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  • 1. Collaboration: Structured events for + OULDI people fostering shared meaning and co-creation Professor Grinne Conole (Project Leader) Dr Simon Cross (Project Manager, visualisation, surveys) Rebecca Galley (Project Officer, events, workshops, evaluation) OU Learning Design Paul Mundin (Project Officer, curriculum mapping) Initiative (OULDI) Dr Juliette Culver (Lead Cloudworks developer) Cloudfests and Design Andrew Brasher (CompendiumLD developer) summits Dr Paul Clark (Project Consultant, visualisation) Dr Nick Freear (Cloudworks developer, Design Challenge internationalisation, accessibility) + Overview + Recent publications A series of workshops and events exploring mechanisms The project aim is to develop and Conole, G. (2009), Capturing and representing practice, for enabling teachers/ designers to develop and co-create in A. Tait, M. Vidal, U. Bernath and A. Szucs (eds), learning designs. These range from specialised real Distance and E-learning in Transition: Learning implement a methodology for design events augmented by virtual support activities, Innovation, Technology and Social Challenges, John Wiley learning design composed of communities and resources, through to more reflective and Sons: London. events such as the Cloudfests which support practitioner tools, practice and other Conole, G., Brasher, A., Cross, S., Weller, M., Clark, P. and reflection, feedback and elicitation from other researchers White, J. (2008), Visualising learning design to foster and innovation that both builds upon, in the field. support good practice and creativity, Educational Media and contributes to, existing International, Volume 54, Issue 3, 177-194. academic and practitioner Conole, G. and Culver, J. (in press), The design of research. Cloudworks: applying social networking practice to foster the exchange of learning and teaching ideas and designs, Computers and Education, Available online: http:// + Facets of OULDI work www.sciencedirect.com/ Evidence base Conole, G., Culver, J. (2009) Cloudworks: Social networking for learning design, Australian Journal of Connection Educational Technology, Volume 25, Issue 5, 763-782. Representation Further information about the initiative Collaboration Website: http://ouldi.open.ac.uk Grinne Conole (Project Leader) Blurring real & virtual Blog: http://e4innovation.com
  • 2. Connection: Harnessing web 2.0 Representation: Tools, guidance Evidence base: Understanding practices to foster debate and and schema to support the design process sharing representation and design + Methodology +Cloudworks Interviewing teachers www.cloudworks.ac.uk Baseline mapping of Open, drawing on web Curriculum design 2.0 practices Surveys and Clouds as core objects questionnaires social, cumulative, Evaluating workshops and intelligent conferences Cross-boundary, both filtering/ Seeing curriculum differently Web statistics and Google analytics personalisable and serendipitous Observation and reflective logs Offering different views of design Dynamic and evolving through use Process rather than content-focused Evidence from policy documents, blogs, Twitter, alongside real events as well as virtual email etc Alternatives to text-based descriptions ones Recognising design at different levels from activity to Focus always on sharing, finding and whole course discussing educational ideas and designs Visual tables & diagrams, descriptive & metaphorical + CompendiumLD www.compendiumld.open.ac.uk CompendiumLD is a software tool for designing learning activities using a flexible interface. It is being developed as a tool to support lecturers, teachers and others involved in education to help articulate their ideas and map out a design or learning sequence. CompendiumLD is a + Learning Design: a definition