Permaculture "wastewater" systems

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Here you will find details on greywater systems. What they are, what plants to use, tools to install etc

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  • 1.PermacultureWastewater SystemsGreywater and Black waterLisa DePiano

2. What is Greywater Anyway? Waterfrom your sinks, showers and washing machines It is NOT water from your toilets or anything that has come into contact with Feces (Black water) 50-80% of residential wastewater is greywater Art Ludwig, Creating and Oasis with Greywater 3. Why Use Greywater? Reduce use of Freshwater Less strain on septic systems or treatment plants More effective purication Feasibility for sites unsuitable for a septic tank Reduced use of energy and chemicals Recharge Groundwater Plant Growth Reclamation of Nutrients Increased awareness of natural cycles More FUN! 4. Greywater Potential Top Loader Washer: 30-50 gallons per load Front Loader Washer: 10-15 gallons per load Shower:low ow shower head (2.5 gall/min) x 10minutes= 25 gallons Bathtub: 30-40 gallons per bath Kitchen Sink: 50-15 gallons per person per day 5. Greywater Guidelines Do not store for more than 24 hours Minimize direct contact Do not allow anything toxic to go into the system Makesure all greywater goes into the ground Install 3-way valve for easy switching betweengreywater and sewer 6. Soaps and Products Avoid Salt and Boron Products that are salt and Boron Free: Oasis, ECOS, Bio Pac Liquid Detergent Dr. Bronners, Aubrey Organics, some Burts Bees Mostshampoos and Conditioners contain reproductive toxins and carcinogens check out 7. Code/Legal Issues Arizona, New Mexico and Texas- ResidentialSystems (under 400 gal/day) fall under permit andare legal Australia- greywater is mandated, rebates 8. Grey Water Plants Plants that dont like greywater: droughtdependent (oak tree), acid loving (blueberry, ferns) Best for fruit trees, bushes, large annuals orperennials FoodCrops: Do not put greywater on edibleportion, no roots, salad, good for berries and fruit 9. Greywater DesignProcess 10. Choosing a System There are many different systems that can be tailored to you or your clients design goals, site and budget. The following slide is a list of some of the different types of greywater systems. 11. Choosing a System LandscapeDirect Washer: Laundry Drum Washer: drumless laundry Shower/Sink: Branched Drain Shower/Sink: drum with efuent pump Solar Greywater Greenhouse Constructed Wetlands 12. Drill bits for drilling holesthrough drywall 3-way valveHere are some basic greywatertools 13. Installing 3-way valve towasher so you can switchbetween the system andsewer 14. Connected and mounted towall 15. Hole is drilled through exteriorwall and vented. PVC pipe bringswater down slope to landscape 16. Greywater is applied to mulch ring in landscape 17. Brick is added for ow 18. We all can install- Work with complementary skill sets 19. Other Waste WaterTreatmentFLOATING TRASH ISLANDCONSTRUCTED WETLAND USING WASTE MATERIALS 20. Constructed Wetland We mimic the way that awetland cleans water. Water enters systemthrough a washingmachine and gravity fedinto bathtubs lled withgravel and wetland plants. We create habitat foraerobic and anaerobicbacteria. They digestcarbon, nitrogen andphosphorus which theyuse as nutrients.Rhizome Collective, Austin, TX 21. Mimics oating islands inStorm Water Runoffnature when lake bank breaks from the shore. Plant roots hold island together creating habitat for bacteria, zooplankton and other organisms which uptake excess nutrients and break down toxins This is used in a storm water run off pond in Floating Island, Austin, TXTexas. Made from trash on site. 22. Black Water Water containing fecal matter Different contamination level and process Best solution is source separation of fecal matter from clean drinking water Less than 2/10ths of 1 % of the planets water is drinkable, and 90 % goes to buildings, including ushing toilets. national resources defense council 23. Black Water Treatment"Black waterBucket systemComposting toilet Methane digester Living MachinePros, inexpensive, Onsite, low energy, Can be used toUses biologicalSimple, directCan be used as provide gas or resources,contact- visible fertilizer, energy, delt with BeautifulLow energy Decentralized onsite Large ScaleCons- directCultural View, Cost Energy intensive,contact, visible improper Cost,Cultural Views managementCentralized The above is a chart of black water treatment options with pros and cons 24. Dockside Green, CN Permaculture Design for community scale. Located on a 15 acre Browneld on Victorias waterfront. Its a mix business and residential development containing 26 buildings totaling 1.3 million square feet. Treating 702,240 gallons of wastewater per week. Water used to ush toilets and irrigate landscaping. Extra water will go to canal treated with plants. Water feature increases real estate sales 25. Diagram of Dock Side Green Project in Victoria,Canada 26. Living Machine at the I-89 rest stop,Vermont 27. Black water from toilets get cleaned by living machine Water is reticulated to ush toilets Machine process is documented to educate the public