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Phase I Session 2 Module 4: Surfin’ The Web

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Phase I Session 2 Module 4: Surfin’ The Web. Session 3 Phase I Team Training Presented by the MBI Consultants. MONTANA OPI/MBI WEB SITE / Cool Tools from Montana Schools Important D ates Resources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Phase I Session 2 Module 4: Surfin’ The Web

  • Phase I Session 2Module 4: Surfin The Web Session 3 Phase I Team TrainingPresented by the MBI Consultants


    Cool Tools from Montana SchoolsImportant DatesResourcesRecognition SystemSocial NetworkTraining Materials

  • http://www.pbis.orgWelcome to the National Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

  • PBISApps https://www.pbisapps.orgCombines SWIS, PBIS Assessments in one locationAccess All ApplicationsAccess All ResourcesSearch Our New Support CenterRegister for Trainings and WebinarsWatch Training Videos



  • www.modelprogram.comThis websitewas designedto provide aforum for thedistributionof practicalPBS materials (documents, trainings, implementation manuals, etc.).

  • RESOURCES FOR SPECIFIC TOPICSCrisis PlanningPart of the SETTraining power point located on OPI/MBI website

  • BECOMING A CULTURALLY COMPETENT SCHOOLHow is culture like an iceberg?Training power point located on OPI/MBI website


    GettingUpGetting to SchoolClean-up TimeTime to RelaxMeal TimeHome-work TimeBed- TimeBE SAFE

    Look both ways at the bus stop.Make healthy food choices.Brush your teeth.BERESPONSIBLE

    Get up on time. Pick up your messes.Clean up when youre done.Do your work on time.Get to bed on time.BE RESPECTFUL

    Try a morning smile.Honor requests for help.Table manners matter.Ask for help and say thanks.

  • BULLYINGTraining power point located on OPI/MBI websiteCurriculum at




  • ENJOY!

    (YOU MUST GO THROUGH AND HYPERLINK THE SLIDES)We are going to take a look at different websites that you might find useful. Well go through them quickly showing you some of the highlights and then give you some time (consultant decides amount of time) to surf on your own.*

    (Click on the square to activate the hyperlink )

    *(Point out the various areas on the home page)* gives you one place to find all content, resources, support and training information related to the suite of applications we offer. Prior to this release, all of this information was divided between disparate websites devoted to each application. SWIS users visited the SWIS website to enter office discipline referrals; PBIS Assessment coordinators visited the PBIS Assessment website to determine what surveys their schools can submit; any school using one application may not even know other applications are available. This led to a disjointed experience for our users. We listened to your feedback; is our response.*Most states will have their own websites*(excellent resource for power points and training materials)**(Training power point located on OPI/MBI websiteA home matrix can be modified to address children from pre-school to high school.) A clear, simple, and easy to remember three-step response Students do better with being taught to DO something instead of being taught to DONT*