Past, Present, and Future St. Veronica Parish Overview Past, Present, and Future

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  • St. Veronica Parish OverviewPast, Present, and Future

  • Ponder thisIf you are depressed, you are living in the past.

    If you are anxious, you are living in the future.

    If you are at peace, you are living in the present.-Lao Tzu

  • ObjectivesRecall the pastPlan for the futureLive in the present

    An overview of the Challenges and Successes of St. Veronica Parish

  • Recall the PastChallenges:Parishioners hungered for stronger pastoral leadership Parishioners were seeking change for a deeper faith and stronger relationships on all levels

  • Recall the PastSuccesses: Dedicated and supportive ParishionersFr. Del joined the St. Veronica FamilyHe found ways to listen to and address Parishioners needsCreation of the Meet-N-Greets Shepherd Groups were formed based on generalized greatest needs by leadershipSubsequently Commissions, Ministries, and Strategies were formed

  • Pastoral Priorities - Leadership Meeting 20101. Youth2. Stewardship3. Leadership of the Pastor4. Spiritual renewal of the parishioners5. Being a welcoming and compassionate parish6. Liturgy and Music7. Adult Faith Formation8. School-Parish integration9. Commitment to service and outreach10. Integration between and among ministries

  • Pastoral Priorities Shepherd Groups1. Youth- Vital2. Stewardship- Important3. Leadership of the Pastor- Vital4. Spiritual renewal of the parishioners- Vital5. Being a welcoming and compassionate parish- Vital6. Liturgy and Music- Important7. Adult Faith Formation- Important8. School-Parish integration- Important9. Commitment to service and outreach- Important10. Integration between and among ministries- Important

  • Shepherd Groups Outcomes1. Youth- Koinonia- Small Group for teens2. Stewardship- Stewardship Commission3. Leadership of the Pastor- Fr Del continues developing role and hires Pastoral Associate4. Spiritual Renewal- Becomes a directive for Faith Formation which will include Small Groups and Renewal Programs5. Being a welcoming and compassionate parish- Becomes Hospitality Ministry

  • Shepherd Groups Outcomes6. Liturgy and Music- Fr Del hires full time Music Director with Worship Commission taking on a key role7. Adult Faith Formation- Become Faith Formation Commission8. School-Parish integration- Did not form into a Shepherd Group, but continues to be a priority9. Commitment to Service and Outreach- Did not form a Shepherd Group due to lack of facilitator*10. Integration between and among ministries- PC places each ministry with one of the five commissions and assigns a liaison; Commissions meet regularly

  • Five Commissions IdentifiedFaith Formation Commission Worship CommissionEducation CommissionStewardship CommissionFinance Commission

  • Archdiocesan InitiativeArchdiocese of Cincinnati shares the Christ at the Center initiative with all parishesTwo objectives:Nurturing Family FaithNurturing Eucharistic Communities Parishes are to make this the focus of EVERYTHING we do

  • Incorporating the InitiativeFr Del leads the Parish in this missionPC, Commissions, and Ministries evaluated how their mission statements could better incorporate the Christ at the Center initiativeParishioners individually and collaboratively accept and pursue this mission

  • Planning for the FutureWhat does the future hold?We have a great deal of control in it based on our decisions, actions, and attitude.

  • Live in the PresentCommunication: How can we continue to improve? The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place- George Bernard ShawCommission Leaders meet with Fr. Del and the Parish Council President quarterlyGroups meet regularly, often share meeting minutes, invite you to their meetings, etc.Phone calls, word of mouth, e-mails, website, bulletin articles, Narthex fliers and posters, Constant Contacts, Thursday Newsletter, FaceBook, etc.

  • Live in the PresentThere is so much for us to do

    but those who hope in the Lordwill renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.Isaiah 40:31

  • Planning for the FutureChallenges:How do we nurture the Christ at the Center?Adjusting to change can be difficult, especially when dealing with a lot at once

  • Planning for the FutureSuccesses:Small church group formation New faith formation groups and eventsSpiritual renewalEnhanced and evolving worship opportunitiesParishioners are sharing ideasCurrent and new staff members making plans

  • Live in the PresentChallenges: What can I do right now?Make a personal and collaborative effort to support the Christ at the Center initiativeDetermine our individual roles as disciplesCommunicate effectively

  • Live in the PresentSuccesses: What are we doing right now?We are incorporating the Archdiocesan message to keep Christ at the Center by Living, Teaching, and Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus ChristParishioners working towards the unification of church and school, nurturing family faith and Eucharistic communitiesEncourage personal invitation to spiritual, social, and educational activitiesFC working diligently to get the Parish into the most stable financial positionHave Faith in the dedicated, talented Staff Members

  • Live in the PresentBe Good Disciples: Pray about how we can individually and collectively support and advance our initiativesServe one another as disciples of Christ within our families, parish, local and global communitiesShare our talents, our time, our wisdom, and our gifts

  • Live in the Present

    One of Gods greatest giftsto us is the Present.

    How are you going to use it?