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  • 1. Prehistory andEarly Humans

2. Timber -WoodDomesticated - Tamed Paleolithic Old StoneNeolithic New StoneVocabulary 3. The part of prehistory that theearliest humans lived through iscalled the Stone Age. The name comes from the materialthat was used to make most of theirtools. They did make tools out of othermaterials too. 4. Bone Antler IvoryWoodSuch as 5. So much sothat theperiod isdivided intothree parts: The OldStone Age The MiddleStone Age The NewStone AgeLife during the early Stone Age wasvery different from life during thelater years of the Stone Age. 6. WERE GOING TO FOCUS ON JUSTTWO OF THE TIME PERIODSThe Old Stone Age and the New Stone Age 7. Paleolithic Age Paleo is from theGreek word for old orancient. Lithic means stone. Therefore, Paleolithicmeans Old Stone. Neolithic Age Neo is from the Greekword for new. Therefore, Neolithicmeans New Stone.The Old and New Stone Ages areoften known by differentnames 8. Lets look at thedifferencesbetween thePaleolithic andNeolithic Ages 9. Men would hunt formeat. Women, children, andold, sick, or injuredmen would gatherwhatever they couldfind that was edible.How did people get foodduring the Paleolithic Age? 10. People learned togrow their own food. People alsodomesticated animals.How did people get foodduring the Neolithic Age?Tamed 11. There were no permanenthomes. Because people huntedand gathered, they wouldhave to move where thefood was. Homes were temporaryplaces like caves ormammoth bone huts.Where did people live duringthe Paleolithic Age? 12. Because people weregrowing their ownfood they had to settlein one location. Homes were built outof timber (wood) ormud bricks.Where did people live duringthe Neolithic Age? 13. Clothing was madeprimarily from the fur ofthe animals that had beenkilled for food. The climate during thetime was cold, so peopledressed to stay warm.How did people dress duringthe Paleolithic Age? 14. People still usedmostly animalskins for clothing. In some placespeople were able tomake fabric fromthe wool of theirsheep.How did people dress duringthe Neolithic Age? 15. Stone Age Note Chart 16. Paleolithic Age Neolithic AgeFood Hunted for meat andgathered nuts, berries,eggs, insects, and fruit.ComparisonFarmed and herdedanimalsShelter Lived in temporary homessuch as caves andmammoth bone huts.Lived in permanent homesnear their crops andanimals.Clothing Wore warm clothing madeof animal fur.Wore animal furs andclothing made of woolencloth.