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Orchid Park Secondary School National Police Cadet Corps

Bi-Annual Newsletter

Volume 1, June 2007

ContentsMessage from ------------------- 1by A/ASP Toh Wee Teck

Message from OCOCDear all, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to INSP Tan Geok Bee and the new cadets who just joined our big family. Also, I would like to welcome back to our unit, P/CI Er Shi Tao Ronald (of D06 CIBTC) and P/CI Muhammad Lokman Bin Kamsir (of J07 CIBTC). I would also like to congratulate all the cadets who were promoted in the recent promotion exercise; especially the two Station Inspectors, SI Toh Zheng Yan and SI Veronica Chong Meng Qi. Well done, guys & gals!! I would also like to announce that SI Toh Zheng Yan and SSG Nur Afifah Husna Bte Azmi have been awarded the Best Unit Cadets (male & female respectively) for 2007. On behalf of OPSS NPCC Unit, I would also like to extend my congratulations to SSG Quek Yong Jun for attaining the prestigious SPF-NPCC badge, a first for our unit. Hope there will be more to come in the following years. I am also pleased and honoured to announce that our unit had attained a BRONZE award for UOPA 2006. This would not be possible if not for the dedication and contribution from everyone in our unit. A job well done to all teacher officers, cadet inspectors, non-commissioned officers and cadets!! This year, our target is to obtain a SILVER award for UOPA 2007, which will be a first for our unit. Let us work together to achieve that goal!!

Pride & ------------------- 2


by A/ASP Toh Wee Teck

Words from a New Officer -------- 2by INSP Tan Geok Bee

My Recollection CIBTC -- 3



by P/CI Er Shi Tao Ronald

An Unforgettable Experience ---- 4 by SGT Kee Boon Kiang Overcoming My Fear --------------- 6 by SSG Nur Afifah Husna Bte Azmi NCO Camp --------------------------- 7by SGT Chia Pei Ting

Visit to Reflections at Bukit Chandu ------------------------------- 8by SGT Ong Sze Li

Lessons from the Battle at Pasir Panjang --------------------------------- 9

A/ASP Toh Wee TeckPage 1 of 12

Orchid Park Secondary School National Police Cadet Corps

Bi-Annual Newsletter

Volume 1, June 2007

This year is a very special year for our unit as it marks a few first-times for our unit. For example, it is the first time that we are starting a bi-annual newsletter (the one that you are reading right now) and the first time that we have a recipient for the SPF-NPCC badge, the most prestigious award for a cadet. This award is only awarded to the top 2% cadets from the entire Sec 4 & 5 NPCC cohort. For a unit as young as ours (started in 1999), I think it is a great achievement. It is a feat that we can all be proud of. This year, it is also the first time that we have a motto for our unit; Pride & Passion. It signifies the dedication and enthusiasm that we have in carrying out our duties and responsibilities, which complements with our units mission of nurturing leaders of the future. We hope that after going through the 4 to 5 years programmes planned and organized by our unit, all our cadets will be able to acquire the qualities of a leader. Some of these qualities include self-discipline, care and concern, respect, teamwork, punctuality, confidence, responsibility, independence and integrity. Other than acquiring the qualities of a leader, we also hope that our cadets will be able to exhibit these qualities in their daily lives as well. The motto can also be seen on the back of our new unit polo t-shirts. This serves as a constant reminder for all our cadets. Finally, I hope that all our cadets will be able to truly lead with PRIDE and serve with PASSION !!

A/ASP Toh Wee Teck

Words from a New OfficerHi, one and all from OPSS NPCC unit! I am INSP Tan Geok Bee. I teach Chemistry, Science and Mathematics. Most of you may not know me as I am new in Orchid Park Secondary School. I joined OPSS in the beginning of this year. Previously, I was from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School. Though I am new to OPSS, I am not new to the National Police Cadet Corps. I had been with AISS NPCC unit since 2002. The one thing that strikes me most about this unit is the strong team spirit and cohesiveness among the cadets. I can see that the unit is very motivated and I hope that we can all work together to achieve the Silver award for the Unit Overall Proficiency Award this year. Last but not least, I am very happy and excited to be a part of OPSS NPCC unit and I look forward to working with all of you. I believe that together we can help the unit to scale to a greater height!!

Me and My Little Girl

INSP Tan Geok BeePage 2 of 12

Orchid Park Secondary School National Police Cadet Corps

Bi-Annual Newsletter

Volume 1, June 2007

My Recollection of 71st CIBTCI have learnt and gained a lot during my 4 years in NPCC. I have learnt the importance of selfdiscipline, teamwork, responsibility and understand the qualities of a leader. I have always wanted to contribute to the Corps (even after I graduated from OPSS). Furthermore, the CIs in my unit were an inspiration to me. They were dedicated and responsible leaders and mentors to us. We were like a big family and the CIs were our elder brothers and sisters. The passion that I have for the Corps led me to make one of the most important decisions of my life to become a Cadet Inspector. When I was still a Senior NCO in my unit, I was asked if I wanted to come back to serve in my unit as a CI. I agreed without any hesitation. Thus, I was enrolled into the 71 st Cadet Inspector Basic Training Course under the recommendation of my OC unit. Days before the commencement of the course, we were asked to go down to Home Team Academy to collect our No. 1 and No. 3 uniforms. The CI Instructors at the uniform collection set the tone for the course. They made me realise that this course is unlike any that I had attended. As I was gearing up for the course, I felt nervous and scared as images of the worst-case scenarios flashed into my mind. My mind was filled with uncertainties. Even so, I was still looking forward to the course as I will get to know fellow ex-NPCC cadets who, like me, have a passion for NPCC. Finally, 8th December 2006 arrived. I was placed into Alpha squad which happens to be the first duty squad. We were always late for our activities. At the end of the day, during our squad debrief, our instructors stressed to us the importance of punctuality. This made me realise that no matter what additional duties we had, we should still be punctual for all our activities. Being punctual for an event requires self-discipline and it is a gesture of respect to others.

Passing-Out Parade of 71st CIBTC at HTA

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Orchid Park Secondary School National Police Cadet Corps

Bi-Annual Newsletter

Volume 1, June 2007

One of the most invaluable lessons that I learnt from the course was to make the best of an adverse situation. Given a situation, different people will react differently. To illustrate this, imagine placing a carrot, an egg and coffee powder into three containers of hot water. The three items will behave differently under the same situation. These three items can be used to describe three types of people. The carrot will be softened in the hot water. This represents a person who cannot adapt to the situation and will be softened or weakened under a difficult situation. The egg, on the other hand, will be cooked and become a hardboiled egg. This represents someone who grows in a trying situation and become hardened in the process. This reminds me of a saying; When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. As for the coffee powder, it will dissolve in the hot water and produce an aroma. This represents a person who can adapt well to the situation and shine in the process. I hope I can learn to be like the coffee powder. What about you? Which category will you fall into? I had a tough and tiring, but yet enjoyable and inspiring time at the 71 CIBTC. I have learnt a lot of valuable lessons and acquired some priceless skills. I will miss the good (and the bad) times that I had spent at the course with my fellow course-mates. However, deep down in my heart, I know our paths will cross again and each of us will continue to serve and contribute to NPCC in whatever ways we can.st

An Unforgettable ExperienceOn 20th of January 2007, I woke up very early that morning, at 5:45am. I was both nervous and excited as that day was the day of the High Rope Challenge (HRC) at Pulau Ubin. All Sec 4 & 5 NPCC cadets from my unit have been instructed to gather at the school foyer by 7am. We boarded the bus and headed to Changi Jetty where we were to take a bum boat to Pulau Ubin. The trip from our school to Pulau Ubin was about an hour and a half. When we reached Pulau Ubin, two vans were hired to ferry us to the NPCC Campsite where the HRC was to be held. Along the way, we could see other NPCC cadets from other units walking or cycling to the NPCC Campsite. We felt very fortunate that transport was provided. At last, we arrived at our destination. We were one of the first few units to reach; hence, we had to wait for the other units from Area 2. As I waited, frightful thoughts began to creep into my mind. To calm myself down, I started chatting with my fellow squad-mates. When everyone had arrived, the Camp Warden delivered a speech, telling us about the campsite and its facilities. After that, we were each given a safety helmet and a harness. We were also briefed on the safety aspects for the HRC and taught how to put on the helmet and harness correctly. Finally, we were all geared up and ready to embark on our HRC experience. There were a lot of high element obstacles for us to try out but due to the ba