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This Newsletter, created by the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine's Office of Student Affairs, was created to update the HWCOM community on the exciting new changes in OSA.

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    Admissions and


    FIU Collaborative


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    Grades and


    Panther Learning




    Health and

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    Diversity and


    Dear HWCOM Community,

    Academic year 2014-15 is shaping up to be an outstanding one for the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine (HWCOM). Walking around our campus one cant help but notice the continued expansion of FIU. As we continue to grow and improve, so too do our many programs and services. With the opening of the new College of Public Health building (AHC5) and the soon to be opened FIU Ambulatory Care Center (AHC 6), we are well on our way to developing an academic health center that will have a major impact on the health of the South Florida community and will train and graduate the next generation of leaders in healthcare.

    Consistent with our institutions growth, the HWCOM Office of Student Affairs has undergone a number of changes over the past year designed to enhance and improve the delivery of programs and services necessary to support our medical education mission and to help our students achieve their professional goals. This newsletter serves as an introduction to these changes. I encourage you to read through the information provided and to refer to our new webpage. If you have any questions or require guidance to access services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our main office number remains the same: 305-348-0644. This is an exciting time for all of us in OSA and we look forward to working closely with each and every one of you to maximize your experience at HWCOM. We wish you all a very successful and productive 2014-15 academic year!


    Robert L. Hernandez, Jr., MD

    Executive Associate Dean for Student Affairs

    The Office of Student Affairs

    September 10, 2014

    OSA COMmunicator

    Editor: Jessica Lewis, MA

  • As the new Associate Dean for

    Student Affairs, I am looking forward

    to working with Dr. Hernandez and

    the OSA team to help develop new

    programs that will not only enhance

    our current

    students medical

    school experience,

    but develop new


    programs that

    will help us meet

    our goals and the

    mission of this

    university. I also

    look forward to

    working with other members of the

    HWCOM community to learn more

    about other impactful programs and

    resources to make this college a

    Worlds Ahead institution.

    - Adrian L. Jones, JD

    Associate Dean for Student Affairs

    2 Continued...


    Location - The Office of Student Affairs has moved from the sixth floor of AHC2. You will now find most of our units, including the OSA Main Office, Admissions, Grades & Records, Financial Assistance and Student Programs on the third floor. This move puts us near the Panther Learning Communities. The only OSA office that remains outside of AHC2 is the Counseling and Wellness center which remains in the Green Library. Click HERE to find a directory of our offices. Organization - Several individuals have joined our leadership team over the past few months, including Adrian Jones, JD, our new Associate Dean for Student Affairs. Dean Jones joins us from Loyola University Chicago, Stritch School of Medicine where he served as the Assistant Dean for Admissions and Recruitment. In his new role, Dean Jones will assist Dr. Hernandez in overseeing all programs and services offered through the Office of Student Affairs. His office may be found in AHC2 395.

    Another new member of the OSA team is Cheryl Brewster, EdD. Dr. Brewster remains in her role as Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion for the HWCOM. As a member of the OSA team, Dr. Brewster will increase her involvement in the recruitment of students underrepresented in medicine, as well as expand services and programs for currently enrolled students. Dr. Brewster has also taken on a new role of Faculty Fellow for Panther Learning Community Hippocrates. The roles of the Faculty Fellows are described more fully later in this document. Her office has been relocated to AHC2 378, within PLC Hippocrates.

    Barbra Roller, PhD remains an Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, but has taken on a new role overseeing our collaborative programs with FIU. Dr. Roller will assist in developing programs that enhance the recruitment and retention of FIU undergraduates who wish to enter the field of medicine and attend HWCOM. She has just helped launch a new upper level course being offered by The Honors College called Challenges in Healthcare. Among her many projects is the development of combined degree programs with other colleges at FIU, including a BS/MD program. Dr. Rollers office is now located in AHC2 368A.

    The Office of Admissions and Recruitment is now under the supervision of Andria Williams, MBA, Director for Admissions and Recruitment. Andria is currently overseeing a major redesign of the admissions process, including a new admissions committee, interview panel, secondary application, and interview day. We hope these changes will improve our holistic admissions process and allow us to better identify applicants who want to train here and are the right fit for HWCOM. Ms. Williams office is located in AHC2 361A.

    Robert Dollinger, MD also remains an Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, however his role will now focus primarily on the Panther Learning Communities. Under his leadership, the PLCs will be launching several new signature programs this year designed to enhance the medical degree program and provide opportunities for students to acquire competencies in the areas of teaching, mentorship, and leadership.


    The Office of Student Affairs

  • 3

    New programs will include the Clinical Skills Peer Training Program and the Peer Mentoring Program. Dr. Dollinger also assists with Clinical Skills I course, and serves as the Faculty Fellow for PLC Anderson, his office is located in AHC2 370.

    Heidi von Harscher, PhD has taken on new responsibilities within OSA. In addition to serving as the Director for the Counseling and Wellness Service, she will be expanding the Fit and Well Program and will be assisting in the delivery of the new OSA curriculum. She will also provide support and guidance to students who are experiencing any sort of difficulty or who require professionalism counseling. Taking on the role of a Faculty Fellow, Dr. von Harschers office has moved from the Green Library to AHC2 366, PLC Semmelweis.

    We have created a new unit called the Office of Student Programs. This unit is under the supervision of Scarlett Aldana-Bosch, MBA, Associate Director for Student Programs. Scarletts team includes Carmen Carter, MS, Career & Professional Development, Emily Ginsberg, MSW, Community Outreach Coordinator, and Brittany Cooke, MS, Student Organizations & International Programs Coordinator.

    Jessica Lewis, MA has joined the central unit as the Communications Coordinator under the supervision of Natalie Hernandez, MS, Director of Operations. In this new role, Jessicas primary goal is to improve communication with all units in the Office of Student Affairs and the student body through various formats including our website, e-communications, and social networks.

    Although he is not formally a member of the Office of Student Affairs, Alan Wells, PhD, MPH joins the OSA team as a Faculty Fellow for PLC Pasteur. Dr. Wells will continue to serve as Course Director of the Community Medicine Practicum. His office is located in AHC2 374, PLC Pasteur.

    The renovation project for the Student Lounge (AHC2 360) has been completed. The

    lounge has many IT upgrades, including two new 70 LCD monitors, a computer station, and AppleTV. Foldable tables and chairs with a capacity of up to 36 people have also been added.

    The room will be used by OSA on certain Mondays, Tuesday mornings, and Fridays for

    Admissions Interviews and Committee meetings. The remainder of the time is open for

    student use. Medical students can reserve the room for meetings. A meeting schedule will be

    placed outside the door on a weekly basis to update you on availability. To place a reservation

    request for the Student Lounge, please contact OSA at 305-348-0644 or by email

    at comosa@fiu.edu.

    Right: The updated

    unit model for the

    Office of Student

    Affairs showing all

    new units currently

    residing in OSA.





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