October 2012 SODIC Quarterly Construction Updates Projects News WESTOWN RESIDENCES Welcome Home.

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SODIC West Developments:


October 2012

SODIC Quarterly

Construction Updates Projects News


Welcome Home.

Page 2: Owner's letter V5 copy

Maher MaksoudVice Chairman and Managing Director

Dear Homeowner,

I hope you had an enjoyable and reinvigorating summer. From our last letter in July, we have made continued progress in terms of construction and delivery, in addition to extensive planning and development of some exciting new project launches, all highlighted in the coming pages.

On September 12th we launched Phase V of Westown Residences, Westown’s residential neighbourhood. The overwhelming success of the first four phases has inspired us to proceed with the development of additional phases that continue to meet market needs; these will be launched in the near future. Westown Residences has been designed around the pedestrian Green Spine, a linear park that doubles as a recreational facility, offering its residents a safe haven and acting as a gateway to the rest of Westown as well.

This year marks a new milestone for Beverly Hills Property Management, which has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 in recognition of its quality management system. Led by Mohamed Beltagy, Beverly Hills Property Management has been catering to the needs of SODIC West’s homeowners, with a wide array of services that ensure safety, security and convenience at all times.

I would also like to welcome a great addition to The Allegria Golf team: Josh North, as Director of Clubhouse Operations. Josh brings with him years of experience with successful track records as Director of Golf at Stella Di Mare Golf and Country Club and Tournament Director of the Egyptian Professional Golfers Association before that. We are confident that he will take The Allegria to the next level. Good luck Josh and welcome to the SODIC family!

The introduction of new projects in the coming quarter will continue to be our priority, alongside our commitment to timely delivery and construction - raising the bar by continually catering to our clients needs by offering them innovative products with intelligent designs relevant to todays needs.

For regular updates and progress images on construction, please visit www.sodic.com/construction, the Facebook fan page ‘SODIC – Official Fan Page’ or follow us on Twitter @SODICRealEstate.

As always, the SODIC team is dedicated to keeping you regularly informed on our progress, and our doors are always open for you to drop in at anytime.

Have a great day!

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The largest mixed-use community in Sheikh Zayed

SODIC West is the largest planned mixed-use development in Sheikh Zayed area and is double the size of Zamalek. With 6,000 residents today, SODIC West has a projected catchment area of 60,000 people. SODIC West is made up of several neighbourhoods interwoven together: Beverly Hills, Allegria, Casa, Westown, The Strip and Designopolis – creating an Egyptian destination like no other.

Welcome to

Page 4: Owner's letter V5 copy

A thriving community

Bringing together the fundamentals of residential, social and commercial life in one single modern community, SODIC West is an Egyptian destination like no other. A vibrant, spacious community where one can live, work and enjoy themselves in comfort. SODIC West provides all the amenities of downtown living without the hassle and the stress that comes with it. SODIC West is accessible from both the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road (at km. 38) as well as the Dahshour Road. Westown, SODIC West’s vibrant downtown will act as the heart of the city. SODIC West offers a range of residential, commercial and retail products to cater to Egytians' growing needs and aspirations.

2,000 students in 3 schools today at SODIC West

20 restaurants and cafés today at SODIC West

18-hole Signature Golf course

3,000 families living today at SODIC West

7 medical centres and pharmacies today at SODIC West

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313 players compete in a two-week tournament

The Egyptian Tennis Federation held its National Tournament in Beverly Hills for the first time this summer. The tournament lasted two weeks from the 27th of August until the 9th of September, hosted 313 players and was a huge success with 18 winners aged between 9 and 18 years old. This promises to be the first of many national and international tournaments organised by the Egyptian Tennis Federation at the Beverly Hills tennis courts. For more information on the Egyptian Tennis Federation please visit www.egypttennis.com

Rizkallah Ramadan camp at SODIC West

SODIC was happy to offer an arts and crafts camp for the kids at the SODIC Sales Centre during the month of Ramadan. The camp, which consisted of four different programs, was conducted by the Adly Rizkallah Art, and showed to be great success.

All programs were fully booked and the children enjoyed a variety of activities ranging from architecture, origami, modern art to fashion and car design.

Stay tuned for upcoming camps and sessions by logging on to SODIC’s Official Fan page on Facebook.

SODIC West activitiesEgypt’s National Tennis Championship in Beverly Hills

Kids enjoying their activities The players with their trophies

Page 6: Owner's letter V5 copy

313 players, over 14 daysa resounding success!

Page 7: Owner's letter V5 copy

Beverly Hills Property Management

awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certificate

Mohamed Beltagy

What services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of services and facilities to all our homeowners, ranging from in-house needs to external services ranging from street landscaping to fire fighting. My main objective has always been the satisfaction and safety of the homeowners - that they feel happy, secure and well cared for at all times. How are you different than any other property management company?

Unlike any other company, we believe that property management is not about managing assets but serving people. It is the first company in Egypt to offer in-house services 24/7. It also puts a lot of emphasis on security including fire fighting, ambulances, armed security forces and gate manning.

Can you tell us one of your success stories?

Unfortunately there was recently a fire in one of the apartment buildings and a woman was trapped inside with her young child. Thankfully we were able to mobilise on site within minutes and rescued the mother and her baby. Shortly afterwards the fire was also put out.

Mohamed Beltagy, head of Beverly Hills Property Management, began his career in the services industry in 1989 after graduating from the Police Academy. Beltagy joined SODIC after a successful track record as Director of HR and Administration at both Helnan International Hotels and Orascom Projects & Touristic Developments (El Gouna). In 2006, after becoming head of services in El Gouna, he was appointed as Beverly Hills Managing Director, then moved on to become Edara’s Managing Director in 2010. In 2011, Beltagy was appointed Chairman of Beverly Hills Company.

The reward marks a milestone in Beverly Hills Property Management

We are proud to have been awarded the International Standard of Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008), which is designed to help organisations ensure that they meet the expectations of clients and stakeholders whilst meeting other service related requirements.

The standards are published by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), and available through national standards bodies. Over a million organisations worldwide are independently certified, making ISO 9001 one of the most widely used management tools in the world today.

Beverly Hills Property Management ensures safety, security and convenience at all times

Page 8: Owner's letter V5 copy

24/7 Property management

for your peace of mind

Facilities on offer at Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills offers a wide array of services to cater to all homeowner needs, ranging from security measures to ensure their safety down to cleaning services that are convenient and hassle-free.

For a complete list of services and details please call 19815.

Around the Clock Security

The professsionally-trained security teams ensure the safety and well-being of residents at all times. All guards are equipped with wireless communications systems to maintain maximum efficiency at all times. For emergencies please call 16235.

Comprehensive Maintenance

In and out of home services are available to all clients. These range from plumbing and electrical repairs to street lighting and telephone maintenance (in-home services costs are not included in the annual fees).For a complete list of services on offer please call 19815.

Ambulance Service

This 24/7 service is available to all residents, with option to transfer to closest hospital in Sheikh Zayed. For emergencies please call 16235.

Fire Control

This 24/7 service is available to all residents to contain fires, pending arrival of the fire brigade. For emergencies please call 16235.

Cleaning Services

In addition to keeping the neighbourhood clean, we also offer a car and house cleaning service, in addition to pest control and bellman services (cleaning services costs are not included in the annual fees). For a complete list of services offered please call 19815.

Services included in annual fees: • 24/7 security • Refuse collection• Street cleaning• Street lighting maintenance• Mains electricity services maintenance• Pest and rodent control• Landscaping, irrigation and maintenance• Mains water and drainage maintenance• Domestic maintenance services: Alteration of

internal drainage, plumbing, electrical and A/C services as well as carpentry, tiling, etc.

Services not included in annual fees:• Housekeeping • Car washing • Bellman services• Limousine Service• Shuttle bus service• Plumbing and electrical maintenance • Garden and pool maintenance

Emergency services: • Fire control (pending arrival of fire brigade)• Ambulance Service

Page 9: Owner's letter V5 copy

Dr. Ahmed Maghraby11 years living in Beverly Hills

“After living here for 11 years, we can only say that the services here keep going from good to better. From the security present on every corner to the variety of maintenance services available around the clock, the Beverly Hills Management never ceases to amaze us. Summing it up, Beverly Hills provides a unique community with the highest standard of services, to say the least!”

Mrs. Yasmine SaafanOne year living in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hill has been a real saving grace for Yasmine and her husband Ashraf, a newly-wed couple who have started their life together here a year ago.

“I could not imagine having to deal with the stress of starting a new home without the services of Beverly Hills management aiding me every step of the way. When furnishing a house from scratch issues you were not even expecting arise. Knowing that help is only a phone call away really spared me a big headache and eased my transition into a new house and life. I can’t imagine being anywhere else!

Mrs. Magda KhourshedTwo years living in Beverly Hills

The service provided by Beverly Hills management is unparalleled. It’s the reason why many of my friends and family are moving here from different areas in Cairo. The community is friendly and the facilities and services are reliable at all times. Speaking on the security, Mrs. Magda shared one of her experiences during her time at Beverly Hills. “One day the kids left the house and forgot to close the door. We returned to find security guards standing at the gate - they wanted to ensure the house was safe until we returned. You don’t find that service anywhere, not even abroad.”

Mr. Akram AskarousFive years living in Beverly Hills

“When I came back from Canada I was worried that I wouldn’t be able provide my family with the same security. After doing my research in west of Cairo, I fell in love with Beverly Hills. Even after my job relocated me to east side of Cairo, I preferred to stay in Beverly Hills, because I couldn’t find something that provided me and my family with the same feeling of community or security. The Beauty of Beverly Hills is that it doesn’t have the annoying crowdedness of a city, nor the quiet eeriness of a small compound. Simply put, it provides the best of both worlds!”

Beverly Hills residents

in their words

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House #28 - June 2012 House #28 - August 2012

House #34 - June 2012 House #34 - August 2012On ground progress of SODIC's CSR project:The integrated development of Ezbet El Assaal Much progress has been going on since SODIC broke ground in Haret Abdel Dayem, Ezbet El Assal late June 2012.The first Hara comprises the first phase of the project and consists of 33 homes to be completed within it's first year. Consultant Mona Zakareya started with the houses in most dire need of intervention, beginning with houses 28, 32, 34 which needed complete demolition and rebuilding and neighboring house 26 which only needed plastering and sanitary works. Another four houses are currently being assessed for renovation with sanitary works completed for most of them. These eight houses are home to over 90 people and make up a quarter of the first phase of the project.

On the human development side, art teacher Mosheera Seleim, graduate of the faculty of arts has been engaging the children of Haret Abdel Dayem in different arts and crafts, story telling and educational drawing. Through these activities Mosheera endeavors to raise the children's awareness of beauty, hygiene and their sense of community.

For more information on SODIC CSR please visit http://www.sodic.com/csr To get in touch please email [email protected]

Impressive progress in Ezbet El Assaal

House #32 - June 2012 House #32 - August 2012

Current exterior of house #32

Page 11: Owner's letter V5 copy

Phase III construction on schedule

Phase IV - September 2012

Phase III homes near completion

Phase IV delivery ahead of schedule

SODIC West Map


Allegria Phases I & II:

Phase I is in its landscaping and hardscaping stage, while Phase II is on track with handing over of units to customers and finalisation of civil works and infrastructure.

More than 600 units in these two phases have already been handed over, with several families already living and almost 100 homeowners currently preparing their homes to move in.

Allegria Phases III & IV:

In Phase III, 162 units are structurally complete, and delivery is on schedule starting 2013.

In Phase IV, Hassan Allam Construction is proceeding rapidly, and delivery is expected ahead of schedule.

Allegria Phase V - The View:

Phase V launched in March this year and is almost sold out with only a couple of units remaining, with delivery starting 2015.

For more information or to schedule a site tour, please visit www.sodic.com or call 16220.

Page 12: Owner's letter V5 copy

Allegria:Landscaping, Roads & Parks

The focus of SODIC’s delivery team is on completing the remaining works on a zone-by-zone basis, providing our residents with the unique living experience offered by the Allegria neighbourhood.

Construction Works

Phase I (Zones A, B & F) is in its final stages and Phase II (Zones D, E & G) is on track with delivery of over 600 units and finalisation of civil works and infrastructure. Several families are already living in Allegria and many other clients are preparing to move in.

Roads & Landscaping

The road works, street lighting and related civil works have now been completed in all zones, with exception of some minor areas in the central Bridge Road. The installation of sidewalks and planting of street trees has been completed in Zones A and B and is in progress in Zones F and E. General landscape works in Zone A are being completed and small parks and traffic islands are currently progressing in Zones A and B, with expected completion by the end of this planting season.

Triple Play

We are proud to announce that the fibre optic network is now connected to the residents’ homes in Zones A and B, and trial provision of Triple Play services has started. Connection of units in Zone F is in progress, with the remaining zones to follow within the coming period.

Sherif Salama, a homeowner and resident speaks out on Facebook:

“Frankly, they got my Russian channels clear. I couldn't get such high resolution and steady streaming. I tried more than 6-7 companies but I guess they are so professional from the first time they made it... Regarding the Internet I am still testing it so no feedback... also a very nice option they have is you can search the Internet on your TV even if it does not support this service. IP phones are not yet installed but the biggest advantage is Link One are really professional and helpful - its really impressive what they did. I can say - SODIC simply ROCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :)”

Art & Fitness Trail

Several more art pieces (metal statues) have been installed in the general landscape areas in Zones A, B and F in recent weeks. The equipment for the fitness trails has already arrived on site and installation of the fitness areas is now in progress in Zone A.


Construction works for the main security gates for Zone A and B are progressing well and these gates are expected to be fully operational by October 2012.

Natural Gas Network

We are happy to announce that the Allegria gas network has been connected to the NatGas grid, and that gas is currently flowing in the Zone A loops. Clients are requested to contact NatGas to conclude all contractual issues as well as complete all connections inside their homes, allowing for immediate gas connection. Gas will be pumped in Zone B loops before October 1st with other zones to follow soon.

Zone A & B gates near completion

Art installation

Childrens playground near Tempo

Bridge road complete








31 December 2011

31 January 2012

30 August 2012

30 June 2012

31 March 2012

30 September 2012

Gates to be completed by October 2012Revised dates shown in black

31 March 2012

30 June 2012

31 December 2012

31 December 2012

30 August 2012

31 December 2012

31 October 2012






Road completion date Street landscape completion date Parks completion date

Page 13: Owner's letter V5 copy

The Allegria hosts its first annual EPGA Pro-Am

The Troon Cup - An unprecedented event

The past period has been an unprecedented one for The Allegria - we succesfully hosted a Ramadan Cup and the EPGA Season Opening Pro-AM. The EPGA (Egyptian Professional Golfers Association) is the official professional golfers organisation in Egypt, its purpose being to contribute to the growth of golf by providing services to golf professionals and the industry as a whole within Egypt. This is inline with The Allegria’s vision so it was truely a pleasure to kick off the season- not to mention that one of the winner’s was The Allegria’s own Will Lambert!

Also, in upcoming news, it is The Allegria’s great pleasure to have been given the opportunity to host the 2012 Egyptian Amateur Championship, continuing the long legacy of this famous event. We look forward to seeing you all there on from October 18th to October 20th.

Please contact our guest relations representative at 0122 377 9788/800 to inquire about 2012 annual passes, to make your reservation or receive a tournament schedule.

The Allegria - Fan Page @TheAllegriaGolf www.theallegriacairo.com

SODIC West Map


Welcome aboard Josh!Our new Director of Golf Operations

Joining The Allegria after a successful tenure as the Director of Golf at Stella Di Mare Golf Club in Ein al Soukhna; Josh worked to increase the profile of golf by developing and promoting tourism campaigns and initiatives focused on raising the profile of the excellent golfing climate and facilities that Egypt offers.His strong inter-personal approach, management skills and quality of service he provides are his key attributes.

Josh’s background of management at prestigious golfing resorts, with employment through the Marriott International & also the De Vere groups of hotels, has provided him the skills necessary to ensure a first class delivery in every project he is a part of. Welcome to the SODIC family, Josh, we are happy to have you!

Page 14: Owner's letter V5 copy

Delivery on track for Phase II

As phase I nears completion, construction on phase II is proceeding rapidly. Almost 100% of the building skeleton is complete, with 14,000m2 scheduled for delivery starting 2013.

All infrastructure for phase I is complete. Roads, superstructure and landscaping are nearing their final stages as well.

For more information or to schedule a site tour, please call 16220.

Phase II buildings structurally complete

SODIC West Map

The Strip

Phase II: View from Beverly Hills

Phase I: View from Dahshour Road

Page 15: Owner's letter V5 copy




The Strip

Dahshour Road to Juhayna Square

Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road

The Polygon

Westown Hub

Beverly Hills

Phase I

Phase IV

Phase II

Phase III

Forty WestClubhouse

Phase V

Westown Residences Phase V

Phase V was developed with the client in mind. Launched in September due to popular demand, over 94% of the phase was sold out within 48 hours. To meet the growing demand for this gated residential neighbourhood, more phases are planned for launch soon, which will also include apartments. On the construction front, phases I-IV are proceeding as scheduled, with delivery starting 2014.

For more information or to schedule a site tour, please call 16220.

Westown zoning master-planSODIC West Map


Mixed-use Zone

This zone embodies the fully-finished, luxurious apartments of Forty West built around the Piazza, with its shops, restaurants and cafes.

Commercial/Entertainment Zone

The Polygon and Westown Hub, with their array of offices, restaurants and cafes are set to be the commercial and entertainment heart of Westown.

Westown Residences (future phases)

Upcoming phases of Westown Residences.

Commercial/Retail Zone (Planned)

Upcoming phases of commercial, office and retail space.

Westown Residences Zone

Set around the Green Spine, Westown Residences is a gated community of Duplexes, City Villas, Townhouses, Twin-houses and apartments.

The Green Spine

The pedestrian Green Spine runs the length of Westown Residences, and acts as a gateway to the rest of Westown.

Mixed-use Zone (future phase)

Upcoming mixed-use phases which will include residentail and retail units.

Page 16: Owner's letter V5 copy

Piazza living at its best

The Forty West Piazza brings you the best in dining, art and design together in one outdoor space. This is the social heart of Forty West – a place that will be full of life from the first sip of your morning coffee to your nightcap after a long day of work.

You will always find something to do here: stop by the art gallery or sculpture garden; browse the boutiques for the latest designer fashion; feast with friends and family in one of the outdoor restaurants and cafés. This is what makes Forty West an Egyptian destination that is truly one of a kind.

The hotel at Forty West

The hotel at Forty West will be a chic city retreat. In addition to the sumptuous guest rooms, there will be elegant restaurants, a rooftop pool, a spa and a business centre. The shaded rooftop bar overlooks the palm tops and dramatic lighting of the Forty West Piazza. And its pool will be one of the trendiest spots in all of Westown.

For more information or to schedule a site tour, please visit www.fortywestcairo.com or call 16220

SODIC West Map

WestownWhere it all comes together

Page 17: Owner's letter V5 copy

Delivery on track starting 2013

The Polygon is Westown’s first business park. This is a place where poeple will want to come to work. Designed by one of the world’s leading commercial architects Wilkinson Eyre, The Polygon has all the social connectedness of a downtown office and all the convenience of a modern business park. Its 11 unique buildings and 70,000sqm of ‘Class A’ office space is set to become the workplace of choice for businesses of all sizes. Built with flexibility in mind, The Polygon is suitable for the a small 60 sqm office or an entire 9,000sqm building, depending on your needs.

On the construction front, 100% of excavation and 100% of basement columns and foundations have been completed. Buildings two, three, four and five have officially completed all structural, block and plaster works. Building one (The Mountain) has completed 80% of its sixth floor slab, while Building six has completed its ground floor.

Please contact your Property Consultant or call 16220 for information on available units and to schedule a site tour.

Designed for businesses of all sizes

SODIC West Map


Page 18: Owner's letter V5 copy

SODIC West Map


Westown Hub - The place to meet

Westown Hub will be home to some of Cairo’s finest restaurants and cafés. Set amongst pedestrian-friendly, landscaped squares and embellished with serene fountains and beautiful greenery, where could be better to have a small family retreat or catch up with friends and colleagues? Top brands and small boutiques are here too, as are vibrant nightspots and relaxing, shaded courtyards. Additionally, 24/7 security will be in place, ensuring safety and security for you and your loved ones at all times. This all adds up to a sense of destination - a unique meeting place for people who want to get the most from their social lives.

On the construction front, Ruwad’s team have mobilised on site and we will begin to see progress within the coming period.

Please contact your Property Consultant or call 16220 for information on available units and to schedule a site tour.

Contractors officially on site

View of Westown Hub from The Polygon

Page 19: Owner's letter V5 copy

Contractors proceeding as scheduled

Our four contractors, Detac, Square, InTrade and the Mediterranean Construction Company (MCC) continue to proceed rapidly with construction and concrete skeletons with all but five buildings complete.

Additionally, finishing, infrastructure and swimming pools works are also underway with 35% progress to date. In terms of landscaping, Evergreen has mobilised on site and hardscape work has commenced in phase I.

In terms of sales, over 76% of the units have been contracted, and delivery is on track.

Please contact your Property Consultant or call 16220 for information on available units, to schedule a site tour or view the mock-up apartments.

Delivery starts this year

Page 20: Owner's letter V5 copy

Sales Centres:Conveniently located across Cairo

Heliopolis:46 El Thawra Street, HeliopolisTel: +202 2290 3491/2290 3597

Zamalek:3 Abou El Feda Street, 6th floor Abou El Feda Commercial Tower, ZamalekTel: +202 2737 6010

Sheikh Zayed:Km. 38 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Sheikh Zayed City, GizaTel: +202 3857 1391/5

Page 21: Owner's letter V5 copy

SODIC West Developments:


October 2012

SODIC Quarterly

Construction Updates Projects News


Welcome Home.