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Optical Illusions!!

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watch this ppt and enjoy!! :)

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2. Are the squares above marked A & B the same color or different? 3. Proof: They are the same. The shadow causes an illusion of white. 4. Count the black dots.Do they keep moving? 5. Are the purple lines parallel or curved? 6. What do you see on the left?What do you see on the right? 7. Can you believe that all the gray lines above are perfectly parallel? 8. Stare at the blue circles and move your head back and forth from the screen. Do the outer circles move? 9. Can you believe that this is a picture and not an animation? To check, just focus on one leaf for 5 seconds. 10. 11. 12. How many legs does the elephant have above? 13. Do you see a spiral or circles? 14. Do you see one woman or two women looking at the candle? 15. Which way are the cubes facing?Up or down? 16. Are the balls inside or on the shelf? 17. What do you see? A sax player or a human face? 18. Can you believe that all the red lines make perfectly straight lines? 19. Who is down and who is up? 20. Which line is longer?They are actually the same size. 21. What word do you see? 22. OPTICAL ILLUSIONS