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  • 1. Accessible PACIFIC BELL - BDS Telis Testing Period and Ordering Changes to Prepare for December 2000 Retirement of CESAR ASR, ISR and WCSR Date: November 7, 2000Number: CLECCS00-186Contact: Account Manager Online ASR testing period on the new BDS Telis platform has begun. As previously announced, Pacific Bell will stop accepting new or supplemental CESAR ASRs, ISRs and WCSRs at noon PST on Friday, December 1, 2000. BDS Telis provides customers with a replacement online system to create ASRs.The BDS Telis platform is available for customer user ID testing and set-up now through Friday, December 1, 2000. Until November 17, 2000, customers can also create and send test ASRs to Pacific Bell using the BDS Telis platform. This testing period is intended to give customers an opportunity to get ready for the start of live ASR processing from BDS Telis, beginning at 7 am PST on Monday, December 4.Customers who previously used the online CESAR ASR, ISR and WCSR ordering processes are encouraged to take advantage of this testing period. CESAR online customers will be able to connect to BDS Telis through existing PRAF firewall connections, but need to obtain BDS Telis User IDs. Please contact your Account Manager if you have not yet started this process.In addition, attached please find updated ordering information along with job aids included in the September / October ASM Customer Workshops. Additional information or clarifications discussed during the customer workshops are enclosed in boxes within the document to aid workshop participants in reviewing this information.Please contact your SBC Account Manager if you need assistance or have additional questions. We appreciate your cooperation and support during this transition.Attachment

2. PACIFIC BELL & NEVADA BELL Conversion to BDS TELIS & EXACTCESAR ASR, ISR and WCSR will no longer accept customer service requests after December 1, 2000 (noon PST). This document contains ordering process changes originally published in Accessible Letters SWA99-203 and SWA99-204 (September 16, 1999), supplemented with job aids included in the September/October 2000 Access Systems Merger Customer Workshop training materials (ref: Accessible Letters SWA00-198, SWA00-199, CLECNS00-120, CLECCS00-129, CEL00-016, CEL00-017). 1) Project Overview - Access Systems Merger Project Conversion Schedule: Conversion Date Phase 1 Ordering and Billing (Special and Feature Group Switched Access Products)Replacing CESAR ASR with December 4, 2000 ***BDS Telis (Online) and EXACT (Batch)Replacing P*B CABS with SBC CABS December 2000 BillsPhase 2 Ordering * (Wireless Usage, Unbundled Network Elements, Interconnection)Retirement of CESAR ISRDecember 4, 2000 *** For LSR-Ordered Products &For ASR-Ordered ProductsRetirement of CESAR ASRDecember 4, 2000 ***Retirement of CESAR WCSR December 4, 2000 **** Billing conversion for Phase 2 products to be scheduled in 2001** Please see Attachment 2 for a list of replacement ordering processes for the Phase 2 products *** As of noon Dec. 1, 2000, CESAR will no longer be available for the processing of the above products. (ref: Pacific Bell Accessible Letters SWA00-052, CEL00-007 and CLECCS00-025; Nevada Bell Accessible Letters: SWA00-053, CEL00-008 and CLECNS00-023). The retirement of CESAR ISR for LSR-ordered products has also been aligned with the retirement dates for CESAR ASR, ISR and WCSR (Accessible Letters CLECCS00-176, CLECNS00-165) Systems Involved: CESAR (Customers Enhanced System for Access Requests) is the incumbent Pacific Bell and Nevada Bell ordering system that prepares ASRs, WCSRs and LSRs for subsequent provisioning and/or billing activities.BDS Telis is an industry-standard ASR preparation software maintained by CAP Gemini (formerly Beechwood) system that runs on SBCs UNIX platform in Dallas TX. Customers can access the Telis system from a personal computer with dial-out modem capability through the PRAF firewall.EXACT (EXchange Access Control & Tracking) is an industry-standard ordering system that was centrally developed and maintained by TelCordia (Bellcore). Batch Access Service Requests (ASRs) transmissions are accepted by EXACT and prepared by SBC personnel for subsequent provisioning and/or billing activities. 1 3. P*B CABS (Pacific Bell Carrier Access Billing System) produces access, wireless, unbundled network element and interconnection bills for Pacific Bell and Nevada Bell customers.SBC CABS (formerly called SWB CABS) is the SBC Customer Access Billing System which currently produces industry-standard access, wireless, unbundled network element and interconnection bills for customers in Southwestern Bell's five state territory. Pacific Bell and Nevada Bell billing will be migrated to SBC CABS beginning in December 2000.--The remainder of this document republishes ordering conversion information from the September 1999 Accessible Letters and supplemental information from the September / October 2000 ASM Customer training workshop. For customers currently using CESAR ASR dial-up service, the replacementsystem offered is BDS-Telis (or Telis). Please see Section 2.1 below. For customers with systems capable of generating ASRs, current file transferoptions (e.g., NDM, FTP) will continue to be used. (See Section 2.2) Please note: Customers can elect to use either BDS Telis or a batch file transfer process by CCNA, but not both order methods concurrently. Other processing changes affecting both batch and online customers is discussedbeginning with Section 2.3. Section 3 itemizes changes in preparation of ASR service requests. 2) Customer conversion activities required to convert to BDS Telis / EXACT processing 2.1 Telis2.1.1 What is Telis? BDS-Telis (or Telis) is a CAP Gemini system that runs on a UNIX platform in Dallas TX. Customers can access the Telis system from a personal computer with dial-out modem capability through the PRAF firewall. Telis supports electronic versions of the ASR and can be used to: - Create ASRs from a blank screen or a template - Verify the ASR contains valid information - Store, display and update ASRs - Electronically transfer ASRs to Pacific/Nevada Bell - Issue supplements for ASRs - Create and view ASR reports - Receive acknowledgements and Firm Order Confirmations (FOCs) on line - Create data reports using varied selection criteria 2.1.2 A copy of the Telis Users Manual can be obtained from the CAP Geminiweb site at any time so you can become familiar with Telis functionality. The documentation can be found at the following internet web site: http:// On this CAP Gemini web site, there are several documents listed. Pacificand Nevada Bell will be using the UNIX version of Telis. Please printthe first document, listed as TelisUnix22. 2.1.3 How do I access Telis? 2 4. The Telis platform in Dallas, Texas can be accessed through the PRAF using an existing PC with a modem using a terminal emulation / communication software package (e.g. Telnet, Procomm, Chameleon). Section 3 of the User Manual provides PC setup instructions.2.1.4 Security Telis provides a secure environment where customers can create, submit and save their ASRs. Only employees the customer authorizes can access Telis. No customer can view another companys ASR data. User Ids for Telis are required. Please contact your Account Manager to obtain an electronic copy of the Telis User ID Request Form. After submitting your request for Telis User Ids to your AccountManager, the IS Call Center (1-314-235-7225) will provideongoing User ID and system connectivity support. 2.1.5 Training The Telis Users manual provides thorough documentation to help new Telis users get started. (http:// The Telis Help Desk (1-210-377-6100) provides on-line assistance inresolving Telis application problems.2.1.6 Testing Customers will be able to create and submit California and Nevada test ASRs through the Telis production complex from October 16 through November 17, 2000. This testing period will allow customers to test their new Telis user Ids, practice connecting to Telis and navigating through the Telis screens. Before November 18, all California and Nevada ASRs sent from Telis to EXACT are assumed to be test ASRs and will not affect live production. As an added precaution, please clearly mark all test ASRs as TEST ASRs in the Remarks section. Customers are encouraged to use previously submitted ASRs when testing Telis. We will NOT delete test ASRs from BDS Telis, enabling customers to use their test ASRs as templates for future ASR submissions after December 4, 2000. BDS Testing will end on November 17, 2000 in order to prepare for liveconversion. Even though customers cannot submit live ASRs from Telis to EXACT until December 4, Telis will remain available for customer set-up through December 1. During this period, customers can begin keying in new ASRs into Telis in anticipation of the December 4 conversion. 2.2Batch File Transfer Options2.2.1For those companies with internal systems capable of creating ASRs, NDM delivery option will continue to be offered. We will also support FTP transmission protocol upon request (same rules for NDM customers apply to FTP customers). Customers that currently use NDM to send their ASRs to CESAR will be able to use NDM to send their ASRs to EXACT. Ordering outputs - - acknowledgments, error files and Firm Order Completions (FOC) - - will be returned via NDM.3 5. Design Layouts Record will also be returned via NDM for customers usingthe NDM option 2.2.2 EXACT processing requires NDM customers to split their Nevada,Northern California and Southern California ASRs into separate files based onthe ICSC code.Please note - - new ICSC codes will be established at conversion for EXACT processing. See Section NDM customers will receive their ordering outputs in three separate files -- Nevada Bell, Northern California and Southern California. 2.2.4 Customers requesting NDM connectivity to EXACT should request theappropriate electronic forms by contacting their Account Manager. 2.2.5CESAR and EXACT data should not be combined on the same file. At the time of conversion, both Phase 1 and Phase 2 products will beconverted from CESAR ASR to EXACT. Prior to December 1 (noon), batch ASR will continue to be accepted byCESAR. After 7 am on December 4, batch ASRs will only be accepted by EXACT. Customer orders will be directed to either CESAR or EXACT based on theNDM node. Likewise, customers should expect to receive CESAR FOCs and EXACTFOCs on separate files. (CESAR will continue to send return files forpipeline ASRs after the December 1-3 conversion. Please see Section2.5)2.2.6Between now and December 4, all CESAR batch customers need to be converted to EXACT. Customers interested in moving from a dial-up service to a batch NDM arrangement, please contact your account manager. We would advise current CESAR ASR online users to convert to BDS Telis until we can plan and successfully convert you to batch processing in 2001. Other Important Notes ASR Processing2.3 On-line Tools - - Toolbar2.3.1 Toolbar is an on-line tool that provides dial-up access to variouscustomer support functions. Loaded on the users PC, users can click on Toolbarbuttons to initiate modem dialing procedures to access a specific ordering orbilling-related function.2.3.2 Toolbar will provide functionality previously provided by CESAR.For example: MAPS/PREMIS is available through the Verigate menu option to validateaddresses NC/NCI data is available through Verigate NC/NCI validation Please note: MAPS functionality on the CESAR main menu will remain available after December 4, 2000 to ease the transition. Customers are encouraged to migrate to the Toolbar MAPS/PREMIS.2.3.3Please contact your Account Manager to request an electronic copyof the Toolbar application. 4 6. 2.4 Confirmations2.4.1 NDM users will continue to receive confirmation via an NDM feed.2.4.2 Telis users will receive confirmations via Telis2.4.3Confirmation records will be provided in accordance withMECH SPECS. No changes in the confirmation record are expected.Please note - LSR processes were designed to return both Firm OrderConfirmations (FOCs) and Service Order Completions (SOCs). ASR processesreturn FOCs only. 2.5 ASRs in the Pipeline at the Time of Conversion2.5.1 ASRs submitted through CESAR ASR will be completed throughexisting CESAR processes, unless the order is SUPPed2.5.2 If a CESAR ASR order is subsequently SUPPed on or afterDecember 4, 2000 NDM users need to send the SUPP to EXACT. Please be sure to include theoriginal PON number from the CESAR ASR so we can locate the originalASR in CESAR Telis users need to reenter the entire CESAR ASR through Telis. Please be sureto include the original PON number from the CESAR ASR so we can locate theoriginal ASR in CESAR. (Please note: ASRs originally entered through Telis can be SUPPed withoutreentering the ASR. Reentering the ASR being SUPPed through Telis only applies toASRs originally entered in CESAR).2Firm Order Confirmations (FOCs) on CESAR ASRs and WCSRs will be returnedthrough the current CESAR confirmation process. If the CESAR ASR or WCSR isSUPPed through EXACT, then the FOC will come from EXACT. Batch CESAR customers should continue to poll for return files after December 4 and until all of the pipeline CESAR ASRs have been completed, cancelled or SUPPed to EXACT. New ICSC codes for EXACT processing will take effect on December 4 (SeeSection 4.1). CESAR FOCs returned after December 1 will be returnedwithout converting the ICSC code.This same process will apply for any pipeline CESAR ISRsFor any ISR submitted through CESAR ISR prior to retirement on December4, 2000. The ISR will be completed through existing CESAR processes, unless theorder is SUPPed If a CESAR ISR order is subsequently SUPPed after the ISR retirement date, then the order needs to be reentered through the appropriate LSR or ASR process. FOCs on CESAR ISRs will be returned through the current CESAR confirmation process. If the CESAR ISR is SUPPed, then the FOC will come from the appropriate LSR or ASR process.2.6 Design Layout Records (DLRs)2.6.1The current process for requesting DLRs through CESAR will bemaintained for an interim period. Plans for moving this functionality to a newapplication are under development.2.6.2DLRs will continue to be delivered to NDM users through NDM. 5 7. 2.7 CESAR Post Conversion 2.7.1CESAR functionality will be maintained for an interim period following the December 2000 conversion. 2.7.2CESAR on-line customers should keep their CESAR connectivity to: Receive confirmations on CESAR service requests in the pipeline at conversion time Access DLRs on-line. As noted in the previous section, we expect to moverequests for on-line DLRs will be moved to a new application in the nearfuture Access CESAR historyA preview of the new CESAR...