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  • Personal Fables By 3A

  • The Lion and the Ant

    One day in the forest there was a Lion and an Ant. The Lion

    was big and the Ant was tiny. One day the Lion was caught in a

    hunters net, and the Ant called a Mouse because the Ant couldnt

    help the Lion. The mouse bit the net and the Lion could escape.

    The next day the Ant was going to be eaten by an Ant eater.

    The Lion hit the Ant eater. The lion scratched the Ant eater and it

    ran away.

    Moral: One good turn deserves another.

    By Floro

  • The Snail and the Cheetah.

    One day there was a small, slow, clever and fat Snail. He was

    going to his house. A fat fast and big Cheetah was laughing at the

    slow Snail because he was slow. The Snail challenged the Cheetah

    to run a race because he felt angry.

    Then the Cheetah ran a race with the Snail. Next the

    Cheetah thought that he had left the slow Snail behind. After a

    little while he looked at the sun. After that he saw the Snail in the

    finishing line and the Cheetah ran as fast as a bullet. The Snail won

    the race.

    Slow and steady wins the race.

    By Franco

  • The Cheetah and the Tortoise

    One day in March there was a Cheetah. This Cheetah was very

    fast, big and nice. First the Cheetah was scampering around the

    jungle. Next the Cheetah met a Tortoise. The Tortoise was kind,

    intelligent, little and very slow. Then the Cheetah teased the

    Tortoise saying bad things.

    After that the slow Tortoise challenged the fast Cheetah to

    a race and the Tortoise answered Yes. Then the silly Cheetah

    shouted Ready steady go! The Cheetah run very fast and passed

    the nice Tortoise, he could not see the Tortoise. The Cheetah went

    very fast, so he tripped over a trunk, because it was very big. The

    Tortoise used his opportunity and he continued trotting. The

    Cheetah went to the hospital, the Tortoise won the race.

    Moral: Slow and steady win the race.

    By Ian

  • The Tiger and dog

    One summer evening a strong, bad, fast and silly Tiger that

    lived in a Forest was saying I am the best, I am the prettiest in

    the world The dog who was patient, fluffy, soft and slow was

    getting fed up.

    The Dog shouted You want to race with me The strong Tiger

    answered Okay. Next the Dog ran the race. The Tiger started

    going very fast but the Tiger saw a girl, so he got distracted with

    her. The soft Dog won the race.

    The Tiger was impressed because he didnt think that

    someone so slow was going to beat him. The Dog felt very happy.

    Moral: Slow and steady wins the race.

    By Isa E

  • The Duck and the Squirrel

    One hot afternoon a small, white Duck was strolling through a

    forest and saw a beautiful place full of animals. After that he met

    a sly, big and clever Squirrel. The sly Squirrel wanted to show his

    kindness to his new friend. So then the Squirrel told the weak

    Duck Come and have tea to my house that is on the top of the

    Jacaranda tree. The small Duck went to climb the Squirrels tree,

    but when he tried he couldnt because he slipped. After a while he

    realized that he couldnt climb the tree and that he had fallen for

    the Squirrels trick. He didnt say anything he just stalked angry

    to his lake because he couldnt climb the tree and couldnt eat.

    The next day the Duck wanted to repay the Squirrels

    kindness so he invited the Squirrel to his lake to have lunch. The

    Squirrel went to the lake but when he tried to swim he couldnt

    because he didnt know how to. As he couldnt swim he felt very

    furious without eating.

    The Squirrel learnt that IF YOU TRICK SOMEONE HE



    By Isa.T

  • The Turtle and the Cheetah

    A long time ago in a dark forest there lived a Cheetah. The

    Cheetah was fast, rude, unkind and not so clever. The Cheetah was

    always showing off saying how fast he was. One day when the

    Cheetah was going home he met a Turtle. The Turtle was slow,

    clever, nice, kind and confident. The Cheetah scampered closer to

    the Turtle and laughed Where are you going slowcoach? The

    Turtle replied Im going home. Ha! laughed the Cheetah You

    are never going to get there slowcoach! The Turtle squeaked the

    Cheetah I am fast enough to win you in a race The Cheetah

    answered Ok we will race tomorrow at 10:00 oclock from the top

    of the high hill to the deep lake. The Turtle accepted.

    The next day at 10:00 oclock the Cheetah was already there

    and the Turtle was late. When the race started the Cheetah ran

    as fast as he could shouting Bye slowcoach The Turtle just

    walked slow and steady. Then the Cheetah was tired and squeaked

    I will walk Because he knew the Turtle was never going to reach

    him. After a while the Turtle saw the Cheetah and went through

    the green grass so the Cheetah didnt see him. When the Turtle

    got out of the grass he didnt see the Cheetah so he went on.

    When the Cheetah was about to cross the finish line, he saw the

    Turtle drinking cold water from the lake. The Turtle won the race

    and the Cheetah felt embarrassed, but learnt his lesson.

    Moral: Slow and steady wins the race

    By Jos

  • The Hunter and the Foxes

    One cold afternoon two playful foxes were playing. Suddenly a

    hunter came. Its a hunter, lets run! So they ran and ran until one

    fox entered a hot stable. But the other fox kept on running and

    running. He had an idea, the idea was that he could camouflage in

    the nature.

    The hunter didnt find him. No! cried the hunter. The hunter

    went away. After that the other fox said That was awesome, I

    heard the hunter whispering Yes, he whispered that you are not a

    good friend.

    Fair weather friends arent worth having

    By Juan G

  • The Elephant and the Ant

    One day in March in the hot Savannah a big Elephant was in

    his house trying to be a hero. The next day he saw a small Ant that

    was going to be sucked by an ant eater. The Elephant thought It is

    my opportunity to be a hero. And off he went, he went trotting.

    When he arrived the Elephant stepped on the ant eater and he

    thought he was super Elephant. The Ant wanted to thank the

    Elephant but he thought I am very small. I cant help an Elephant,

    a big Elephant.

    The next day the Ant saw a Cheetah that was going to eat the

    Elephant. The Ant bit the Cheetah and the Cheetah ran away. The

    Ant felt he was a hero and the Elephant yelled We are heroes.

    The Elephant and the Ant became very good friends.

    Moral One good turn deserves another.

    By Juan SB

  • The Cheetah and the Flamingo

    One summer evening there was a sly Cheetah, he was fast,

    with a very good smell and was a very good hunter that lived in the

    Savannah. One day the fast Cheetah saw a tall Flamingo while he

    was hunting so he invited the Flamingo, who had long legs and long

    beak, to eat. After that the Cheetah ran to hunt with the Flamingo

    but when they finished hunting, the Flamingo couldnt eat anything

    because he had a weak beak and the Cheetah had a very strong

    snout. Then he realized that he was tricked, so he felt furious.

    The next day the Flamingo asked if the Cheetah wanted to go

    to fish and he answered Yes but he couldnt fish anything because

    he didnt have a long beak like the Flamingo, and the Cheetah felt

    deceived by himself.

    Moral: If you trick someone he will trick you back.

    By Julia

  • The Cat and the Mouse

    One hot afternoon in a Savannah there was a Cat called Olli.

    Olli was soft, fluffy, big and intelligent. Next day came a Mouse

    called Tom. Tom was intelligent, small, cute and smart. One day Olli

    was washing her face and Tom threw a rock on Ollis face but Tom

    didnt mean to do it. After that Olli wanted to eat Tom. Tom who

    was very scared cried Please let me go Im going to return this

    favor . Olli laughed Ha, ha, ha you a favor to me!

    Next day Olli was trapped in a hunters trap, Olli shouted

    Help! Tom heard Olli and started to run and when Tom found Olli

    started to bite the hunters trap. Finally Olli was free and then

    Olli and Tom became big friends.



    By Lupe.

  • The Puma and the Snail

    One summer evening a fast, big and long Puma was running in

    the forest when he saw a slow, small and short Snail. The two were

    listening to the birds whistling. That day the Puma was shouting I

    am the fastest animal on the world. That is not fair answered the

    Snail and the Puma yelled Yes, it not is fair because I am the

    fastest animal on the world. Do you want to run a race? asked the


    The next day the race took place. They ran from the forest

    to the jungle. Ready, steady, go! shouted Puma. The excited Puma

    was running as fast as he could. When the race started the Snail

    was at fifteen steps from the start line. The Puma trotted so fast

    he got off track. When he went back to the tack the Snail was

    getting to the finishing line. Everybody shouted You are the best.

    The Puma felt sad when he lost the race.