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  1. 1. July, 2015 Volume 1, Issue 3 North Central Area Special points of interest: WILL DO Spot-Lite New Hires Promotions Useful Links Birthdays Anniversaries Pitt Stop Hot Jobs Be in the Know! Did you know that this icon is where you can search for our Penske associates, location and create groups? Managers for your NEW direct reports please be sure to go and add the new hire to this website. This will give the new associate access to WebEx: make sure to enable access. Any questions please give me a call. Lydia (847) 671-0303. IMPORTANT EMAIL USERS:IMPORTANT EMAIL USERS: Please be sure to go into to update your profile specifically meaning by adding your office and cell numbers so that anybody who is looking for you can find you! Associate Center Marty Diaz was recognized by Mark Gerber, North Chicago Dis- trict Manager and Nick Ricciardi District Rental Manager with the WILL DO Award. After only a week with the Penske team, without hesitation Marty went above and beyond to take care of a customer. While battling a torrential down pour that day a lady broke down in her van on the Elk Grove lot com- ing in to pick up a rental truck. Marty Diaz North Chicago Rental Representative Meet Marty Marty came to the rescue and physically pushed the van to a safe spot on the lot. Because of his heroic efforts this customer was extremely thankful for his help and wont soon forget her most recent Penske experience. Thank you Marty for your exceptional WILL DO Attitude and your efforts that definitely equaled results! Name Location New Position Frye, Justin 022410.WEST CHICAGO Assistant Rental Manager Larson, John 043210.ROCKFORD Assistant Rental Manager Maginn, Russell 040810.NORTH CHICAGO Assistant Rental Manager Roback, Olivia 040810.NORTH CHICAGO Assistant Rental Manager Briel, Thomas 047510.MINNEAPOLIS Branch Operations Coordinator Coates, Richard 716210.BROOKLYN PARK District Service Manager (1) Goldfarb, Brian 036010.CHICAGO RIDGE Lease Sales Representative Pelletier, Nicholas 043610.SOUTH HOLLAND Customer Service Rep II
  2. 2. Page 2Volume 1, Issue 3 June New Hires Be sure to welcome our new associates to our family! Keep a look out as you will be receiving an email from me with useful links to get familiar with our company and benefits. The entire North Central Area extends Hire Date Name District Location Title 06.01.2015 Jennings, Kevin Dale 621810.SOUTH CHICAGO 621810.SOUTH CHICAGO Hiker 06.01.2015 Schear, Morris Benjamin 047510.MINNEAPOLIS 716210.BROOKLYN PARK Hiker 06.01.2015 Le Mere, John A 567110.MILWAUKEE 777010.GREEN BAY Technician I 06.02.2015 Salgado, Pedro Angel 621810.SOUTH CHICAGO 021910.MONTGOMERY Hiker 06.03.2015 Walden, Eric R 567110.MILWAUKEE 567910.STURTEVANT CSR-PT 06.04.2015 Gray, Reginald Sr. 621810.SOUTH CHICAGO 621810.SOUTH CHICAGO Hiker 06.08.2015 Gervais, David Lee 047510.MINNEAPOLIS 047510.MINNEAPOLIS Branch Service Manager 06.09.2015 Pollard, Charlie L 621810.SOUTH CHICAGO 014910.EAST CHICAGO Hiker 06.10.2015 Vandergriend, Mr. Dave 621810.SOUTH CHICAGO 043610.SOUTH HOLLAND Hiker 06.11.2015 Dobrzynski, Richard Paul 621810.SOUTH CHICAGO 043610.SOUTH HOLLAND Hiker 06.16.2015 Stone, Frederick C 040810.NORTH CHICAGO 040810.NORTH CHICAGO Hiker 06.17.2015 Lawson, Jason 567110.MILWAUKEE 568010.MILWAUKEE TR&RC CSR-PT 06.21.2015 Wesenberg, Alex 567110.MILWAUKEE 776010.SHEBOYGAN Customer Service Rep 06.22.2015 Deubel, Carey 567110.MILWAUKEE 567910.STURTEVANT Hiker 06.22.2015 Trend, Angie 621810.SOUTH CHICAGO 621810.SOUTH CHICAGO Hiker 06.22.2015 Crum, Ian P 567110.MILWAUKEE 777010.GREEN BAY Customer Service Rep 06.23.2015 Polk, Maurice 040810.NORTH CHICAGO 521010.CHICAGO Hiker 06.23.2015 Wyffels, Grant 047510.MINNEAPOLIS 047510.MINNEAPOLIS Maintenance Supervisor-Shift 1 06.23.2015 Thompson, Arik 040810.NORTH CHICAGO 040810.NORTH CHICAGO Customer Service Rep II 06.25.2015 Rainey, Nancy 040810.NORTH CHICAGO 521010.CHICAGO Hiker 06.29.2015 Kieffer, Nicholas D 567110.MILWAUKEE 024410.NEENAH Customer Service Rep 06.30.2015 Byron, James Patrick 567110.MILWAUKEE 567110.MILWAUKEE Technician I 06.30.2015 Pulley, William L 621810.SOUTH CHICAGO 021110.CICERO Hiker
  3. 3. Page 3 North Central Area Thank you for all your hard work! We appreciate all you do! John Herrmann Area Sales Manager 7/9/1990 061710.NORTH CENTRAL John Ventrello Service Technician 7/10/2000 621810.SOUTH CHICAGO Greg Turtenwald Customer Service Rep 7/31/2000 567510.SOUTH MILWAUKEE Gregg Balon Helper Tech I 7/11/2005 040810.NORTH CHICAGO Mark Budde Body Shop Technician I 7/20/2005 568010.MILWAUKEE TR&RC 07/01 Chet Haslerud 016510.EAGAN 07/15 Justin Sheley 567510.SOUTH MILWAUKEE 07/01 Michael Daniels 024410.NEENAH 07/15 Jake Bjorklund 623310.FARIBAULT 07/02 Barry Bykowski 014910.EAST CHICAGO 07/16 Lance Lange 040810.NORTH CHICAGO 07/02 George Rader 043610.SOUTH HOLLAND 07/16 William Keefer 621810.SOUTH CHICAGO 07/03 Nicholas Duncan 767210.WAUKEGAN 07/18 Paul Gorecki 040810.NORTH CHICAGO 07/03 Taylor Wilichowski 775510.EAU CLAIRE 07/19 Arturo Oyervides 043210.ROCKFORD 07/03 Daniel Jacobson 775510.EAU CLAIRE 07/20 Bryan Lafauce 621810.SOUTH CHICAGO 07/04 Dwight Terry 022410.WEST CHICAGO 07/20 Alex Wesenberg 776010.SHEBOYGAN 07/04 Troy Slagoski 775010.WAUSAU 07/21 Lorell Ingram 016510.EAGAN 07/05 Stanley Franklin 021110.CICERO 07/21 John Sullivan 043210.ROCKFORD 07/05 Eric Herren 776010.SHEBOYGAN 07/21 John Herrmann 061710.NORTH CENTRAL 07/06 Christian Manon 567510.SOUTH MILWAUKEE 07/21 Brandon Pekas 714110.FARGO 07/06 Gary Lenzen 714110.FARGO 07/22 Kenneth Jones 567110.MILWAUKEE 07/07 David Garcia 022410.WEST CHICAGO 07/23 Daniel Gawrysh 022410.WEST CHICAGO 07/07 Richard Fisher 043610.SOUTH HOLLAND 07/23 Brenda Cruz 567510.SOUTH MILWAUKEE 07/07 Edward Defouw 567310.PEWAUKEE 07/23 Salvatore Bilotta 567710.OAK CREEK 07/07 John Moynihan 777010.GREEN BAY 07/24 Seth Johnson 047510.MINNEAPOLIS 07/10 Antonio Muniz 021810.FRANKLIN PARK 07/24 Steven Bruss 047510.MINNEAPOLIS 07/10 Elliot Shaffer 040810.NORTH CHICAGO 07/25 Jonathan Manna 040810.NORTH CHICAGO 07/11 Trevor Gimler 016510.EAGAN 07/25 Brian Mattson 568010.MILWAUKEE TR&RC 07/11 Kevin Gooding 621810.SOUTH CHICAGO 07/25 Gianfranco Dato 692510.MCCOOK 07/12 Chase Martin 022410.WEST CHICAGO 07/26 Mango Nicholson 021110.CICERO 07/12 Jacob Rudningen 047510.MINNEAPOLIS 07/26 Michael Pritchard 061710.NORTH CENTRAL 07/12 Steven Hilliard 775010.WAUSAU 07/26 Joshua Yoder 567910.STURTEVANT 07/12 Cody Bargender 775010.WAUSAU 07/27 Tyler Lang 022410.WEST CHICAGO 07/13 Thomas Voss 021110.CICERO 07/27 John Ventrello 621810.SOUTH CHICAGO 07/13 Valene Nelson 567510.SOUTH MILWAUKEE 07/28 Adam Altuve 567110.MILWAUKEE 07/13 Jeremiah Euclide 777010.GREEN BAY 07/29 Giacomo Lamonica 021110.CICERO 07/13 Rhett Surman 777010.GREEN BAY 07/29 David Ottman 567510.SOUTH MILWAUKEE 07/14 Michael Cecala 040810.NORTH CHICAGO 07/29 John Bobzin 692510.MCCOOK 07/14 Jarod Ackerman 621810.SOUTH CHICAGO 07/30 Stephen Deterra 777010.GREEN BAY 07/14 Jeffrey Green 714110.FARGO 07/31 Frederick Stone 040810.NORTH CHICAGO 07/15 Stephen Gynn 014910.EAST CHICAGO 07/31 Lee Friedman 047510.MINNEAPOLIS 07/15 Steven Bernal 021110.CICERO 07/31 Austin Samborski 716210.BROOKLYN PARK
  4. 4. Page 4Volume 1, Issue 3 TCP Certification Lets CONGRATULATE the follow- ing associates recently TCP certi- fied in one of the three levels: Derek Gauger, South Milwaukee Level 2 Adam Collelo, South Milwaukee Level 2
  5. 5. Click on the link below and enter the job# you are interested in: West Chicago, IL Fueler/ Washer & Vehicle Detailer (1506426 & 1505370) Elk Grove, IL Technician II (1506256) Montgomery, IL Technician I (1505885) Eagan, MN - Fleet Supervisor (1506437) Page 5Volume 1, Issue 3 Roseville, MN Fleet Supervisor (1505148) Roseville Hiker 1502575 West Chicago Hiker 1504169 Cicero Hiker 1504759 Neenah MT 1505250 Wausau MT 1505413 Milwaukee CDM 1505563 Are you looking for a fast paced, advanc- ing career in Maintenance? Penske's Maintenance Manager Trainee posi- tion is designed to provide a rich learning and development experience through rig- orous on the job training that will ulti- mately lead you to a Maintenance Super- visor or related growth opportunity. Candidates require strong communication, organization, and influencing skills and this position is suited for someone who is self- driven, embraces change, and has a com- fort level working in a matrix- ed reporting relationship. The position is an eighteen month assignment, and will include six rotations. The last rotation will be a one year shop position that will in- clude people management responsibility. During the duration of this role you will rec- ommend and implement process changes to improve shop operations and our bottom line. Contact Carolynn for details: 312-485-7649 Email: [email protected] REFERRAL EXTRAVAGANZAREFERRAL EXTRAVAGANZA Provide a referral be enteredProvide a referral be entered in drawing oncein drawing once Referral gets interviewed beReferral gets interviewed be entered twiceentered twice Referral gets hired be enteredReferral gets hired be entered three timesthree times Be sure to have your referral en- ter your name in the application. Prize will be determined based on participation. Drawing will be conducted quarterly. Refer a FRIEND!Refer a FRIEND! Refer FAMILY!Refer FAMILY! Refer TALENT!Refer TALENT! Contact me to enterContact me to enter you in the drawing TODAY!you in the drawing TODAY!
  6. 6. Page 6Volume 1, Issue 3 Penske Offers Discount Program to Associates Do you like to save money? Hate to troll the web in search of bargains? LifeMart, a discount shopping platform, is here to help. A free benefit to Penske associates, the LifeMart program offers a host of savings on nationally recognized, brand-name prod- ucts and services as well as local retailers. This new service saves time and money by offering de

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