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Skating Partners

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  • Rear Skater

    The role of the rear skater is to follow and skate in sync with the leading skater without pulling or pushing gestures, but anticipating the opportunity to capture the lead to skate and earn higher performance marks then the opponent partner skater.

    In opponent partner skating only the leading skater can accumulate points based on the degree of difficulty of each techniques skated onbeat, and how well each move is performed in step with the opponent skater. The lead skater also earn points based on overall skating ability, while the rear skater is subjected to deductions for intentional distractions. Points are earned based on what the lead skater successfully achieves, which may or may not be the same as what they attempt. The general strategy is to skate a well balanced foundation, perform the most advanced pivot turns, and execute explosive spins, jumps & slide to earn higher grade performance marks then the opponent skater.

    Lead SkaterThe role of the lead skater is to earn high performance marks, while skating in front and holding the hand of the opponent skater (for communication) performing the Foundation, Dance & Principle skates below:

    1. Foundation Skate:

    Skate the figure 8 forward and backward.

    2. Dance Skate:

    While skating the foundation skate, use pivot turns and foot work to create your Dance Skate.

    3. Principle Skate:

    While skating the foundation skate and using pivot turn for your dance skate, incorporate Spins, Jumps or Slides to create your Principle Skate.


    1. Stop skating/ keep moving 2. Pulling 3. Pushing 4. Intentional Distractions





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    Opponent Partner SkatingTwo skaters that skate in turn as partner skaters, and perform in step, as they compete against one another.

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