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    Osotspa Public Company Limited (OSP)

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  • Financial Performance

    Core Strategy Updates

    Key Activity Highlights


  • Financial Performance

  • Business Update New Business Segment Grouping and Additional Provisions


    Segment Regrouping

    Provision for Retirement Benefits

    When: Q1’19 Impact to account treatment: Re-group segment report for all periods in 2018 and 2019 into 3 main segments - Beverage : All beverages including C-Vitt and Calpis - Personal Care : Babi Mild, Twelve Plus, Exit - Others : OEM, Healthcare, Confectionary, Other Impact to Financial Statement: - No impact

    When: Q2’19 (May 2019) Impact to account treatment: Set up additional provision for retirement benefits Impact to Financial Statement: Recognize expenses approximately 96.8 million baht (before tax) in the consolidated financial statements

  • Q2’19 Financial Highlights – by Segment


    • Chalarm +33.9%

    Continued strong growth

    momentum from Chalarm

    Black Galingale

    • Som In Sum + 25.1%

    Almost tripled in sales after

    repositioning in Q3’17

    • Peptein + 70.8%

    Launched Peptein Plus in


    • Shark + 34.5%

    New NPD (Natural Caffeine)

    • Babi Mild + 24.3%

    Mainly driven by NPD

    Sweet Almond launched in


    • Twelve Plus +22.7%

    Continued momentum of

    Cool Powder and Perfume

    Mist launched last year

    • OEM - 17.9%

    Lower sales on OEM-

    personal care

    • Confectionery + 15.4%

    Driven by growth from


    ▪ CLMV +4.5%

    Mainly driven from Myanmar

    and Laos (+9.4% at constant

    FX), offsetting with decline in


    • Others +29.8%

    Driven by Middle East and


    ▪ Net profit* +7.5% YoY

    ▪ Net profit margin** at

    11.3% vs. 11.1% in Q2’18

    (12.5% if excluding additional

    provision for retirement

    benefits 96.8 MB)

    ▪ Outstanding GM at 35.3%

    improved by 400 bps YoY

    from “Fit Fast Firm” project

    driving overall costs down

    driven by all major categories of Beverage and Personal Care

    Remark : * Net Profit attributable to owners of the parent ** Net Profit attributable to owners of the parent to Total Revenue from Sales

    Net Profit*

    THB 710M


    Net Profit Margin**


  • 1H’19 Financial Highlights – by Segment


    • C-Vitt + 62.6% Maintained no. 1 in

    Functional drinks for 4

    consecutive quarters

    • Chalarm +29.7% Continued strong growth

    momentum from Chalarm

    Black Galingale

    • Som In Sum + 23.4% Doubled in sales after

    repositioning in 2H’17

    • Peptein + 22.1% With Peptein Plus in Feb’19

    • Babi Mild + 7.6%

    Mainly driven by NPD

    Sweet Almond launched in


    • Twelve Plus +22.4%

    Continued momentum of

    Cool Powder and Perfume

    Mist launched last year

    • OEM - 2.6%

    Growth in OEM-Glass

    offsetting with lower sales

    on OEM-personal care

    • Confectionary + 15.5%

    Driven by growth from

    both Botan and NPDs i.e.

    Olé Boost and Olé Mini

    Sugar Free

    ▪ Net profit* +10.7% YoY

    ▪ Net profit margin at 12.6%

    vs. 12.0% in 1H’19 (13.2% if

    excluding additional

    provision for retirement

    benefits 96.8 MB)