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  • Perfect Herbal Guide For Happy Smile




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  • Anti Dandruff Gel

    100% Traditional Ayurvedic preparation. No side-effects. No hair fall.

    Ultimate remedy for Dandruff & Alopecia.

    Dandruf f (P i ty r ias i s capitis) is associated with fungal infection caused on scalp. Due to this infection skin will be flaked and their will be rapid hair fall. Normally fungal infections are deeply rooted into the skin. At present only shampoos are in use, where we will not give time to penetrate into the skin as we wash within few minutes. Hence shampoos are not that effective in controlling dandruff. To circumvent this problem prolonged duration of application of drug is necessary, which is possible only with Bello Anti Dandruff Gel.

    Alopecia areata caused by immune system abnormality. Auto-immunity is the case where immune system cells attack healthy tissues, which means that in alopecia areata, the immune cells attack the hair follicles and the growth formation of hair is disrupted. The ingredients in Bello Anti Dandruff Gel rejuvenate the hair follicles and regenerate the hair.

    Bello Anti Dandruff Gel is in the form of special jelly penetrates into the skin quickly gives fast results and moisturize skin and increases the softness of the skin which prevents rapid hair loss and hair fall.

    Each gram is prepared with activated charcoal of 1.4% w/w of the following herbs:

    Hibiscus rosasinensis flowers (Dasani), Carum copticu seeds (Ajamoda), Acorus calamus roots (Vacha) & Coconut shell with Ferula galbaniflua resine (Galbanum) in perfumed Ointment base.

    How to use

    Take the gel to the finger tips apply at the roots of the hair. See that gel should apply the scalp completely. Apply daily night before going to bed on scalp. Take head bath after every 3 days. Wipe off the dry skin on scalp gently after the hair gets natural drying.

    Packing :

    50 grams lamitube with Metalic carton

    For External Use Only

  • Beard Oil

    100% Traditional Ayurvedic preparation. 7 in 1 oil No side-effects. No hair fall.

    For Hair growth and shine hair with 7 natural oils

    S Bello Beard oil is light non-greasy hair oil enriched with Avocado and Olive that helps make hair look soft and healthy.

    S Bello Beard oil prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth.

    S Tea tree oil acts as Anti Dandruff.

    Composition: Each 10 ml of oil is prepared from 1ml of each of Olea europaea fruit (Olive Oil), Juglans regia Fruit (Walnut Oil), Emblica officinalis fruit pulp (Amlaki oil), Prunus amygdalus fruit (Almond Oil), Melaleuca alternifolia leaves (Tea Tree Oil),Persea americana fruit (Avacoda Oil) in perfumed Coconut oils and mineral oils. No Colour added.

    HOW TO USE: Take oil on the palm apply to beard and see that oils should go to the roots of the hair.

    Packing: 50 & 100 ml HDPE bottle with flip top cap.

    For External Use Only

  • Natural hair cleanser and hair bouncers BEARD Wash

    Body naturally produce oils that keep our beards healthy. You lost these oils from your beard leading to a dry and potentially damaged beard, If you wash your beard every day. So we recommend to wash your beard twice a week, unless you spend a lot of time working outside, or play sports, you might need to wash your beard every day. Then you wash on that day. You need to ensure you do wash properly.

    S· Hydrates, soothes and helps firm the skin

    S· Keeps hair bouncy. S· Gives Conditions and helps

    beard soften. S· Prevent Itching keep you

    comfort. Each 10 ml is prepared from 50 mg of each of f o l l o w i n g a q u e o u s extracts in perfumed shampoo base: Vetiveria zanioides (Usira), Hibiscus rosasinensis ( J a p a ) , E c l i p t a a l b a (Brungaraj), Phyllanthus emblica (Amalaki), Aloe barbadensis (Kumari), Anethum sowa extract (Soya Protine), Camellia sinensis (Green Tea extract). Sod. Benzoate added as preservatives.

    How to use Wash beard with warm water. Take Bello beard wash on the palm apply to throughout the beard and see that wash should go to the roots of the hair. Leave it for 5 minutes. Wash with water till total wash goes. Clear with smooth and soft towel. Apply Bello beard cream to keep hair healthy. For styling use Bello Hair styling cream.

    Packing 100 ML tube with flip top cap

  • Beard Styling Cream Style the Beard with herbal touch.

    S Bello Beard Styling Cream is completely safe and free from side effects as it is the harmonious blending of herbs

    S Bello Beard Styling Cream provides long lasting control. S With Bello Beard Styling Cream hair can manageable

    easily and comfortably.

    Each gram of gel prepared with 2.5% w/w of the following herbal extracts :

    Aloe barbadensis (Kumari), Azadiracta indica (Nimba), Ricinus communis (Eranda) in perfumed Carbopol base. No colour is added.

    HOW TO USE: Take sufficient quantity of Bello Beard styling cream on palm, apply on to the dried beard hair & style as you wish. Use whenever you required, maximum two times in a day.

    Packing: Available in 100 grams Tin.

    For External Use Only

  • HAIR OIL Traditional Ayurvedic OIL

    S Bello Hair oil is a novel Ayurvedic preparation introduced after extensive work by the Ayurvedic physicians.

    S Bello Hair oil revitalize hair and cools the head.

    S Bello Hair oil keeps hair soft, shine and smooth.

    S Bello Hair oil relaxes muscles of scalp and relieves headache.

    l Daasani flowers and Mehandi are traditionally used to make hair health and nutritious.

    l It is an excellent nourishing herbs which can improves growth and colour of the hair also protects from balding and ageing.

    l Amalaki mixed with Sandal and Manjishta helps to alleviate skin infections.

    l Usira blends well with oils and Aloe vera removes excess heat from the body gives cooling effect and also has a natural sun screen effect that moisturizes the skin.

    l Bringaraja, Mehandi, Amalaki & Chandana are rejuvenators that promotes the hair growth and keeps the hair black and luxuriant.

    l Bramhi and Manjistha are the blood purifiers specific for skin diseases.

    l Yashtimadhu is a potential herb has an antioxidant activity that strengthens and revitalizes the hair.

    Each 10 ml of oil prepared from 500 mg of each of the following herbal water extracts:

    Hibiscus rosasinensis flowers (Daasani), Eclipta alba leaves (Bhrungaraj), Phyllanthus emblica fruit (Amalaki), Bacopa monnieri whole plant (Brahmi), Santalum album wood (Chandana), Vetiveria zizanioides roots (Usira), Rubia cordifolia stem (Manjishta), Aloe barbadensis leaves (Kumari), Lawsonia alba leaves (Mehandi) in perfumed Edible oil. Approved green colour added

    Packing 100 & 200 ml clear pet bottle with flip top cap.

    For External Use Only

  • Shaving Gel

    S No Chemicals. S 100 % Ayurvedic S This combination may help your face clear up from acne breakouts.

    Ø Due to its anti-viral activity, neem leaves are used for bathing especially for those who are suffering