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  • Cardiff High School Newsletter[1/08/2012 2:28:31 PM]


    Parent/Teacher Interview Form Dates To Remember

    From The Principal Deputy Report

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    Parent/Teacher Interviews



    August 6

    Years 7-12


    Dear Parents/ Caregivers

    Parents are invited to attend Term 1 Parent Teacher Interviews 6th August .

    Reporting students’ success, achievements and areas of concern are vital for students to sustain their diligent efforts and resolve any outstanding issues.

    In order to support students’ ongoing success and enable students to address any problems prior to their written reports in Term 2 and Term 4 we are holding parent teacher interviews in Terms 1 and 3.

    We feel that is will be more beneficial for students to use this more timely feedback to ensure a positive written report.

    This is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure communication with parents to support your child’s learning, so please feel welcome to attend.

    To make sure you are not waiting unnecessarily in queues we ask your children to make 5 minute appointments with each of the teachers you would like to speak with. You will find below of this invitation a


    Address: 30 Boronia Street,

    CARDIFF, NSW, 2285

    Phone: 02 4954 9966

    Fax: 02 4956 6413



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  • Cardiff High School Newsletter[1/08/2012 2:28:31 PM]

    proforma for your children to use.

    Student’s job:

    Check what time Mum/ Dad/ Caregiver is available Make a list of your subjects and teachers your mum/ dad/ caregiver would like to see. Times are limited to 5 minutes. Make sure you tell your teacher what time you need. See your teacher and arrange an appointment time that suits. DO NOT WRITE ON THIS FORM UNITL YOU HAVE CHECKED YOUR TEACHER’S APPOINTMENTS. Record your appointments on this sheet and return to your mum/ dad / caregiver

    Time that my mum/dad/ caregiver is available. ………….p.m to ………..p.m

    Time Subject Teacher

    Dates To Remember

    August 8 P&C Meeting 7pm

    August 12- 15 Y9,10,11 Ski Trip

    August 14 MADD Night

    August 15 MADD Night Matinee

    August 17 GATS Test - Year 7 2013

    August 28 Year 7 Immunisations

    August 28 University UAC Information Afternoon for Parents 5.30pm inHall

    September 12 P&C Meeting


    From The Principal

    Welcome back to another busy term. By now you will have received your child’s report. If you have any concerns, please contact the teachers through the office. You may recall we held a parent information night

    during term 1. Our next night is Monday 6th August. I enclose a booking sheet for your child to make appointments with staff.

    Some staff changes

  • Cardiff High School Newsletter[1/08/2012 2:28:31 PM]

    You may have heard that changes are underway with Supporting Student Learning under the Every Student, Every School Initiative from the DEC. This means a change in the way a number of students are supported in the school. If your child is directly affected you will have already received notification of this change. We have had appointed to the school 1.6 staff to assist student learning. We welcome Mrs Deborah Summerville and Ms Di Gibson to our staff as Learning and Support Teachers (LASTS). Our LASTS will work with students in classes and with small groups as well as support staff with professional development and adjustment of programs to meet the specific needs of students. As part of the transition to new staff Ms Riddell and Ms Chan will continue to work as LASTS until the end of this year.

    Year 11 2013 Course Information Evening

    Thanks to the number of parents and students who attended this information session. We are currently developing a line structure from the student’s EOIs. As soon as these are finalised students will get another option of selection to the lines. We try to please all students but this is not always possible within the constraints of staffing availability.

    Friends on Campus

    Both Year 11 and Year 12 have had the opportunity to be involved with study skills sessions with current university students. You are reminded that the Mentor program, will be offered to Year 12 students on the

    28th August. Parents will be invited to a meeting on 28th August at 7 pm so you can learn how to assist your children through University life.

    Red Day

    Another successful event for the SRC in remembrance of Ben Davis. It was great to see Elly return for the event

    Gonski could be great for our school

    Have your heard about the findings of the Gonski Review? Well, potentially it is very good news for our school and our students.

    Headed by senior businessman David Gonski, the review was the most comprehensive national investigation of school funding in almost 40 years. It found not only was the current funding system broken but Australia is investing far too little in schools.

    The lack of funding is having significant consequences for students with widening gaps between what students achieve in disadvantaged areas compared to those in wealthy areas.

    Gonski said a major funding increase for public schools and (some private schools) is urgently required to ensure a high quality education for all.

    That increase translates to an average of $1,500 per student extra per year in public schools. If we were to receive that amount it would mean an additional $1,050,000 in our budget.

    For our school, additional money would be spent in the areas we know make a real difference for students such as smaller class sizes, more individual assistance for students with particular needs and additional staff.

    The problem is that, despite the positive response from all education sectors to the report, there has been no commitment by either the Federal Government or the Opposition in Canberra to the new system or the additional funding.

    The Australian Education Union, which represents teachers and principals, is running a national campaign to get a commitment to the funding and new laws passed based on the Gonski recommendations before the end of 2012.

    If you would like to see additional resources flowing to our school, you can register your support at the Australian Education Union’s campaign website .

    Alternatively, if you would like to contact our federal MP Greg Combet directly you can do so at 49542611 or

    You can also find out more about the Gonski Review at the Federal Government’s website

    Every Student, Every School

    Some information from the DEC about changes to Integration Funding.

    The Department of Education and Communities is implementing a new approach for meeting the additional learning and support needs of students with disability in all NSW public schools, through its strategy Every Student, Every School.

    Many students with disability have additional learning and support needs. The level and type of support that

  • Cardiff High School Newsletter[1/08/2012 2:28:31 PM]

    each student needs is different. Many students need adjustments in their day to day learning. A small number of students need more intensive or specialised support.

    Every Student, Every School aims to provide better outcomes for all students with disability. It will provide more immediate support for students and their classroo