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The only lightweight NLS solution available. Compress your SAP BW data up to 95% and get ready for HANA.

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  • 1. DataVard OutBoard Claricent, Inc.

2. Data volume growth is alarming! 47% of respondentsranked data growth intheir top threechallenges. Gartner, User Survey Analysis: Key Trends Shaping theFuture of Data Center Infrastructure Through 2011 Average annualgrowth rate 40% to60% per year Computerworld, 20102 2008 3. Data growth is eating up your storage! Buying more storage does notsolve the problem The larger your DB, more timeis needed for backup &recovery, system copies, andupgrades. The larger your DB the moreperformance is impacted and if that was not enough3 2008 4. Productive data is like an icebergData in productive Manage the root cause BW 1. Data ondiscOur experience:2. data center 1 GB in PROD takes 3. Backups10 - 18 GBin total storage4 2008 5. The solution: NearLine Storage withOutboardFight the root cause Profit from effects Outboard frees capacity on Reduce storage costsyour DB. Immediate relief of Save time for backup &30+%.recovery, system copies and Slow down data growth upgradesautomatically Improve performance for hot andImplement a smart ILM strategy: warm datacold data is compressed inOutboard (avg. 95%) &5 2008 6. SAP BW Information Lifecycle Managementwith OutBoardUSERNewest dataHOTBW Accelerator0-2 yearsWARMOutBoard Data stored cost-optimized and audit-proof>2 years Compressed by 95% COLD Available anytime forreporting and loading6 2008 7. SAP BW Architecture with Near-Line StorageEnterprise Query, Reporting & AnalysisBW AcceleratorAnalytical Engine InfoObjects / Master DataData Flow Control / Process Chains Meta Data Repository / DocumentsEnterprise Data Warehouse (Architected)Near-Line StorageData MartsData StoreObject (volatile) Data Warehouse LayerSAP NLSInterface (historical) DataSource / PSA7 2008 8. OutBoard Cockpit & Object Browser The OutBoard cockpit serves as central access point to all OutBoard functions. The Object Browser gives a full overview on all InfoProviders & PSAs stored in OutBoard. 2008 9. OutBoard - Compressed vs.Uncompressed data volumeActual customer example of compression ratio 2008 10. Cost savings with a live exampleLinear growth2.5Assumptions 2 Data growth 30% p.a.1.5 No Outboard Avg. compression rate With Outboard Lin 90% 1 DB capa Immediate relief 40%0.5 Data retention time 0 2 years2011 2012 2013 2014 2015Exponential growth3.532.52No Outboard exp1.5With Outboard exp1DB capa0.502011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2008 11. No-stress purchasing and implementation 1 day installation on existing system 10 days consulting incl. analysis and support 1 Productive system = 1 Price OutBoard is priced per productive system, not by data volume in NLS or users No separate hardware or database Try before you buy (1 month)11 2008 12. OutBoard in a nutshell Only warm data in online database. Cold data isWorld-class Compressioncompressed by up to 95% at full availability. Reduces Data Growth Immediate relief of 30+% No 3rd party database (e.g. Sybase) required 100% Integrated in SAP: Technically simple architecture reduces risk, simplifiesOne Technology, No Risk! operation and guarantees efficient operation SAP Netweaver certified Easy installation and operation with minimal training requiredFair & Simple Pricing No additional software or hardware required Simple pricing per production system (instead of per-user) No hidden costImprove System Reduced database improves performance of BW reporting Backup & restore times are reduced Operation and Improves disaster recovery due to minimized data in onePerformanceDB 12 2008 13. Outboard 2.0Complete Data Management andHANA support 14. Introduction SAP HANA as an in-memory solution offers undreamt-ofpossibilities, in particular by the extreme acceleration ofthe loading processes. By the high cost of operation and the acquisition ofHANA, we see a functional gap: data can be kept onlyin memory. We recommend to close this gap through a combinationof near-line-storage (NLS) and a smart storagemanagement solution.1414 2008 15. Outboard 2.0 Data Management with HANA SAPclustertablesBusiness WarehouseNear-Line Storage Native to Data AgingSybase IQ &SAP NLS External /InterfaceMaxDB Remote DB Remote(via RFC) DBStorage Mgmt. FileHANA Corporate File / DBCloud Cloud End oflifecycleDeletionTo accommodate a variety of customer needs in terms of reporting speed and TCO reduction we offer a range ofstorage layers:1. SAP cluster tables for high compression and fast access. These tables will be stored in HANA2. External DB: Sybase IQ & MaxDB native or Remote DB3. File or Enterprise cloud: delivers the best TCO and allows for maximum flexibility4. At the end of the lifecycle data can be deleted from OutBoard automatically 15 2008 16. Storage Layer ConceptEnables you to manage cost of storageinline with the value of information.Data can be transfered to other layersmanaging various aging thresholds.Example: 1.Up to 2 years in HANA 2.2-3 years in cluster tables on HANA 3.3-7 years in external / remote DB 4.7-15 years in file 5.15+ will be deleted16 2008 17. Layer 2: External / Remote DB Sybase IQMaxDBStorageBusiness WarehouseODBC Mgmt.Near-Line Storage RFC Separate SAP NetweaverHANA DB2 ORACLE MS SQL DBThis option allows you to reuse your existing DB licenses and know-how to store aged data in a cost efficient way. Sybase IQ as a data smart store that allows for fast access while being operated at lower TCO than HANA SAP MaxDB is a proven and robust technology that delivers superior TCO and seamlessly integrates into any SAP landscape Remote DB allows you store and read the data via RFC connection to/from a SAP NetWeaver (and the corresponding underlying DB); this option best leverages existing investments and is operated at low cost17 2008 18. Layer 3: File / CloudStorageBusiness Warehouse Mgmt.Near-Line StorageCloudFile ServerHANA DBThis option delivers the best TCO and allows for maximum flexibility as storage can be allocated onthe fly.Due to the slow access speed this option is recommended for very aged data only and for corporatememory, PSA, change log. 18 2008 19. For more information please contact: David A. Fox Managing Principal Consultant T: 888-325-6496 x511 E: dfox@claricent.comor go to http://claricent.com/outboard19 www.claricent.com twitter/claricent facebook/claricent 2008