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  • 1. OWN PHOTOGRAPHYFaye Collin

2. PHOTO ONE These are some ofmy own ideas thatcould be used in mymagazine, on thefront cover, or on thecontent page. Iparticularly like thisimage as it is alsohelping me toadvertise thecollege, but also itwould be easy for meto cut out the image ifI did not want thebackground in. It alsovery clear, and I thinkwould make aparticularly goodimage for a frontcover. 3. PHOTO TWOI also think that thisimage would be goodfor the inside of themagazine to help givea brief outlook on thecollege and how it is. 4. PHOTO THREEI also think thisimage would alsowork as an insidepiece and not a frontcover, as it also givesyou a brief idea ofwhat the college islike.