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Paul Farrell (CRO) John Murray (ERS) Stefan Ellström (Bolagsverket)

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Paul Farrell (CRO) John Murray (ERS) Stefan Ellström (Bolagsverket). Branch Discovery Service. Agenda. EU Branch Directive Pilot (11 th ) Application in Production What now? BRITE User experiences. A little history. Problem was aired at ECRF 2004 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Paul Farrell (CRO) John Murray (ERS) Stefan Ellström (Bolagsverket)

  • Paul Farrell (CRO)John Murray (ERS) Stefan Ellstrm (Bolagsverket)Branch Discovery Service

  • AgendaEU Branch Directive Pilot (11th)Application in ProductionWhat now?BRITEUser experiences

  • A little history...Problem was aired at ECRF 2004Cooperation between the CRO, Dublin & Companies House, UKEarly warning system for a host registration authority on changes in the home registration.Prototype applicationSimple design

  • In ProductionBranch Discovery service createdWeb service designSample .NET application developedPartnersCompanies House, UKCompanies Registration Office, IrelandBolagsverket, SwedenBronnoysund Register Centre, Norway

  • In Production

    Business Register 1(HostRegister)

    InterRegistry CommunicationServer

    Business Register 2(HomeRegister)

    Subscribe to company 0001 in BR2

    Request list of its companies that other BR's have subscribed to

    List of subscribed companies returned

    Publish company status updates (if changed) for subscribed companies

    Request an update of company status for subscribed companies

    Company status returned


    Subscription & Publication

  • DeploymentWeb services basedSecure SSLDigital certificates issued to all participantsCentral server hosted by CRODirectory of Registers

  • Registry IntegrationEase of IntegrationAutomatic interface generation (WSDL deployed)Platform/technology independentPhased integrationFlexibility

  • Deployment






    Sample application

    Web services


    CH, UK



    Sample application

    CRO, Ireland



    Sample application

    BOLS, Sweden



    Sample application

    BRC, Norway

    Inter-registry Server

  • BRC, Norway Integration


    InterRegWeb Services

    Web service request layer

    Business logic layer


    BRC Legacy system

    BRC Servers

    Batch jobs



    IRC Servers

  • BOLS approach

    Bolagsverkets IT environment based on - Unisys mainframe - Java / J2EE (mostly for integration) Design and implementation based on 4 use cases : - watch Interreg status on parent companies - subscribe for status changes - alert case holders - transfer status of subscribed Swedish companies

  • BOLS Interreg integration


    InterRegWeb Services

    Web service request layer

    Branch handling


    BRC Legacy systemand case holder clients

    BOLS Java application servers

    Batch job forsubscriptionsUC #2

    RegistrationApplicationsUC #1

    BOLS PublicWeb Site


    Legacy integrator

    Batch job forstatus updateUC #3

    Legacy system

    Batch job forstatus checksand alert UC #4

  • BOLS user interface

  • User Experiences - BOLSUsing Web Services is easy (maybe easier than internal integrations).Automatic interface generation (WSDL deployed) makes coding fasterBranch discovery application is small and light makes it easy to useGood security level

  • User Experiences BOLS cont.The internal information handling and process definitions can be complex, for instance: - translation of a companys status - what process should a liquidation start ? - invalid values (eg. misspellings) in the BR register of other registers

  • User Experiences BOLS cont #2.We didnt expect any technical problems in integration - and we didnt get any either ! ( in two days, the communication was established). Success factors: - possibility to integrate to legacy systems - identification of parental company - decisions of how status changes should be handled

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