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Panoramic pictures from Iceland

Text of Panoramic iceland

  • Panoramic Iceland

    Eric Reiter

  • Panoramic Iceland

    Water, Ice, Fire

    Eric Reiter

  • Captions

    Front cover: Two volcanic cones in the Laki eruptive fissure

    1. Kerlingarfjoll volcanic area

    2. The Hverir geothermal area

    3. Lava desert in the central part of the island

    4. The Viti crater is a maar in the Krafla volcanic zone

    5. Dettifoss

    6. Snaefell

    7. Eastern fjord

    8. Vatnajkull

    9. Icebergs in the Jkulsarln lagoon

    10. River and dykes on the road to Laki fissure

    11. The southern part of the Laki fissure

    12. Front of the Skaftafellsjkull

    13. Storm in the Northern Atlantic Ocean

    14. The Eldgj is one of the widest eruptive fissure in the world

    15. The Kleifarvatn lake in the

    16. The Laki fissure and the Lambavatn lake in the background

    17. The Eyjafjrdur fjord seen from Akureyri harbor

    18. Godafoss

  • 19. The pseudocraters in the Myvatn lake

    20. Beautifull colors in the Highlands

    21. Kerlingarfjoll campsite

    22. Lagarfljt lake in Egilsstadir

    23. Eastern fjord

    24. Vatnajkull

    25. The northern part of the Laki fissue and the Vatnajkull in the back-


    26. The Eyjafjrdur fjord

    27. Dimmuborgir is a fossil lava lake

    28. The Krafla area

    29. The Hverir geothermal area and the Krafla lava flows

    30. The Dimmuborgir crater wall

    31. The Krafla lava flow and cone

    32. Pumice dunes in the Askja caldeira area

    33. Jnside the Krafla crater

    34. The Blnduln lake

    35. Tjarnarggur crater and its lake

    36. Pumice desert

    37. Lava desert in the southern Iceland

  • 38. The central part of the Laki fissure

    39. Cones of the Laki

    40. Eastern landscape

    41. Vatnajkull

    42. Back cover: The Eyjafjrdur fjord

    All pictures made in July and August 2013, copyright E. Reiter

  • Iceland an island made by water,ice and fire. This book shows some great

    panoramic pictures of this incredibule part of the Earth