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  • 1.PAKISTAN POLICE IS INFACTGREAT By: MALIK TARIQ SARWAR AWAN www.tariqsarwar.tkBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 1(

2. By Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan( 2 3. By Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 3( 4. POLICE ACT 1861The Police Act, 1861 remained applicable inPakistan as a Central Law after the issuance ofthe Pakistan (Adaptation of Existing PakistanLaws) Order dated 14 August 1947 whichallowed the then existing laws of British India toremain applicable in Pakistan with necessarymodifications. The Act was replaced with thecentrally promulgated Police Order, 2002 (the"Order") which came into effect on 14 August2002. However, it should be noted thatnotwithstanding the introduction of the Order,no new rules for the police were everimplemented.By Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 4( 5. Pakistan have changed nowBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan5( 6. Federal Police OrganisationsPolice may be described as an organized body of personnel assignedto preserve good order and prevent and detect crime.Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF)Frontier ConstabularyFrontier CorpsPakistan Coast GuardsPakistan RangersNational Highways and Motorways Police (NHMP)Pakistan Railways PoliceIslamabad Police, Islamabad Capital TerritoryBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan6( 7. WE WILL ALSO SERVE PAKISTANBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 7( 8. WE ARE NO LESSBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan8( 9. Provincial Police Organisations Punjab Police, Punjab province Sindh Police, Sindh province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police, KPK province Balochistan Police, Balochistan provinceBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 9( 10. WE ARE UNITED TO PROTECT NATIONBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 10( 11. ARTICLE 8, POLICE ORDER 2002, OUR RESPONSIBILITIES1. Investigation 10. Crime against Women2. Intelligence11. Welfare3. Watch and Ward12. Criminal Identification4. Reserve Police13. Information Technology5. Police Accountability 14. Transport6. Personnel Management15. Research & Development7. Education and Training16. Legal Affairs8.Finance and Internal Audit 17. Estate Management9. Crime Prevention18. Traffic Planning & Management By Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan11 ( 12. WE ARE ORGANISEDBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan12( 13. MAJOR POLICE DEPARTMENTS1- Criminal Investigation2-Investigation Branch: Dept. and Counter This branch serves as the Terrorism Branch: investigation agency of theThis branch has two majorprovincial police. It has twowings: one specialising in the wings Crime andinvestigation of crimes like Investigation .counterfeiting of currency,3-Special Branch:professional cheating, andcrimes with inter-district This branch collects, collatesand inter-provincial and disseminates intelligence.ramifications; and the other Its main role is to monitor thewing deals with theactivities of persons, partiesinvestigationand organisations viewedof terrorism subversive. Their duties are political activities, and VIP movement, student ,Labour By Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan13 ( 14. READY WITH EYES OPEN ALL THE TIMEBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 14( 15. Criminal Procedure in PakistanThe procedure given in the CrPC is followed in everyordinary criminal case,beginning with itsregistration, investigation and the trial in a criminalcourt.1. The registration of the First Information Report (FIR) as per Section 154 of the CrPC.2. examination of the scene of crime , examination of witnesses and suspects, recording of statements, conducting searches seizing property, collecting fingerprints, footprints and other evidence, making arrests and detentions, interrogation of the accused.3. Report of SHO to MagistrateBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan15( 16. NO ONE CAN HIDEBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan16( 17. Criminal Procedure in Pakistan 4. On receiving the police report, the Magistratetakes cognisance and initiates the trial of thecase. 5. Once the charges are framed, the procedurerequires the prosecution to prove the chargesagainst the accused beyond a reasonable doubt.The accused is to be given a full opportunity todefend himself. 6. If the trial ends in conviction of the accused,the court may award any of the followingpunishments as prescribed in the Pakistan PenalCode (or any other applicable special law):By Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 17( 18. FACE TELLS MY BRAVERY,DEATH CANT KILL MEBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 18( 19. PUNSHMENT TO GUILTYFine;Forfeiture of property;Simple imprisonment;Rigorous imprisonment;Imprisonment for life;Death sentence;Whipping; and/orAmputation of hand and foot.By Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan19( 20. BRAVERY OUR PASSIONBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan20( 21. Provinces Sanctioned Budget for POLICE Strength Rs. MillionPunjab Police 170,03143,000Sindh Police70,133 24,900KPK Police52,6509,677Balochistan 32,1193,500Total 324,93381,077By Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan21( 22. Province Number of Police Stations Punjab637 Sindh 440 KPK 218 Balochistan 84 Islamabad13 Total1392By Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 22( 23. Types of training courses organized by police training institutions1. basic induction level1. Charactercourses for fresh Developmentrecruits; a. Islamic Ethics &2. pre-promotion in-Awarenessservice courses for b. Crime Preventivethose about to be Preparation andpromoted; Community3. refresher courses; and c. Policing4. specialised courses. By Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 23 ( 24. SECOND TO NONE IN THIS WORLDBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 24( 25. POLICE TRAINING COURSES2. Law 4. General Police Duties a. Pakistan Penal Code5. Criminal Law and b. Shariah LawInvestigation c. Criminal Procedure 6. Practical Police Work Codea. Police Procedure3. Police Procedureb. Physical Training a. Qanun-e-Shahadat b. Police Rules c. Local & Special LawsBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 25( 26. WE ARE THE BESTBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 26( 27. The training of Assistant Sub-InspectorsPPC & Hudood Laws Medical JurisprudenceCRPC Plan DrawingQanun-e-Shahadat Islamic StudiesLocal and Special Laws CriminologyPolice Rules First AidPolice Public Relations SecurityInvestigation Scientific Aids FingerprintingBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 27( 28. VICTORY IS OUR SLAVEBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan28( 29. ASP TRAININGYEAR 1 CIVIL SERVICE ACAEMYYEAR 2 (NPA), (ICC) , (STP)Lahore where the ASP under 1. Techniques of Scientific Investigationtraining receives mandatory2. VIP Security , 3. Intelligencetraining in general subjects.This is called the Common4. Dealing with Problems of TerrorismTraining Programme (CTP) which 5. Detection and Disposal Explosivesinclude: 6. Computer Applications1. Economics,7. Management/Public Administration2. Contemporary Issues in Islam, 8. Forensic Science, Drugs/Narcotics3. Office Management, 9. Dealing with Special Crimes, women4. Government Functioning, and children5. Public Finance, 10. Human Rights, 11. Radio Wireless6. Computers/IT, 12. Traffic, 13. Cyber Crimes7. Communication Skills8. Public Speaking.14. Commando Training 15. Vigilance and Anti-corruption By Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 29 ( 30. By Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 30( 31. The Central Planning and Training Unit (CPTU)The following are the three Based on TNA, CPTU hasmain features of CPTU:designed the following1- Training Needs Analysiscurricula for various ranks:(TNA) 1- Initial Command Course2- Curriculum Design (CD)(ICC)3- Trainer Development2- Trainers Development Programme (TDP) Program (TDP)CPTU has conducted TNA for3- Training Managers Programthe following ranks; (TMP)1- TNA of SP2- TNA of SDPO3- TNA of Inspector4- TNA of ASI (in progress) By Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 31 ( 32. WE ARE TRAINED AND SKILLEDBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 32( 33. POLICE SECTIONS1. Frontier Corps11. National Highways and2. Pakistan RangersNHMP3. Gilgit-Baltistan Police 12. Pakistan Railways Police4. Northern Areas Scouts 13. National Police Bureau5. Frontier Constabulary 14. National Public Safety6. Pakistan Coast Guards 15. National Police7. Islamabad Police8. Federal Investigation9. Anti-Narcotics Force10. Intelligence Bureau By Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan33 ( 34. WOUNDS MAKE NO PAIN TO USBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan34( 35. FIA (Federal Investigation Agency)1. Crime Wing2. Economic Crime Wing3. Immigration Wing4. Technical Branch5. International Cooperation Branch6. Legal Branch7. Intellectual Property Rights8. Cyber Crime Branch9. FIA AcademyBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 35( 36. DEATH DONT FEAR USBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan36( 37. Civil Armed Forces strengthFC (Balochistan)45,227FC (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) 48,648Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) 19,487Pakistan Rangers (Sindh)24,630Pakistan Coast Guards 4,067Northern Areas Scouts 3,679Frontier Constabulary 22,817Grand Total 168,555By Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 37( 38. UNITED AND STRONGBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 38( 39. Cases Pending in Superior Courts i. Supreme Court of Pakistan19,055 ii. Federal Shariat Court2,092 iii. Lahore High Court84,704 iv. High Court of Sindh 18,571 v. Peshawar High Court10,363 vi. High Court of Balochistan4,160 Total (A)By Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 138,94539( 40. PAKISTAN IS ALWAYS AWAKEBy Malik Tariq Sarwar Awan 40( 41. No. of Cases Pending Lower/ S