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OVERVIEW OF 15926 OVERVIEW OF 15926 Ian Glendinning Ian Glendinning Target Training Room Target Training Room Target Plaza South Target Plaza South 1000 Nicollet Mall 1000 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN Minneapolis, MN September 20-21, 2007 September 20-21, 2007 ISO 15926 Training ISO 15926 Training - - Data Modelling Data Modelling Introduction Introduction

OVERVIEW OF 15926 Ian Glendinning Target Training Room Target Plaza South 1000 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN September 20-21, 2007 ISO 15926 Training -

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  • OVERVIEW OF 15926Ian GlendinningTarget Training RoomTarget Plaza South1000 Nicollet MallMinneapolis, MNSeptember 20-21, 2007ISO 15926 Training-Data Modelling Introduction

  • Training ObjectivesProvide the industry with introductory training on ISO 15926 RDS/WIP modelingAttendees to gain the fundamental concepts and skills necessary to harmonize their internal systems with ISO 15926 standardAttendees to gain the initial knowledge on how to extend the ISO 15926 reference dataDemonstrate RDS/WIP software toolsProvide examples

  • Overview of 15926The standard itself, and its partsCore Model, Reference Data / WIP, Templates / OIMs and FacadesShort-Hand / Short-Cut Templates Conservation of Complexity, but Under the Hood.ADI & IDS Project rolesRDS / WIP Services & processDecoding Acronym City

  • ISO 15926 The StandardISO 15926 Integration of life-cycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities ISO 15926 - 1 Overview and fundamentals (Approved IS)ISO 15926 - 2 Data model (Approved IS)ISO 15926 - 3 Geometry. (Approved TS)ISO 15926 - 4 Initial reference data. (Approved TS) (Included in the RDS/WIP)ISO 15926 - 5 Procedures for registration and maintenance of reference data (NWI/CD pending resolution on MA)ISO 15926 - 6 Scope and methodology for developing additional reference data (NWI/CD to be submitted to ISO Q3 2007)ISO 15926 - 7 Implementation methods for the integration of distributed systems (TS submitted to ISO Q3 2007)

  • Overview of ISO-15926Templates (Part 7)User-DefinedDocument TypesFaadeInformationExchangeFileDataTransferFileISO 15926-2EXPRESSdata modelany UserSystemFaade schema (Part 7)mapoutRDF/XMLRDF/XMLReference Data (Part 4)Object Information Models(Part 7)User-Specialized Reference DataData Model (Part 2)User-Specialized OIMsTemplateSpecificationsW3CRecommen-dations*CPF = Confederation of Participating Faadesany otherFaadeCPFServerqueryqueryqueryany otherFaademap inOntology Browserqueryhand-overmessageAPIAPIAPIcheckaccess rightsTheISO-15926StandardIndustry& UserOrganizations( Figure 1of Part-7 )

  • Not just harmonized data modellingNot just supporting OWL / RDF SchemaBut also supporting federated Facades

  • The Whole ElephantCommon TerminologyCoreClassesStandardClasses(eg ANSI / APIStandard Items)ProprietaryClasses(eg Vendor Product Catalogue Items)PART 2PART 4Physical Object, Activity, Property Classes(Core) Data Model Base Templates and Object Information ModelsThe RDL (Content)Managed by the RDS / WIP (Services)PART 7

  • Model / Classes / Templates(Core) Model the fundamental entity and relationship things (~200 entities)(Reference Data) Classes (all the specialized types or categories of things (or specific things), and their properties and relationships) (10,000s >>> millions of RDL Items)Templates building blocks / re-usable patterns to construct object information models from the above.Short-cut form to allow business experts to define and select them,Short-hand form to allow modelling experts to implement them.(50 >> 200 base templates, many possible specializations and assemblies up to business document templates or any datasets involved in business processes and exchanges.)

  • Main 15926 ProjectsADI (FIATECH) Accelerating deployment of 15926 supporting the ISO standardization process not just the standard content of Parts 2, 4 & 7 but also including the normative implementation of Part 7 with prototype tools.IDS (POSC-Caesar) Intelligent DataSets focussing on Short-Cut Templates from the business perspective, and definition of simple business-focussed mapping tools using short-cut templates to hide the rest under the hood so far as possible.RDS / WIP (FIATECH / POSC-Caesar / DnV) Reference Data Services / RDL Work-in-Progress services and processes to manage the use and ongoing extension of reference data content (classes and templates)

  • ISO 15926 RDS / WIP Logical ArchitectureMaster(ISO and WIP)ISOExtensions(WIP)ApprovedFaade(ISO Only)Faade(WIP Only)ReadSearchWriteWIPApprovedUser

  • RDS/WIP ServicesUnderTheHood