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  • 1. Parks in Kyiv

2. Maryyinsky Palace and MaryyinskyParkMaryyinsky Palace was built between 1750 and1755. Its design has been traditionally attributedto Bartolomeo Rastrelli and was intended toecho a miniature Versailes.Maryyinsky Palace faces Mariynsky Park, whichwas found in 1874. From the opposite side of thePalace you will find City (Tsarskyi - Tsar) Park,built in 1743 on the site of the former "OldRegular Park" which was founded by Peter "I".Its layout is in the classical style, with a networkof straight alleys, which cross prependicularly. 3. Babi YarBabi Yar is the name of a ravine situatedjust outside Kiev. The name, whichroughly translates as "Ravine of Women",refers to the proprietress of the property,the woman, who had sold it to theDominican monastery in 1401. Today its amemorial park denoting a horrible tragedyin Ukrainian history. Babi Yar was the siteof a massacre of Jews and other civiliansby the Nazis, during World War II. 4. Shevchenko Park One of Kievs oldest parks is Shevchenko Park, which islocated near the Priemer Palace Hotel. Opposite thepark is the main building of the Taras ShevchenkoNational University, painted in red.Shevchenko Park is famous for its Chess enthusiasts,who gather in groups, almost daily, weather permiting.Joggers find the park ideal for fresh air and excersize.Its interesting to note that the The AleksandrivsikySchool, where Bulgakov and Paustovskiy studied, islocated on the opposite side of the boulevard, next to theVolodymyr Cathedral. 5. The Eternal Flame and ParkVichnoyi Slavy (Eternal Glory Park) Dedicated to the fallen soldiers of WWII, theTomb of the Unknown Soldier and Park VichnoyiSlavy, remain one of Kievs most recognizedlandmarks. It is located near "Glory Square".Thefocal point of this park is a 27-metre high obeliskdedicated to eternal glory and located next to theeternal flame. Park Slavy is a very pleasantplace for family walks. A little bit downhill fromthe Monument to the Unknown Soldier is awonderful childrens playground with a fantasticpanorama of the Left Bank. 6. Bridges in Kyiv 7. Chain Bridge 8. Walking Bridge