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<p>Pre-Writing Outline Strategies</p> <p>Outline StrategiesBetter WritingStarting Today</p> <p>sarahahenderson.weebly.comWhy do we have to do this?Students avoid outlining because they think:Its confusing.Its an extra step.Its not useful.Its too much work.</p> <p>BecauseOutlining provides structure.Outlining limits writers block.Outlining limits the need to formulate ideas during essay writing.Outlining allows students to see the big picture.Outlining serves as a writing map.Outlining develops organization skills.Outlining requires parallelism.What the Experts SayOutlining will help you [] to figure out how each section of the paper relates to the others (MLA Handbook 41).Developing an outline can help you to see the logical progression of your argument (MLA Handbook 41).</p> <p>More ExpertsCreate an outline when you want to show the hierarchical relationship or logical ordering of information (Purdue Online Writing Lab).Remember: creating an outline before writing your paper will make organizing your thoughts a lot easier (Purdue Online Writing Lab).With an outline, you move from a random listing of items as they occurred to you to a deliberate map that will guide readers from point to point (Lannon 44).</p> <p>What Can Teachers Do?Dedicate time specifically to outlining.Spend time one-on-one with students as they outline. This gives students feedback about their ideas before they write.Provide examples.Provide clarity.</p> <p> Students need frameworks to think within. They cant just think. Especially if you want it to be critical thinking. Richard Cash Education Consultant Basic Outline Worksheet</p> <p>Outline Worksheets for NarrationOutlining for narration provides:Plot development and coherenceCharacter identityConflict clarity</p> <p>Short Story Outline Worksheet</p> <p>Narrative Peer Review</p> <p>sarahahenderson.weebly.com11Outline Worksheets for Compare and ContrastOutlining for comparing and contrasting provides:StrategyOrganization CoherenceThesis clarity for persuasion </p> <p>Compare and Contrast Outline</p> <p>Compare/Contrast Peer Review</p> <p>sarahahenderson.weebly.comOutline Worksheets for ResearchOutlining for research writing provides:Improved paragraph structure and connectionsA map to followStrategyOrganization CoherenceThesis clarity</p> <p>Group Research Worksheet</p> <p>Individual Research Outline(1) </p> <p>Individual Research Outline(2) </p> <p>Whoever is doing the reading, writing and talking is the one who is getting smarter.</p> <p>Cris Tovani Bennett Literacy LabOutline Worksheets for Analysis and PersuasionOutlining for analytical essays provides:A map to followConvincing, coherent examplesStructureThesis clarityLine(s) of argument</p> <p>Literary Analysis Outline</p> <p>Literary Analysis Peer Review</p> <p>sarahahenderson.weebly.comFilm Analysis Outline Worksheet</p> <p>Poetry Explication Outline</p> <p>Pieter Brueghel the Elder, The Kermesse (1567-68)</p> <p>Student Responses to Outline WorksheetsYou brainstorm and develop your paper at the same time.I felt like I saw the big picture.Its really easy to write the essay when the outline is completed.It provides a starting point for essays.It helps with your structure.It FORCES you to organize.It relieves pressure during the actual writing.You can pause during your writing because you arent going to lose your train of thought.It lets you improve your writing as you write.</p> <p>Other writing assignments that could benefit from an outline worksheet?Works CitedLannon, John M. The Writing Process. 10th Ed., HarperCollins; 2008. Print.Ledbetter, Mary Ellen. Ready-to-Use English Workshop Activities for Grades 6-12: 180 Daily Lessons Integrating Literature, Writing &amp; Grammar Skills. Jossey-Bass; San Francisco, 2005. Print.Outlining. MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. 7th Ed., The Modern Language Association of America; New York, 2009. Print.Why and How to Create a Useful Outline. Purdue Online Writing Lab, Purdue University, 2012. Web. 30 July 2012.</p>


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