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  • Panache Flair of Mind 2014


  • Panache Flair of Mind 2014



    15TH edition of panache, it makes us proud to bring 15 glorious years of our magazine which has a tradition of nurturing budding pharmacists & catalysing their thought process.Rx 2014 is an event which we look forward to; no doubt 2013 was a huge success. The theme Halloween brought out the fun side of the students and turned out to be a momentous occasion. As we take a leap into another resourceful, eventful year, we have chosen the theme 'Renaissance', a movement igniting minds & bringing a wave of change and rebirth.Every year ushers a change, which brings along new tides encompassing novice opportunities and ideas. This year the point system for the number of activities held by each college was introduced which kept the students on their toes.The 52nd National pharmacy week true to its theme: 'Pharmacist- A Healthcare Professional' was a successful event where 25 colleges actively participated in all health campaigns and conducted various street plays, blood donation drive, AIDS Awareness campaigns, etc. The week was enthusiastically concluded in the presence of more than 550 students and 50 faculty members where a team of ingenious and proficient speakers plagued the minds of the audience.The year gave the students an opportunity to experiment on various avenues of pharmacy profession by opening doors to the Maharashtra Local Exchange Programme, Hospital Pharmacy & Community Pharmacy training at reputable hospitals & drug stores. IPA-SF MSB has laid its foundation on the cornerstone to build booming & magnificent wonders in the field of pharmacy.

    Its never too late to seek to a newer worldTo sail beyond the sunset and baths of western stars,

    But, therefore, what is needed isA stong mind-to seek, to find, and not to yield

    And this is how our bid to launch Pharma Buzz -monthly newsletter of IPA SF MSB ventured successfully and was on the receptacle end of huge response from the students and we would like to continue the trend for the coming years and keep up the good work. The endeavour of launching a newsletter -totally student centric was mainly based to render the needs of our budding pharmacists, to make them wisdom and skill based sufficient enough to tackle their professional lives. Hot off the press column equipped them with the recent know-hows of the pharma world and the take and impact of it. Innovative and multifarious themes for instance-Breakthroughs in the Pharma World, Drug Design and Development, Insight into FDA, Decoding Pharmacopoeias, I hope, would have surely played a part in expanding their horizon. The Students Corner section hit the bulls eye which went on

  • Panache Flair of Mind 2014


    receiving rave reviews from the students and faculties. Our main aim to touch on the arena of the entrance exam was broadly to furnish and accoutre the students with the multifarious avenues which they can pursue. The mock tests gave a peek and an insight into the actual tests. Panache this year throws a glimpse into Synergy which denotes that the combined effects are greater than the individual effects. Thus teamwork leads to best possible outcome. But the cons of synergy are the ones to pay heed to and not ignore as well, quite aptly construed in the article Synergistic Toxicity. The theme article-Synergy Outcome of a Strong Interaction cites the facet, aspect and impact of peculiarities of such synergistic action and reaction. Addition of Food, Subtraction in Brain pertinently illuminates the synergistic actions of food additives and its crunch on brain activity. Though pesticides are used to ward of diseases in the plants, but the same pesticide like endosulfan sprayed plants when consumed produces havoc on human health. This image of pesticides is very well unveiled in the article on Endosulfan. Our scientists have been fortunate enough to discover various drugs to heal our disorders. But the bioavailabilty of these drugs have still kept all of us intrigued. Herbal Bioenhancers have outweighed all the expectations and has unravelled the crux of solving the mystery on bioavailability. Parents and students these days engage into various crooked ideas to surpass their peers and competitors in all the fronts and emerge at the top. Use of such drugs and the ethics associated with it are described in the topic of Nootropics. It is well said that the playing with mind is much easier than playing with the drugs. Altering the mental belief and thought-the placebo effect may well prove to be equally, in fact in some cases, more efficacious than our conventional drugs. Many aspects regarding Pharma industry have been covered. Our efficient editorial team worked synergistically and would like to present you many intriguing and interesting articles, poems, interview, crossword, news hot off the press, happenings of IPA. As much as it was a pleasure making this issue, I hope, the readers find it even more blissful and indulging while browsing through, as the pleasures of reading are best known to the reader! Hope it broadens the horizon of the minds of young generation regarding this field, which will serve the purpose of our magazine. Awaiting your enthusiastic and exhilarating response in the coming years too!

    Enjoy the issue folks!

    Editor-In-ChiefKhushbu Bhatt

    Associate EditorPragya Singh, Aditi Thakore

    Joint EditorAnu Johnson, Rutuja Yawalkar, Prajakta Waghmare

    MembersRahul Joshi, Siddhi Malgaonkar, Maureen Crasto, Vaibhavi Modi, Shivani Jadhav,

    Dhanashree Ghume, Gauri Kadam

  • Panache Flair of Mind 2014


    Dear Students,On behalf of IPA MSB, I extend Season's Greeting to you dear students. May this year 2014 be a year that shall fulfill all your aspirations and usher positive change that shall propel you higher echelons of academic and professional excellence. 2014 has already witnessed a revolutionary change wherein masses elected a team of people from all walks of life and not politicians as their representative to govern a state. The election of Aam Aadmi Party (People's Party) to form a government at Delhi is unparallel event in the history of the world. This event has captured the attention of the entire world and has demonstrated the power of synergy of people working towards common goal of being change agents in the quest of cleansing corruption in government and public places and providing corruption free governance. The power of Synergy cannot be underestimated. History has witnessed a lot of defining moments and movements wherein power of synergy has triumphed and broken shackles of slavery, racism, colonization and tyrant leadership. The American war of Independence, the apartheid movement in Africa, the Satyagraha struggle for Independence in India from British Colonization and ouster of Dictatorial regimes in Iraq, Libya, Uganda and Egypt are testimonials to prove the power of Synergy of People.Synergy of people signifies the interaction of multiple minds working together as individuals and collectively creating a Tsunami effect of dimension greater than individual efforts. The success of the triumph of synergy of people lay in motivating people to believe in sharing a common dream and working relentlessly towards achieving it. Strong leadership, Teamwork, Courage of conviction, Resilience, Self Belief are some the tenets that inspire, propel and galvanize people towards achieving their common dreams. We at IPA MSB have been over the years witnessing the Success of Synergy of people both at State level and at Student's level.I am proud of their achievements and only hope and wish you d e a r students to apply this success formula in your personal and professional sphere of life. Best wishes for your future endeavors

    PRESIDENTS MESSAGEDr. Hemant Mondkar, President IPA MSB.

  • Panache Flair of Mind 2014


    Greetings and bonjour to all pharmacists and readers!!!It gives me immense pleasure to introduce the 15th edition of Panache-the flair of mind before you. This is an idea thought of, to reach out every pharmacist in the state and around. With Panache we try to spread awareness in the society about pharmacy and its multifarious role in the healthcare sector. It is an outcome from the great efforts of my entire team. No

    man has ever wetted clay and left it as if there would be bricks by chance and fortune. We worked with entire dedication, devotion and determination, team work knowing that right thoughts and right efforts would inevitably bring about right results and our hard work finally bore the sweetest fruits.To go back and analyse, I can say, the year started with a hiatus! But as we played the show; it caught up energy and enthusiasm as fire. The year was coined year of innovation and worked out to be the same, the whole team worked with coordination and led the association to a higher altitude. With the record breaking placements in hospital pharmacy, blood bank visits and industrial visits, we had two very successful MLEP batches from Nashik and Aurangabad. My team flourished to gain maximum coverage and participation for various technical events as well. The health awareness campaigns we held this year were never like before, efforts were taken to influence all age groups ranging from school students up to senior citizens towards health. We had taken up the motto for the year as Anti-tobacco crusade .The people we approached have curbed tobacco from their lives under our influence and the content and the satisfaction reaped inspired us to move further and keep the trend going. We cited the importance of pharmacist as a healthcare professional during our 52nd national pharmacy week in the closing ceremony of which we had a whole auditorium filled with aspiring pharmacists &am