED BY DOUGLAS DARYMPLE, T S A2001 8 WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 45,000-HGSE HARVARD UNIVERSITY, CAMBRIDGE, MA7 8. PROJECT STEEL FLEXIBLE CONFIGURATION LANDSCAPE + DESKDesk has a minimal superstrut steel frame, with inset lasercut patinaed inserts, and an assembled collection of fossil fish, trilobites birds, ammonites, and others. Features include minimal drawers on accuride tracks, rotating pull-out CPU carrier, leveling feet, concealed power strips, etc.DATE CLIENT2006 2 WEEKS-BUILD 3,800-PRIVATE DESIGNED BY PHIL MANKER 8 9. Conference Tables L A R G E R TA B L E S T H AT S E AT 1 0 O R M O R E , A N D C A N B E T H E S TA R T I N G P O I N T F O R M A N Y G R E AT IDEAS! 9 10. Beautiful, timeless materials, and ordering reality with a PROJECTMATRIX GRID TABLE perfect grid, inspired this piece. 44 cut glass prisms, casting rainbows, separate the grid from the Azurlite blue glass top. Features include red-violet anodized aluminum screws, honed black lace slate from Norway, legs withTIMELESS MATERIALScurly sycamore veneers, and a series of playful constructions in silver and yellow-enameled perforated steel. DATECLIENT2002 10WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 10,500-NONE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE 10 11. PROJECTDRIFTWOOD TABLEA galvanized box truss frame has driftwood elementsinserted in its many rings. Patinaed copper ball finialsaccent the corners. Legs are made up from manystaggered layers of avonite.OPEN STRUCTURE DATE CLIENT1998 10WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 9,000-PARTNERS+SIMONS 25 DRYDOCK AVE, BOSTON, MA 11 12. PROJECTPRISM TABLE Deco wrought iron rail sections, custom cast acylic prisms, copper finials, anodized aluminum cone, prismatic stainless steel feet, and many other interesting details make this table, which seats six, a genuineAMAZING RANGE OF MATERIALSconversation piece!DATECLIENT1996 10WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 10,500-PARTNERS+SIMONS 25 DRYDOCK AVE, BOSTON, MA12 13. PROJECTBEAM TABLESouthern yellow pine beams are cut and sandblasted,then bolted to heavy steel base plates to create stronggeometries. Top is Azurlite blue-tinted glass. BOLD STRUCTURE DATE CLIENT1997 5 WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 6,000-PARTNERS+SIMONS 25 DRYDOCK AVE, BOSTON, MA13 14. PROJECTDUFFY CONE TABLESolid maple triangulated fins connect the spun aluminum legs to the center ring and bottom disc, weighted with a steel cone. The circular glass top, with bullnose edge, sits on bronze spheres. RADIAL SYMMETRY DATECLIENT1995 6 WEEKS-BUILD+SHIP 6,500-DUFFY DESIGN GRP530 HARRISON AVE, BOSTON 14 15. Game Tables S P E C I A L T A B L E S D E S I G N E D F O R P L A Y.15 16. PROJECTBACKGAMMON TABLE A sculpted acrylic frame holds a sumptuous needle- pointed backgammon board, with an illusionary dropped shadow, under glass. Built-in game-piece tray. Drink holders at corners have radiallySCULPTED ACRYLICperforated blue acrylic drip trays. DATECLIENT1987 14 WEEKS-BUILD 5,500-NONE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE 16 17. PROJECTTHE GAME CUBE The clear acrylic cube can be rotated to play six different games. Game pieces are held in clear boxes in internal trays with snap-in doors. A lift-off top tray gives extra room for the game beingFUN SIX WAYSplayed. The board designs are after Escher. DATE CLIENT1985 6 WEEKS-BUILD 4,000-PRIVATE MANHATTAN 17 18. Coffee + Side Tables A C C E N T TA B L E S T H AT C A N B E T H E F O C A L P O I N T OF A ROOM. 18 19. PROJECTThree concrete door pediments, and smoked acrylicVAIL PEDIMENT TABLEshadow elements, are connected with copper bars.Polished ball bearings on onyx blocks carry acurved smoked glass top. Table was designed to fitARCHITECTURAL FACADE REBORNin front of a custom curved sofa in a ski house atVail, Colorado.DATECLIENT1999 5 WEEKS -BUILD 5,200-PRIVATE VAIL, COLORADO19 20. PROJECTPRISM TABLEMassive cast acrylic forms are prismatic and appearto transcend the surface planes of the top and thefloor in this timeless piece.PRISMATIC/TRANSCENDENT FORMS DATECLIENT1990 7 WEEKS -BUILD 4,900-PRIVATE LAKE FOREST, IL 20 21. PROJECTCLEARSPAN TABLE This simple table has U-shaped/formed acrylic legs that bolt to the radiused glass top with machined stainless steel discs.DEFINING CURVES DATECLIENTS1985 2 WEEKS -BUILD 1,200- PRIVATE LAKE FOREST, IL, PONTE VEDRA, FLA 21 22. PROJECTSEASHELL TABLE Stepped acrylic layers are cut in waves to mimicbeach sand at low tide. A shell collection sits undera removeable glass top. Cylindrical legs areMAN IMPROVES UPON NATURElimestone.DATECLIENT1982 4 WEEKS -BUILD 2,800-PRIVATE CHICAGO, IL 22 23. PROJECTDOG SIDE TABLEStepped acrylic layers are cut in waves to mimic beach sand at low tide. A shell collection sits under a removeable glass top. Cylindrical legs areSTRONG FORM limestone.DATECLIENT2001 3 WEEKS -BUILD 1,100-BOSTONART21 DRYDOCK AVENUE, BOSTON, MA23 24. Art + Sculpture Strong accent pieces for corporate environments24 25. Corporate Art M A J O R P I E C E S F O R C O R P O R AT I O N S T H AT T E L L A S I M P L E S T O R Y A B O U T W H O T H E Y A R E A N D W H AT THEY DO. 25 26. PROJECTHONEYWELLMachined acrylic grids are edgelit with neon in thisabstract compositionLOBBY WALL PANEL DATECLIENT1987 3 WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 14,000-HONEYWELLCANTON, MA26 27. PROJECT A 12-panel panorama depicts aircraft from the proud 75-NORTHROP year aviation history of Northrop, in their executive headquarters. A combination of materials and techniques includes stainless steel, photometal, airbrushing, and applied carborundum. Phil MankerA PROUD AVIATION HISTORY worked with art consultant Wayne Andersens Vesti Corp, and Gensler.DATE CLIENT1988 12 WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 54,000-NORTHROP CORP. CENTURY CITY, LOS ANGELES,CA27 28. PROJECT NORTHROPAn interactive collage of Northrops array of electronicsproducts and their applications. Interchangeablealuminum panel system.ELECTRONICS DIVISION DATECLIENT1988 6 WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 21,000-NORTHROP CORP.CENTURY CITY, LOS ANGELES,CA 28 29. PROJECT NORTHROP This mural combines 3 complete panoramas into one image panel by segmenting them behind a wall of clear acrylic rods. The dynamic refractive properties of the Trigraph make it appear to constantly change as the TRIGRAPH MURAL viewer moves around it, creating great visual drama! Designed with Wayne Andersens Vesti Corp. DATE CLIENT1988 12 WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 62,000-NORTHROP CORP. CENTURY CITY, LOS ANGELES,CA 29 30. PROJECT IBM Multimedia mural panels depict the evolutionary flow of plant and animal species through the geologic ages along a wall at IBMs headquarters in Manhattan.EXECUTIVE CAFETERIA MURAL DATE CLIENT1989 10 WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 65,000-IBM IBM WORLD HEADQUARTERS, MANHATTAN30 31. PROJECT The playful icons of this worldwide internet job-searchcompany have been brought to life with a series of fullydetailed sculptures, and panoramic murals, for their SCULPTURES + MURALSoffices around the world.DATE CLIENT2000 MANY PROJECTS 4,500-TO 75,000-TMP WORLDWIDEMANHATTAN31 32. PROJECTWELLS FARGO A series of 20 brass panels, with macro silkscreened graphics depicting historical stock certificatesHISTORICAL FINANCIAL IMAGERY DATECLIENT1986 8 WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 40,000-WELLS FARGO SAN FRANSISCO, CA32 33. PROJECT CHEVRONGlowing macro plastic models of diatoms are assembled in high relief on fabric-covered honeycomb panels, carrying a seismic section image. Diatoms are used by geologists toDECORATIVE ANECHOIC PANELS date rock core samples in their search for oil DATE CLIENT1996 12 WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 41,000-CHEVRON PARKCALIFORNIA 33 34. PROJECT ZildjianThree dimensional mural figures are airbrushed on P95frosted acrylic, cutout in silhouette, and formed to freestand in front of a cherrywood-framed macro lightbox 3D MURALwall. Founding fathers of this old-world enterprise.DATE CLIENT1984 10 WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 22,000-AVEDIS ZILDJIAN & CO. NORWELL, MA 34 35. Sculpture PURE FORMS AS EXPRESSIVE ACCENT PIECES FOR ARCHITECTURE35 36. PROJECT FREEDOM IWelded, waterjet-cut CRPO steel over tubular steelframes. Inspired by the wharfs along Bostonswaterfront. Installed in the Saltonstall Building lobby,Boston. Designed by Howard Elkus, principal, Elkus/ STEEL LOBBY SCULPTURE Manfredi Architects.DATE CLIENT2004 12 WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 19,500-HOWARD ELKUSELKUS/MANFREDI, BOSTON, MA36 37. PROJECTCYPRESS FORMS I+II A steel sculpture with 600 formed plates welded to a central tube is inspired by the cypress trees of Italy.And another form, after the strictly weeping fir. This STEEL TREE SCULPTURES sculpture is zinc galvanized. DATE CLIENT2005 4 WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 3,500-MHS ELM BANK, WELLESLEY, MA 37 38. PROJECTFOSSILSCAPE This cast concrete low relief panel is a created Paleozoic fossil landscape, with trilobites, brachiopods, anemones, fluorite crystals, and other flora and fauna of the period. This is one of a series. Applications may include wall orCAST CONCRETE PANEL SERIESfloor embedment.DATECLIENT2006 1 WEEK-BUILD 600-NONE 38 39. PROJECTCUBE CONSTRUCTIONInspired by the geometric basswood frameworkconstructions of Sol Lewitt, this set of 280 solid concreteblocks can be stacked in any number of configurations.Blocks have icons cut into their faces. Plexiglass and STACKED BLOCKS-AFTER LEWITTsteel base. DATE CLIENT2007 4 WEEKS-BUILD 3,200-AVAILABLE39 40. Architectural Detailing Lighting xtures, sconces, friezes, panels, railings, screens, and faux nishes 40 41. Architectural Detailing: Lighting C U S T O M F I X T U R E S T H AT GO LIGHT YEARS BEYOND THE ORDINARY! 41 42. PROJECT ASTROLABE FIXTURE Fantastic light fixture for the newly renovated Boston Athenaeum replicates an old world view of the solar system. Waterjet-cut aluminum, brazed copper tubing, glass. Designed with Swartz/Silver THE ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEMArchitects.DATE CLIENT2002 12 WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 27,500-BOSTON ATHENEUM 10 1/2 BEACON ST., BOSTON, MA42 43. PROJECTBLUE WHITNEY SCONCE Fluorescents glow through the terraced layers of sandblasted blue acrylic, casting an architectonic light onto any space.SCULPTED LIGHT DATE CLIENT1995 2 WEEKS-BUILD 700-PRIVATE CHICAGO, IL 43 44. Architectural Detailing: Wall + Ceiling P A N E L S , S C R E E N S , A N D M U R A L S T H A T A R E B U I LT I N T O T H E E X I S T I N G FA C A D E S , A N D I N T E R I O R WALLS44 45. PROJECT HARCOURT GENERALA splendid metallic painted aluminum skin is formedinto multiple compound curves, which are bisectedwith a black granite slab, and punched through witha thick acrylic logo and glass vitrines. All panel edges MAJOR IDENTITY WALL are backlit with fibreoptics. Designed by Phil Seibert,KlingStubbins Architects.DATE CLIENT1999 14 WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 86,500-HG WORLD HEADQUARTERS, CHESTNUT HILL, MA 45 46. PROJECT CREATIVE OFFICE PAVILIONA series of expansive, impressionistic skyscape wallmurals painted on linen and applied to showroominterior walls. MURALS LET THE SKY IN DATE CLIENT1995 6 WEEKS-CREATE+INSTALL 28,500-COP BOSTON DESIGN CENTER, BOSTON, MA 46 47. PROJECT OFFICE ENVIRONMENTSFour suspended ceiling screens are covered with crushed stainless steel cloth, metallic patinas are applied to concrete columns. Minimal steel handrails, SCREENS + FAUX FINISHESand faux finishes complete the look. Phil Manker worked closely with TRO Jung/Brannen. DATE CLIENT1986 6 WEEKS-CREATE+INSTALL 31,000-OE SUMMER STREET, BOSTON, MA47 48. PROJECT SHREVES EXTERIOR Relief, backlit faade lettering, crests etched in navalbrass, and ornate grills that replicate an old worldpattern create a sumptuous look for this purveyor of LOGOS + SIGNAGE + GRILLSfine jewelry since 1796.DATE CLIENT2007 5 WEEKS-CREATE+INSTALL 44,000-SHREVE, CRUMP & LOWBOYLSTONBOSTON, MA S T R E E T,48 49. PROJECT PARTNERS + SIMONS Structure with a dramatic array of brushed aluminum pillars jutting through its walls, along with cascading waves of folded stainless steel sheet. Drama is SCULPTURAL INTERIOR KIOSKheightened with custom suspended low voltage lighting. DATE CLIENT2001 9 WEEKS-CREATE+INSTALL 29,000-P+S 26 DRYDOCK AVENUE, BOSTON, MA 49 50. Exhibits Institutional history, museum, tradeshow + retail exhibits with dramatic impact50 51. Exhibits: Facility D E D I C AT E DSTRUCTURES T H AT INTRODUCE V I S I T O R S T O T H E C O M P A N Y, I T S P E O P L E , A N D ITS PRODUCTS51 52. PROJECT A set of beautiful sculptural forms housePICTURETELsophisticated corporate presentation tools, including a ProCube videowall system, custom digital clocks, and interactive welcome monitor.INTERACTIVE KINETIC SCULPTURE Materials are steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cherrywood, and PMS-colored acrylics. DATE1 6 W E E K S - B U I L D + I N S T A L L CLIENT1997 142,000- PICTURETEL CORP.NORTH ANDOVER, MA 52 53. PROJECT Many free-standing displays in 6 rooms showcase a wealth ofOLD STATE HOUSE objects and collections from Bostons history. These obelisk- shaped cases optimize viewing from all sides, and incorporate state-of-the-art conservation details like ultraviolet-filteringBICENTENNIAL EXHIBIT-NPSacrylic. Exhibits were created for the National Park Service in honor of the nations Bicentennial. DATE2 8 W E E K S - B U I L D + I N S T A L L CLIENT1976 124,000- NATIONAL PARK SERVICEBOSTON, MA 53 54. PROJECTThis 64L exhibit tells the story of a great CHESHIRE MEDICAL CENTER institution through the balanced use of narrativetext, engraved years, photos, backlit timelinemilestones, inset artifact cases, and subtle EXPANSIVE HISTORICAL TIMELINE iconography. History is brought to life. Designedby Sarah Springer/TSA. DATECLIENT1998 20WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 85,000-CMC KEENE, NH 54 55. PROJECT D E C LOBBY EXHIBITS An award-winning lobby exhibit features a timeline with glass year dividers, a full-scale VAX computer lineup, and internally lit building models MULTI-LEVEL HISTORYshowing the evolution of the computer environment. DATE CLIENT1987 18WEEKS-D&B+INSTALL 155,000-DIGITAL EQUIPMENTMAYNARD, MA55 56. Exhibits: Tradeshow E Y E C AT C H I N G F O R M , A N D M O T I O N M A K E Y O U R C O M PA N Y S P R O D U C T S S TA N D O U T F R O M T H E CROWD56 57. PROJECT This super custom booth has powerful graphics on spring-tensioned fabric panels surrounding a MARKETSOFT, 20 X 40theatre. Features include a random-sequenced message wall, an oval closing room, cylindrical lightbox pylons, a dramatic rotating overhead logoSUPER CUSTOM SHOWBOOTH sign, carpet with imprinted logos, and many other special features.DATECLIENT2001 14WEEKS-BUILD+SHIP 120,000-MARKETSOFT CORP. LEXINGTON, MA57 58. PROJECTA striking high-tech tradeshow exhibit features aGOMEZ, 10 X 20 stainless steel backwall with graphics in relief, litwith an infinitely variable color fluorescent lightingsystem, custom printed carpet, moveable displaySTATE-OF-THE-ART INLINE BOOTHtowers, adjustable height seating, and many otherunique features DATE12WEEKS-DESIGN+BUILD+SHIP CLIENT2007 80,000-GOMEZ INC. LEXINGTON, MA 58 59. PROJECT GENZYMEExtraordinary kinetic display demonstrates how Genzyme Diagnostics LDL kit measures cholesterol in the human body. Series of AMAZING KINETICS!conveyors and rotating cylinders carry acetal balls in an endless loop. This piece drew crowds! DATE CLIENT2002 16WEEKS-BUILD+SHIP 78,000-GENZYME CAMBRIDGE, MA59 60. PROJECT Phil Manker wrote the script, designed and builtDECWORLD VIDEOWALLthe sets, co-directed the movie shoots, and edited + produced the final program for this major tradeshow feature presentation. Who says one FEATURE PRESENTATIONguy cant do it all? DATE1 2 W E E K S - D E S I G N + P R O D U C E CLIENT1992 132,000- DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORP. MAYNARD, MA60 61. PROJECT AMERICAN EXPRESS Elegance in simplicity. MINIMAL SHOWBOOTH DATECLIENT1992 10 WEEKS-BUILD+SHIP 50,000-AMEX NEW YORK, NY61 62. Exhibits: Retail L I G H T + M O T I O N A G A I N C R E AT E A N I R R E S I S T I B L E AT T R A C T I O N F O R R E TA I L C U S T O M E R S I N T H E U LT R A - H I G H T R A F F I C M A L L E N V I R O N M E N T62 63. PROJECTCool interactive ball towers, moving shoe mobile,and games make the shoe shopping experienceSTRIDERITE an exciting one for children. These elements areinstalled in 25 retail stores nationwide. Interiordesigned by Elkus/Manfredi Architects. The IRRESISTIBLE RETAIL DISPLAYS interaction observed has shown that motion doesattract people!DATE2 2 W E E K S - B U I L D + I N S T A L L CLIENT1995 245,000- STRIDERITE CORP. LEXINGTON, MA63 64. Signage Logos, and environmental graphics, for corporate and healthcare64 65. Signage: Environmental Graphics C O R P O R AT E LOGO SIGNAGE + GRAPHIC S TA N D A R D S 65 66. PROJECTTHE GILLETTE COMPANYCast bronze plaques with curved faces and bas relief logos flank the entry doors. The lobby has a sandblasted glass backlit logo panel with perfectCEO OFFICE LOGO SIGNAGE blue gradation, and applied aluminum lettering. GHK designed the interior. DATE1 0 W E E K S - B U I L D + I N S T A L L CLIENT1997 52,000-GILLETTE BOSTON, MA66 67. PROJECTTHE GILLETTE COMPANYA special corporate lobby logo sign with eight floating layers of water-clear floor to ceiling sandblasted glass, held in matrixes. CustomNORTH ATLANTIC GROUP GLASS LOGO lighting responds inversely to exterior light levels.DATE1 2 W E E K S - B U I L D + I N S T A L L CLIENT1994 65,000-GILLETTE BOSTON, MA67 68. PROJECT THE GILLETTE COMPANYComplete design of a standards manual forcorporate facility signage in North America. Andlogo signs for other divisions. ENVIRONMENTAL GRAPHIC STANDARDS DATE CLIENT1992 10WEEKS-DESIGN 20,000-GILLETTE BOSTON, MA68 69. PROJECT IBM/LOTUS DEVELOPMENT New software product launch is accentuated witha mobile, banners on custom column mounts, andrelief signs. PRODUCT LAUNCH DATECLIENT1997 6 WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 80,000-IBM/LOTUS CAMBRIDGE, MA69 70. PROJECT GENERAL ELECTRICCNC-machined backlit acrylic logo for GEsFactory of the Future for helicopter engines.LOGO DATECLIENT1992 4 WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 15,000-GE LYNN, MA 70 71. PROJECT JOHNSON & JOHNSONA discreet set of screen panels between the reception area and executive offices. Laminated Cesar Color glass with custom graphics on the WORLD SCREEN vinyl interlayer. Polished brass captures the glass at floor and ceiling. Interior design by GHK. DATECLIENT1990 6 WEEKS-BUILD+INSTALL 38,000-J&J LYNN, MA71 72. Signage: Environmental Graphics COMPLETE WAYFINDINGSYSTEMS FOR C O R P O R A T E A N D H E A LT H C A R E72 73. PROJECTBETH ISRAEL DEACONESS Production of 7,500 signs, 42 sign types, in 10 buildings. Innovative aluminum frame system with changeable inserts. Environmental graphicCOMPLETE SIGNAGE SYSTEM system design by Jon Roll & Associates.DATE6 YEARS-PRODUCTION + CLIENT1983-9 INSTALLATION285,000-BETH ISRAEL LONGWOOD AVENUE, BOSTON, MA 73 74. PROJECTHARVARD PILGRIM HEALTHCAREA wide range of wayfinding and directional signage, with magnetic inserts, for twelve facilities. Design by Steffian-Bradley Architects. COMPLETE SIGNAGE SYSTEM DATECLIENT1991-94 3 YEARS-PRODUCTION +INSTALLATION145,000-HARVARD PILGRIM BROOKLINE, MA74 75. Clients Phil has worked with a wide range of clients in many elds, worldwide75 76. Phil Manker works hard! Here he is, welding Corten steel planters for around 99High St., Boston. 76