PASSIVE present simple / future past simple / present perfect past simple / present perfect practice.

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Unit 12</p> <p>Festivals and celebrationsPASSIVEpresent simple / futurepast simple / present perfectpracticePASSIVE: Past simple and present perfectPolice arrested the criminal.The criminal was arrested by police.The criminal has been arrested by the police.</p> <p>Russell decorated the house.The house was decorated by Russell.The house has been decorated by Russell.</p> <p>A retired farmer climbed the mountain.The mountain was climbed by a retired farmer.The mountain has been climbed by a retired farmer.unit12grammarExamplesPASSIVEpresent simple / futurepast simple / present perfectpracticePracticeExample:They will be invited to the party by Melanie.Change the active sentences to passive.PASSIVE: Active and passive sentencesunit12grammarMelanie will invite them to the party.I ate mangoes.The dog had eaten all of the chickens.I mailed the letter.She will call the store tomorrow.My tablet has been repaired.I cooked the vegetables in olive oil.A doctor uses a thermometer. PASSIVEpresent simple / futurepast simple / present perfectpractice</p>


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