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Passive Fire Protection Coatings - · PDF file Fire Retardant Intumescent Coatings for Cable Protection ... The coating can be applied to grouped cables or single cables.When exposed

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    Passive Fire Protection Coatings

  • Passive Fire Protection Coatings

    How Monarch’s FlameGuard coating protects in the event of fire?

    Personnel protection – giving people time to escape or shelter from the effects of the fire Asset

    protection – minimizing damage to the assets before f ire services arriving.

    Fire strikes when least expected.The speed at which the fire travels or propagates even a

    small accidental fire or electric spark caused by short circuit is sufficient to create huge,

    immeasurable damage to the safety of people and properties.The fire can start from external source

    or internal source, just from anywhere and without warning. Fire takes advantage of unprotected

    surfaces and areas concealed from fire fighters. The consequences - overwhelming heat, suffocating smoke, loss of time,

    damage to items of sentimental value and above all, the loss of life. The insurance company may able to replace the

    material goods, but there are few things that money simply cannot replace.

    The conventional paints coated over structural steel, concrete and wooden surfaces are flammable and indeed act

    as a fuel which aid in spreading of fire. The intense heat conducted through metal ignites the paint and combust

    spontaneously even if not subjected to a f lame directly. In the event, of f ire , the winning time is crucial in evacuating the

    people and limiting the amount of structural damage.There is no second chance with the fire. One has to do it right first time.

    Monarch's FlameGuard fire retardant intumescent coatings offer

    ultimate protection in extensive applications like Industries, Institutions,

    Corporate houses, Show rooms, Residences, Schools, Dormitories, Hospital

    Care, Nursing Homes, Hotels, Motels, Retail stores, Restaurants, Transportation

    etc., on structural steel, concrete, cables, wood, rubber, PVC, canvas, gypsum

    board, polyurethane foam, wooden surfaces, joists, beams, acoustic tile, rough

    and finished timbers, open surface panel board, previously painted wall board,

    hard woods, softwoods, drywall, SPF plywood and OSB etc.,

    This coating after application dries quickly to a matt finish . On contact with fire or excessive heat, the coating

    puffs up (intumesces) to several times thicker than original coating film, forming a sponge - like cellular foam

    insulating char layer and reduces available oxygen to the surface. Intumescent is a substance which swells as a result of

    heat exposure, thus increasing in volume, and decreasing in density. An insulating char of low thermal conductivity that

    reduces heat transfer to substrate and slows the temperature rise of the substrate. The product works by cutting off

    oxygen from the fuel source inhibiting the combustion process in the immediate vicinity of the area and reduces

    the transmission of fire, heat and smoke to the protected area like fire retardant jacket during and after exposure

    to fire. Even after prolonged exposure to a fire the coating is not destroyed and continue to shield the

    substrate by forming low conductivity carbon char that act as a barrier between the fire and the substrate. This

    substantially decreases the temperature rise, smoke generation and finally insulates and protects the substrate from

    the heat of the flame.

    The rating of fire retardant coatings depends on the intensity of the flame, type, coating thickness and other

    variables. More thickness of the coatings increases fire protection duration. The coating adheres tightly and fits to any

    size and shape of the substrate. It produces neat, attractive and paintable finish. The coatings are non-toxic, asbestos

    free and resist cracking or crumbling.

    Fire protection is important for:

  • Name Code Pack Size Description

    FlameGuard ZP- Primer

    FlameGuard SSP- Base Coat

    FlameGuard SSP- Top Coat

    FlameGuard CP

    FlameGuard CC

    FlameGuard FRP

    FlameGuard EIC

    FlameGuard EFM

    FlameGuard MWB










    4 Kg

    5 Kg

    1 Kg

    5 Kg

    1 Kg

    5 Kg

    5 Kg

    25 Kg

    1 No

    Anti Corrosive Zinc Primer for Structural Steel Protection

    Base coat for 30 Min - 120 Min Fire rating for Structural Steel Protection

    Finish coat for 30 Min - 120 Min Fire rating for Structural Steel Protection

    Fire Retardant Intumescent Coatings for Cable Protection

    Fire Retardant Coatings for Wood Protection

    Fire Resistive/Retardant Paints to delay Ignition/surface burning for

    Interior Substrates

    High performance epoxy intumescent f ire protection coating system

    Expanding Fire Stop/Resistant Mortor

    Fire Retardant Mineral Wool Board

    Fire Retardant Intumescent Coatings for Structural Steel Protection

    Fire Retardant Intumescent Coatings for Cable Protection

    Fire Retardant Coatings for Wood Protection

    Fire Resistive/Retardant Paints to delay Fire Ignition for 10 – 15 min

    Epoxy Fire Resistant coatings offshore and onshore environments

    Fire Resistant Mortar for Compartmentation against spread of Fire & Smoke

    Range of Product


    FlameGuard CP Intumescent f ire protection coating for combustible single & bunched electrical cables

    and cable trays

    Long runs of unprotected, PVC or plastic rubber sheathed combustible

    cables, usually supported by vertical or horizontal cable trays and holders, are

    prone to rapid fire spread and excessive damage. Unprotected cables burn & propagate fire after only a few

    minutes of exposure to fire. Power current for vital control functions, supplies and services fails very quickly.

    Burning cable sheaths carry the fire rapidly forward as fast as 20 meters per minute. They gives off aggressive

    vapors. The cable trays, if not protected, are exposed to the risk from melting and collapsing. Cables, cable trays

    and holders protected with FlameGuard CP help prevent damage or keep it within reasonable limits. The time that

    elapses before the current fails is increased many times. The indirect damage from cable fires (f ire travel,

    breakdowns, corrosion resulting from harmful gases affecting sensitive instruments) is generally greater than the

    f ire damage initially visible.

    FlameGuard CP is a water-based intumescent coating which is designed to prevent ignition, flame

    spread & smoke emission along the jacketing of electrical (or other) cables and to provide a thermal barrier for

    protection against heat damage. FlameGuard CP will also prevent a short circuit within an electrical cable from

    starting a fire and will help identify the location of such a short circuit by forming an intumescent char at the spot.

    The coating can be applied to grouped cables or single cables. When exposed to flame or to a temperature above

    175ºC, the coating forms a protective intumescent char. (This char should be removed completely and clean cables

    should be recoated if intumescences should occur). The coating foams up under the effect of heat to form an

    insulating layer.There is no subsequent burning of protected cables after the direct effect of fire has been halted.

  • The thermal conductivity of a FlameGuard CP coating that has not foamed is about the same as that of a

    plastic cable sheath, which means that the higher temperature of the conductor is raised only insignif icantly in

    cables protected with FlameGuard CP. As only a relatively thin coating is needed, it allows radiation of heat from

    cables during operation. The current-carrying capacity remains virtually unchanged. The cured coating is flexible

    and adapts to the usual movements and bending without flaking. Its premium latex binder system is totally