OpenNTF Overview 09/10

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OpenNTF Overview 09/10. Niklas Heidloff. Bruce Elgort. OpenNTF Alliance. Open Source for IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino.

Text of OpenNTF Overview 09/10

  • 1September 2010September 2010

    Bruce Elgort, Steering Committee Chair

    Niklas Heidloff, Technical Committee Chair

  • 2Agenda Mission Value provided by OpenNTF Web Site Applications Five Ways to participate Organization IP Model

  • 3OpenNTF is devoted to ... Enabling groups of individuals all over the world to collaborate on IBM

    Lotus Notes/Domino applications and release them as open source Providing a web site for the community so that open source applications

    may be freely distributed, using widely accepted licensing terms Increasing the quality and quantity of templates, applications and samples

    that can be shared by the community

  • 4Value provided by OpenNTF Access to a global community of like minded Lotus developers Code samples for education purposes for new and old technologies Base projects and templates to reuse/harvest/enhance for custom

    applications Access to base Notes/Domino templates with some of them enhanced

    from shipping versions A community of 'testers' for your projects

  • 5OpenNTF Home Page

  • 6Project Management

  • 7Catalogs of 'cleared' Project Releases

    * Cleared project releases have been scanned by the IP manager and committers

  • 8Drag and Drop Components for Lotus Notes These projects can be installed by end users by drag and drop into Notes Examples

    Recent ContactsWidget for Twitter Inking for IBM Lotus Sametime Attachment Manager

  • 9Reusable Controls for Application Developers Reusable controls can be easily reused by application developers Examples

    XPages Mobile Controls XPages Tree Control XPages Voting Control XPages Business Card Controls

  • 10

    Project: File Navigator Access to the file system from the Notes

    sidebar Favorite folders and network shares Features are policy driven Available in several languages

  • 11

    Project: Wildfire Access to various social networks from the

    Notes sidebar Commit your status across a variety of clients

    and services

  • 12

    Project: XPages Mobile Controls Several controls to easily 'assemble' mobile

    apps that look and feel like native apps Works for webkit based browsers

  • 13

    Project: XTalk Forums for web users

    and Notes client users Allows easy ad hoc

    creation of new forums

  • 14

    Project: Source Sniffer Domino Designer plugin

    to search source code

  • 15

    Project: DominoDefrag Defragmentation

    tool for Lotus Dominodatabases

  • 16

    Five Ways to participate

    OpenNTF success depends on contributions from the community

    1) Contribute code

    2) Provide feedfack in the project area and the blog1) Comments in blog2) Defects3) Requests4) Reviews and ratings5) Discussions6) Send feedback via email

    3) Help the Technical Committee

    4) Use code from OpenNTF

    5) Become a member

    [Note that all types of participation require an OpenNTF user account]

  • 17

    Contribute Code Two ways to contribute code

    Create new project Simply enter your project name and click the 'create' button

    Join existing project Navigate to the project and contact the project leads via the 'email' link

    Steps to add a release to the catalogs of cleared project releases Become an approved OpenNTF contributor by signing and sending an ICLA (individual

    contributor license agreements) or CCLA (corporate contributor license agreements) Apply the necessary license information Send email to with a request to add release to catalogWait until an OpenNTF committer has checked the release and added it

  • 18

    Follow OpenNTF Blog

    Web: Feed: Mobile:

    Twitter: YouTube: Widget: Widget Projects

    Web:[ProjectName] e.g. Mobile Controls

    Feed:[ProjectName]&count=100 e.g.


  • 19

    OpenNTF Organization The OpenNTF Alliance is a loose cooperation of equal members with the

    common goal to provide open source applications based on Notes/Domino Similar to the OpenAjax.Org model - as little bureaucracy as possible, but

    as much structure and as many rules as necessary to make code re-usable and the organization efficient

    Members are expected to contribute something (e.g. code, in kind donations, financial contributions, etc.)

    Steering Committee defines strategy and direction Technical Committee implements new services and web site features

  • 20

    OpenNTF Members

  • 21

    Intellectual Property Model Outbound: Two models

    Apache license (version 2) Maximizes the usefulness of the code to consumers No obligation to donate back to the community

    GPL licenses

    Inbound contribution process Rights for perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, patent license to

    make, have made, use, offer to sell, sell, import, and otherwise transfer the work IP is owned by contributor Contributors sign ICLAs (individual contributor license agreements) or CCLAs (corporate

    contributor license agreements)

    The OpenNTF IP manager helps with licence questions and clears project releases for the catalogs

    OpenNTF committers are a small subset of all contributors who verify project releases before they are added to the catalogs

  • 22

    OpenNTF in Numbers > 3.000.000 page visits per year > 68.000 registered users > 10.000 downloads per month > 300 contributors > 400 projects

    September 2010AgendaOpenNTF is devoted to ...Value provided by OpenNTFOpenNTF Home PageProject ManagementCatalogs of 'cleared' Project ReleasesDrag and Drop Components for Lotus NotesReusable Controls for Application DevelopersProject: File NavigatorProject: WildfireProject: XPages Mobile ControlsProject: XTalkProject: Source SnifferProject: DominoDefragFive Ways to participateContribute CodeFollow OpenNTFOpenNTF OrganizationOpenNTF MembersIntellectual Property ModelOpenNTF in Numbers